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» » » Photoshop Workbench - Volume One [Video Tutorial] (2009 г.)

Photoshop Workbench - Volume One [Video Tutorial] (2009 г.)

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Photoshop Workbench - Volume One [Video Tutorial] (2009 г.)

Ќазвание: Photoshop Workbench
ѕроизводитель: Mark S. Johnson Photography
√од выпуска: 2009
язык: английский
јвтор: Mark Johnson
ѕродолжительность: 58 часов
–азмер: 8.39 Gb

Photoshop Workbench Ц всемирно известна€ сери€ обучающего видеокурса от ћарка ƒжонсона, в который входит более 58 часов обучающего видео которое научит вас с профессионализмом подходить к работе с Photoshop версии CS2, CS3 и CS4.

ќписание: јнг.€з.
This 2-DVD set features Episodes 1 - 200 of Mark S. JohnsonТs world-renowned Photoshop Workbench series. Representing more than 58 hours of inspirational Photoshop training, these videos illuminate photographic techniques in Photoshop versions CS2, CS3, and CS4. Each Workbench is presented in its original quality and size, and many are Radiant Vista website recordings that are only available on this DVD.

Photoshop Workbench - Volume One [Video Tutorial] (2009 г.)Photoshop Workbench - Volume One [Video Tutorial] (2009 г.)
Photoshop Workbench - Volume One [Video Tutorial] (2009 г.)

001 Ц 10:52 Ц CS2 Ц Retouching and Color Correcting
002 Ц 18:01 Ц CS2 Ц Using the Info Palette and Curves to Remove a Strong Color Cast, and Color Correcting with the Essential Adjustment Layers
003 Ц 12:56 Ц CS2 Ц Retouching, Color Correcting, and Replacing a Sky
004 Ц 17:32 Ц CS2 Ц Creating a Glowing, Moody, High-Contrast Black and White Image with Accents of Color and Defocused Corners
005 Ц 10:23 Ц CS2 Ц How To Use the Shadow / Highlight Adjustment
006 Ц 17:18 Ц CS2 Ц Imparting an Ethereal Look and Combining Existing Color with Black and White
007 Ц 18:25 Ц CS2 Ц Strengthening the Relationship Between Two Main Subjects Using the Five Essential Adjustment Layers
008 Ц 13:34 Ц CS2 Ц Color Correction and Replacing a Sky with a Manufactured Version
009 Ц 12:32 Ц CS2 Ц Enhancing Complementary Colors and Adding a Vignette
010 Ц 17:22 Ц CS2 Ц Color Management and Color Profiles Overview, and Retouching with the Patch and Clone Stamp Tools
011 Ц 17:44 Ц CS2 Ц Selectively Controlling Focus, Replacing a Sky, Adding Local Contrast, and Exploring Motion Blur
012 Ц 12:32 Ц CS2 Ц Improving a Sunset in a Bus Window, Adding a Vignette, and Exploring Black and White with Color
013 Ц 13:20 Ц CS2 Ц Enhancing Fall Colors, Checking a Histogram, Using Shadow / Highlight, and Adding a Soft Glow
014 Ц 19:07 Ц CS2 Ц Recording the Adjustment Layer Build Action
015 Ц 15:12 Ц CS2 Ц Recovering Shadow and Highlight Detail with Shadow / Highlight, Curves, and the Patch and Clone Stamp Tools
016 Ц 19:29 Ц CS2 Ц Drawing Attention to the Main Subject and an Introduction to Sharpening with Smart Sharpen
017 Ц 16:00 Ц CS2 Ц Leveling a Horizon in the Lens Correction Dialog, Adding a Vignette, and Converting to Black and White
018 Ц 15:46 Ц CS2 Ц Using the Five Essential Adjustment Layers for Color Correction and Exploring a Creative Slap-Zoom Effect
019 Ц 20:11 Ц CS2 Ц Using Shadow / Highlight, Replacing a Sky, Tweaking the Edge Where Sky Meets Horizon, and Draining Color
020 Ц 16:49 Ц CS2 Ц Accentuating the Haunting, Graphic Nature of an Image by Blending Color with Black and White
021 Ц 23:11 Ц CS2 Ц Adding Density to a Sunset with Multiply Mode, Color Correction, and Straightening a Horizon
022 Ц 15:33 Ц CS2 Ц Correcting a Color Cast and Adding a Motion Blur
023 Ц 16:55 Ц CS2 Ц Simulating a Color Grad Filter and Creating the Cotton Candy Waterfall Effect
024 Ц 21:07 Ц CS2 Ц Correcting Pin Cushioning and Barrel Distortion in the Lens Correction Dialog, Removing a Lamppost, and Using Retouching Protection
025 Ц 16:16 Ц CS2 Ц Drawing Attention to the Strongest Elements and Experimenting with a Fisheye Effect
026 Ц 22:23 Ц CS2 Ц Leveling a Horizon, Digital Grafting, Reducing Noise, and Simulating Fog
027 Ц 20:31 Ц CS2 Ц Portrait Retouching (Removing Blemishes, Dodging and Burning, Correcting Skin Tones, Whitening Teeth, and Saturating Lips)
028 Ц 11:08 Ц CS2 Ц Adding Light to Guide the ViewerТs Eye
029 Ц 16:02 Ц CS2 Ц Improving Color Using Selective Color, Hand-Tinting, and Creating a Copyright Brush
030 Ц 19:18 Ц CS2 Ц Accentuating Black and White Elements, Blurring Moving Water, and Replacing a Sky Using a Blending Mode
031 Ц 19:02 Ц CS2 Ц Using the Shadow/Highlight Adjustment, Adding Alpenglow via Advanced Blending, Sharpening with Smart Sharpen, and Using the History Brush
032 Ц 18:30 Ц CS2 Ц Making a Selection with the Magnetic Lasso Tool, Saving the Selection, and Replacing and Blurring the Background
033 Ц 25:59 Ц CS2 Ц Defocusing an Element, Adding Atmospheric Elements such as Steam, and Replacing a Logo
034 Ц 17:22 Ц CS2 Ц Two Approaches for Converting from Color to Black and White Ц Multiple Hue/Sat Layers and Three Channel Mixer Layers
035 Ц 19:51 Ц CS2 Ц Replacing an Overexposed Background Using Color Range and Various Masking Techniques
036 Ц 19:59 Ц CS2 Ц Toning Down Troubling Highlights and Radially Blurring a Distracting Background
037 Ц 20:42 Ц CS2 Ц How to Incorporate AdobeТs Raw Converter Into Your Workflow and Using the Lens Correction Dialog to Fix Perspective
038 Ц 19:00 Ц CS2 Ц Using Selections to Separate a Subject From the Background (A Pop-Out Photo)
039 Ц 20:53 Ц CS2 Ц Adding Realistic Clouds to a Sky and a Lake
040 Ц 12:01 Ц CS2 Ц Single-Image Mosaic
041 Ц 14:48 Ц CS2 Ц Using Hue/Saturation to Radically Alter Color and Working with Custom Eye Brushes
042 Ц 12:01 Ц CS2 Ц Eliminating Undesirable Elements and Soft-Glow Montage
043 Ц 14:23 Ц CS2 Ц Recording an Action and Batch Processing
044 Ц 13:51 Ц CS2 Ц Intensifying a Sky, Borrowing a Mask, Inverting a Mask, and Adding a Glow to a Light
045 Ц 15:55 Ц CS2 Ц Creating Selective Focus
046 Ц 17:47 Ц CS2 Ц Converting a Photograph Into a Painting Using Filters and Blending Modes, and Adding a Custom Polaroid Border
047 Ц 16:39 Ц CS2 Ц Combining Two Images of the Same Subject to Create the Illusion of Motion
048 Ц 17:24 Ц CS2 Ц Artsy Grunge Effect
049 Ц 18:28 Ц CS2 Ц Automation Overview (Batch Renaming, Adding a Copyright, Batch Processing, Batch Processing in AdobeТs Raw Converter)
050 Ц 25:07 Ц CS2 Ц Sophisticated Retouching Using Protection, Digital Grafting, and the Clone Stamp
051 Ц 28:14 Ц CS2 Ц Hand Coloring a Black and White Image
052 Ц 13:39 Ц CS2 Ц Low-Key Stylized Portrait Effect
053 Ц 18:16 Ц CS2 Ц Multiple Uses for Clipping Masks
054 Ц 25:42 Ц CS2 Ц Painting with Light and Writing an Action to Save Your УBest OfФ Images
055 Ц 28:53 Ц CS2 Ц Histogram Overview, Changing a Keyboard Shortcut, Creating a Cotton Candy Waterfall, and Soft-Glow Montage
056 Ц 24:48 Ц CS2 Ц Cropping Non-Destructively, Artful Black and White Conversion, Coffee-Toning, Accentuating Grain, Vignetting Corners, and Adding a Textured Border
057 Ц 18:18 Ц CS2 Ц Using a Smart Object to Wrap an Image Around a Circular Shape
058 Ц 22:25 Ц CS2 Ц Simulating Night Vision and Replacing a Sky Behind Glass
059 Ц 31:29 Ц CS2 Ц Building Density in a Sky, Removing a Blue Cast, and Placing an Image on the Side of a Barn
060 Ц 26:53 Ц CS2 Ц Preparing a Layered Master Photoshop File for Fine Art Printing
061 Ц 21:30 Ц CS2 Ц Creating a Panoramic Motion Collage
062 Ц 32:56 Ц CS2 Ц Black and White Infrared and Color Infrared
063 Ц 10:42 Ц CS2 Ц Creating the Bloom Effect
064 Ц 13:36 Ц CS2 Ц Simulating the Look of a Polarizing Filter
065 Ц 17:40 Ц CS2 Ц Correcting Color Casts When Nothing Neutral is Present
066 Ц 23:47 Ц CS2 Ц Blending Multiple Macro Exposures to Increase Depth of Field
067 Ц 21:06 Ц CS2 Ц Creative Montaging with Blending Modes and Adding a Tattered Edge
068 Ц 18:35 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Enhancing God Beams with Smart Filters and Creating an Animated Look Similar to the Films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly
069 Ц 21:47 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Fashioning a Realistic Looking Reflection in Water
070 Ц 23:55 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Creating an Image Collage with a Graphic Design Appearance
071 Ц 22:17 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Correcting Perspective in an Architectural Photograph, Stretching Blue Sky, and Adding a Glow to Manmade Lights
072 Ц 25:49 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Creating a Movie Poster from Two Images
073 Ц 16:53 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Examining the Black and White Adjustment Layer in CS3
074 Ц 16:26 Ц CS3 Beta Ц One Fell Swoop Upsampling Using Bicubic Sharper Interpolation
075 Ц 23:56 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Wedding Photography Workflow
076 Ц 17:28 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Processing JPEGs in Adobe Camera Raw
077 Ц 24:55 Ц CS2 Ц Creating a Smart Object Custom Label Template
078 Ц 27:20 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Simulating the УBand of BrothersФ Look
079 Ц 21:16 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Cross Processing and Adding a Film Sprocket Border
080 Ц 34:15 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Botanical Dreaming Spring Paint Rollers Composite (Part 1)
081 Ц 23:52 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Botanical Dreaming Spring Paint Rollers Composite (Part 2)
082 Ц 31:33 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Secrets of Selections, Masks, and Layer Styles
083 Ц 23:36 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Making a Great Image Extraordinary Using Local Color Correction
084 Ц 18:25 Ц CS3 Beta Ц Multiple-Exposure Rotate and Zoom Montaging
085 Ц 24:51 Ц CS2 Ц Transforming a Photograph into a Sponge Painting
086 Ц 14:07 Ц CS2 Ц Simulating the Dave Hill Portrait Look
087 Ц 18:19 Ц CS3 Ц Placing a Subject in a Different Background Using Refine Edge on the Mask and Creating a Realistic Shadow
088 Ц 21:52 Ц CS3 Ц Simulating a Graduated Neutral Density Filter and Adding an Organic Brushed In Border
089 Ц 18:59 Ц CS3 Ц Creating a Rotated and Flipped Mirror Montage
090 Ц 13:48 Ц CS3 Ц Working with JPEGs in Adobe Camera Raw and Creating a Soft-Glow Montage Using Smart Objects
091 Ц 13:11 Ц CS3 Ц Creating a Gritty Portrait Look
092 Ц 35:36 Ц CS3 Ц Restoring a Weathered Old Photograph
093 Ц 37:07 Ц CS3 Ц Adobe Camera Raw 4.1 Overview and Fine Art Workflow
094 Ц 18:27 Ц CS3 Ц Simulating the Lensbaby Effect
095 Ц 19:00 Ц CS3 Ц Photoshop CS3 Curves Overview
096 Ц 24:58 Ц CS3 Ц Using Photomerge to Stitch a Panorama
097 Ц 11:30 Ц CS3 Ц Using Auto-Align to Improve a Group Portrait
098 Ц 31:20 Ц CS3 Ц Extensive Golf Course Retouching
099 Ц 17:42 Ц CS3 Ц Creating a Smart Object Portrait Template
100 Ц 25:34 Ц CS3 Ц Blend Mode Toning to Achieve Color Harmony
101 Ц 18:45 Ц CS3 Ц Placing One Subject in a Photo Multiple Times
102 Ц 24:27 Ц CS3 Ц Fine Art Black and White Using Multiple Black and White Adjustment Layers
103 Ц 19:55 Ц CS3 Ц A Smart Object Odyssey
104 Ц 22:02 Ц CS3 Ц Motion Toning
105 Ц 24:26 Ц CS3 Ц Transforming a Snapshot into Fine Art
106 Ц 30:06 Ц CS3 Ц Greenscreen Compositing Project
107 Ц 12:32 Ц CS3 Ц Compositing Two Images to Extend Depth of Field and Accentuating Fog
108 Ц 22:35 Ц CS3 Ц Stitching a Panorama, Making Color and Tonal Changes to Individual Panels in Adobe Camera Raw, and Correcting Distortion
109 Ц 13:17 Ц CS3 Ц Painting with Light on a Soft-Glow Montage
110 Ц 28:11 Ц CS3 Ц Using Blend Modes to Replace a Background and Color Correcting
111 Ц 21:32 Ц CS3 Ц Adding Catch Lights, Dodging Eyes, Adding a Vignette, and Creative High Pass Sharpening
112 Ц 27:22 Ц CS3 Ц Using Adobe Camera Raw to Add Light to Shadows, Improve Color, Reduce Noise, and Add a Vignette, and Hand Coloring in Photoshop
113 Ц 21:34 Ц CS3 Ц Combining Black and White with Cross Processing and Filling a Shape with Another Image
114 Ц 19:17 Ц CS3 Ц Using Adobe Camera Raw to Remove Dust from Multiple Images Simultaneously
115 Ц 14:08 Ц CS3 Ц Adding Drive-By Motion Blur and Applying Levels to a Mask
116 Ц 29:41 Ц CS3 Ц Digital Grafting, Balancing Light, and Creating a Surreal Infrared Black and White Effect
117 Ц 12:15 Ц CS3 Ц Adding a Smart Object Watermark to Variously-Sized Images
118 Ц 18:32 Ц CS3 Ц Mimicking the Look of a Pinhole or Toy Camera
119 Ц 17:02 Ц CS3 Ц Building a Digital Skin Tone Swatch File
120 Ц 20:11 Ц CS3 Ц Leveling a Horizon, Changing Day to Night, and Adding a Beam of Light to a Lighthouse
121 Ц 13:27 Ц CS3 Ц Simulating a Graduated Color Filter
122 Ц 13:54 Ц CS3 Ц Combining Photos and Vector Shapes to Make a Poster
123 Ц 19:37 Ц CS3 Ц Converting a Photo into Line Art
124 Ц 18:26 Ц CS3 Ц Extending Tonal Latitude by Combining Two Exposures
125 Ц 12:03 Ц CS3 Ц Creating a УTime LapseФ Photo from a Single Image
126 Ц 22:23 Ц CS3 Ц Multi-Image Montage, Soft-Glow Montage, and Combining Color with Black and White
127 Ц 16:15 Ц CS3 Ц Compositing Images to Create a Tourism Print Advertisement
128 Ц 27:25 Ц CS3 Ц Using Adobe Camera Raw and PhotoshopТs Adjustment Layers for Fine Art Color Correction
129 Ц 16:20 Ц CS3 Ц Using a Loose Selection and Curves to Selectively Tonally Adjust an Image
130 Ц 20:46 Ц CS3 Ц Flawlessly Combining Two Handheld Exposures Using Auto-Align
131 Ц 18:10 Ц CS3 Ц Creating a Dramatic Sepia-Toned Wildlife Portrait
132 Ц 12:52 Ц CS3 Ц Applying a Single Mask to Multiple Collaged Images
133 Ц 09:40 Ц CS3 Ц Enhancing a Soft-Glow Montage with High Pass Sharpening
134 Ц 22:29 Ц CS3 Ц Adding a Painterly Quality with Soft-Glow Montage and Light Painting
135 Ц 12:59 Ц CS3 Ц Rotate and Zoom Montage Using a Mask for Stationary Elements
136 Ц 10:26 Ц CS3 Ц Creating God Beams
137 Ц 09:01 Ц CS3 Ц Correcting Color Casts When a Gray Card or Something Neutral is Not Present
138 Ц 17:54 Ц CS3 Ц Using Soft Light Blending Mode to Add a Glow to Lights
139 Ц 13:40 Ц CS3 Ц Black and White Infrared
140 Ц 19:26 Ц CS3 Ц An Exercise in Creative Montaging
141 Ц 13:21 Ц CS3 Ц Hyper-Real Portraiture
142 Ц 12:49 Ц CS3 Ц Creative Edges and Textures without Using a Mask
143 Ц 10:26 Ц CS3 Ц Designing a Triptych
144 Ц 05:26 Ц CS3 Ц Removing Undesirable Subjects Using Median Stack Mode
145 Ц 09:34 Ц CS3 Ц Camera Raw Excitement
146 Ц 12:36 Ц CS3 Ц Vignetting Photographs
147 Ц 11:48 Ц CS3 Ц Improving a High Contrast Scene
148 Ц 11:18 Ц CS3 Ц Digitally Framing Your Work
149 Ц 11:18 Ц CS3 Ц Retouching Along a Sensitive Edge (How to Set Up a Protective Barrier)
150 Ц 08:35 Ц CS3 Ц Displacement Mapping
151 Ц 10:29 Ц CS3 Ц Rendering Clouds
152 Ц 26:21 Ц CS3 Ц High Dynamic Range (HDR) Using Photomatix Pro Overview
153 Ц 12:37 Ц CS3 Ц Creating a Mist Effect
154 Ц 12:19 Ц CS3 Ц Multiple-Exposure Impressionism
155 Ц 16:36 Ц CS4 Ц Drawing Attention to Your Subject
156 Ц 07:14 Ц CS4 Ц Improving a Landscape Photograph with Content-Aware Scaling
157 Ц 04:39 Ц CS4 Ц Retouching at Warp Speed
158 Ц 09:57 Ц CS4 Ц The Sledge Hammer of Color Correction
159 Ц 13:34 Ц CS4 Ц Transforming a Photograph Into a Painting Like YouТve Never Seen Before
160 Ц 08:00 Ц CS4 Ц Compositing with Smart Objects
161 Ц 08:55 Ц CS4 Ц Simulating Dramatic Studio Lighting
162 Ц 12:17 Ц CS4 Ц Right Brain Compositing
163 Ц 14:53 Ц CS4 Ц Secrets of Adobe Camera Raw 5.2
164 Ц 11:42 Ц CS4 Ц Creating Selective Focus
165 Ц 08:46 Ц CS4 Ц Creating a Color Grad Using the Photo Filter
166 Ц 13:11 Ц CS4 Ц Portrait Retouching in Adobe Camera Raw 5.2
167 Ц 09:59 Ц CS4 Ц Straightening Leaning Buildings without Affecting Other Areas
168 Ц 14:42 Ц CS4 Ц Graduated Filter Miracles in ACR 5.2
169 Ц 21:11 Ц CS4 Ц Selecting Difficult Subjects Like Fur And Hair
170 Ц 07:02 Ц CS4 Ц Creative Flash Blending
171 Ц 12:41 Ц CS4 Ц Tossed-on-the-Table Collage
172 Ц 14:29 Ц CS4 Ц Improving the Appearance of Color Infrared
173 Ц 13:43 Ц CS4 Ц Selecting Around Trees
174 Ц 15:32 Ц CS4 Ц Illustration Photo Effect
175 Ц 12:24 Ц CS4 Ц When to Use a Clipping Mask
176 Ц 14:02 Ц CS4 Ц Alternative Tossed-on-the-Table Collage
177 Ц 11:20 Ц CS4 Ц Multiple-Exposure Monet Using Only One Image
178 Ц 14:50 Ц CS4 Ц The Power of a Blur Vignette
179 Ц 07:42 Ц CS4 Ц Bulk Previewing a Series of Images
180 Ц 20:20 Ц CS4 Ц Using Calculations to Make a Difficult Selection
181 Ц 15:14 Ц CS4 Ц The Patch Tool is Your Friend
182 Ц 25:06 Ц CS4 Ц Shedding Light on PhotoshopТs Histogram and Info Panels
183 Ц 11:16 Ц CS4 Ц Stylized HDR Effect in Adobe Camera Raw
184 Ц 11:00 Ц CS4 Ц Creating Rounded Corners and Curled Drop Shadows
185 Ц 12:11 Ц CS4 Ц Speedy and Realistic Skin Retouching Using Smart Filters
186 Ц 17:37 Ц CS4 Ц Single-Image HDR Processing with Photomatix
187 Ц 07:50 Ц CS4 Ц Reducing Chromatic Aberration
188 Ц 10:55 Ц CS4 Ц A Selection-free Method for Eliminating Color Where It Meets Black and White
189 Ц 14:28 Ц CS4 Ц Handheld Twilight Photography without Noise. Impossible? Think Again.
190 Ц 18:45 Ц CS4 Ц The Advantage of Converting an HDR Image to Black and White
191 Ц 10:15 Ц CS4 Ц Reducing Noise in an HDR Sky
192 Ц 11:45 Ц CS4 Ц Achieving the Grunge Look
193 Ц 14:57 Ц CS4 Ц Restoring a Weathered Old Photograph
194 Ц 11:04 Ц CS4 Ц Getting Creative with Edges and Borders
195 Ц 13:36 Ц CS4 Ц The Digital Chainsaw (Replacing a Tree)
196 Ц 07:53 Ц CS4 Ц Non-Destructive Shape Layer Masking
197 Ц 13:48 Ц CS4 Ц Using ACR and Smart Objects In Place of Bracketed Exposures
198 Ц 15:57 Ц CS4 Ц Dealing with Hot Spots During the Color Correction Process
199 Ц 16:18 Ц CS4 Ц Icing Your Subject
200 Ц 18:11 Ц CS4 Ц Paper Clipping a Note to a Photograph

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¬идео: AVC 800x600 30fps ~300Kbps
јудио: AAC 44,1kHz stereo ~50Kbps

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