» » » Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows 7 xDark™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 основана на Windows 7 Ultimate.Процедура установки сохраняет все важные функции, такие как настройка клавиатуры языка, восстановление, модернизации или создание новой установки, выбор жесткого диска для установки.
Образ оптимизирован с помощью WAIK, без удаления каких-либо компонентов. Ядро xDark™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 состоит более чем из 500 измененных или интегрированных DLL-файлов, позволяющих по другому взглянуть на Windows 7. Интегрированы обновления по 4 июня 2010 года.
В меню "Пуск" вы найдете множество инструментов для настройки и оптимизации системы.
Название Программы: Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1
Версия программы: 3.1
Последняя Версия программы: 3.1
Язык интерфейса: английский + русский пакет
Лечение: требуется, но отсутствует
Размер файла: 4,06 GB

Системные требования:
* 1 gigahertz (GHz) или быстрее
* 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM
* 16 GB свободного места на жестком диске
* Видео карта с поддержкой DirectX 9

Список изменений и дополнений
Enjoy the power of xDark™ v3.1 RG.
- The Desktop:
- The Start Menu:
- Windows Update:
- The Unwelcome Center:
- The xDark™ Center:
- The Desktop Icons:
- The Folders:
- The Libraries:
- The xDark™ Panel:
- xDark™ Aero Live Messenger:
- The Personalization Panel:
- xDark™ iTunes:
- xDark™ Vlc Player:
- The System:
- Installation Requirements:
- Additional Installation Requirements:

* Internet access (fees may apply)
* Depending on resolution, video playback may require additional memory and advanced graphics hardware
* For some Windows Media Center functionality a TV tuner and additional hardware may be required
* Windows Touch and Tablet PCs require specific hardware
* HomeGroup requires a network and PCs running Windows 7
* DVD/CD authoring requires a compatible optical drive
* BitLocker requires Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2
* BitLocker To Go requires a USB flash drive
* Windows XP Mode requires an additional 1 GB of RAM, an additional 15 GB of available hard disk space, and a processor capable of hardware virtualization with Intel VT or AMD-V turned on
* Music and sound require audio output

- Unattended Install Procedure:

* Keyboard And Language Configuration
* Select Hard Disk To Install
* Do Not Enter A Product Key During Installation
* Create User Account
* Select TimeZone
* System Optimization

- Languages:

* English.

- Updates:

* All System Updates Integrated Till 04 June 2010.

- ISO Info:

* Uncompressed Size: 3.96GB
* Windows 7 Ultimate: Version 6.1 (Build 7600)
* EC0F7ECB75B0F821AC08D3D8F217F240 * 7 xDark Deluxe x64 v3.1 RG.iso

- Compression:

* Extension: Rar
* Level: Ultra
* Type: LZMA
* Parts: 3.70GB
* Total Parts: 1 Part
* Total Compressed Size: 3.70GB

- Removed Components:

* No Removed Components

- Services:

* Windows BackUp
* Control Parental
* Windows Search

(to enable a services type services.msc in the start menu search box and enable it from the services manager or run xDark Services Manager)

- Integrated Tweaks:

* Use SSL 2.0 (Checked) + SSL 3.0 (Checked) + TSL 1.0 (unchecked)
* Do not save encrypted pages to disk
* Force keep positive entries in DNS Cache for only 4 hours instead of the default 24 hours
* Increase RPC Packet Size
* Stop caching negative responses
* Increase Network Throughput
* Faster browsing with IE
* Maximum simultaneous downloads for IE to 20
* Disable Windows Media Player AutoUpdates
* Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) Tweaks For Privacy & Ease Of Use
* Automatic defrag changed to PerfectDisk
* Typing Long File Names In DOS
* Disable group policy updates on logon
* Disable AutoAdmin Logon and shutdown tweak
* Fast shutdown and system information in dxdiag
* Disable Automatic Restart in the event of a BSOD
* Enable Bootoptimization
* Enable ClearType Tuning
* Enable addition Avalon effects
* Enable slow-motion window effects (min/max/3dflip) by holding down Shift key
* Speedup access to AVI Files
* Add GodMode, My Computer, Network and Administrative Tools to desktop
* Windows will tell you exactly what it is doing when it is shutting down or is booting
* If an Administrator attempts a protected action - Silently Succeed
* Take OwnerShip
* DreamScene
* Search All File Types
* Enable detection of program compatibility assistant
* Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links
* Disable Security Notification Tray Icon
* Show extensions for known file Ttpes
* Use Checkboxes to select items
* Show hidden files and folders
* Restore previous folder windows at logon
* Disable low disk spack check
* Disable Info Tips
* Always show menus
* xDark Start menu and Explorer tweaks
* Show/Hide System Files to right click context menu
* Kill non respoding task to right click context menu
* Add 'Copy to Folder' to right click context
* Add 'Move to Folder' to right click context
* Add 'Open with Notepad' to right click context
* All items have an "edit.." on right-click sending to notepad
* Makes a right click option for unknown files (Open with notepad)
* Add MSCONFIG to right click on My Computer
* Add "Advanced System Properties" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Add Add/Remove Programs to Right Click Menu of My Computer
* Add Services to Right Click Menu of My Computer
* Add Shutdown to Right Click Menu of My Computer
* Add Registry Editor right click of MY Computer
* Add an option in the right-click (context) menu to open any folder on your computer in a new window.
* Add open in new windows to drives and folders
* Add "Device Manager" to the right click menu of "Computer"
* Set Image as folder cover Context Menu Option
* Add Copy File Names to Context Menu
* Register/UnRegister Dll to Context Menu
* Add Recycle Bin to Context
* Add install to Right Click on Font Files
* Add command prompt to right click context menu
* Open with regsvr32
* Remove unlikely templates from the New Menu
* Clean Names Entry
... and much more

- xDark v3.1 Notes:

* xDark v3.1 Exclusive Default Theme
* xDark 4 Seasons Dark Orb Start Button
* xDark Exclusive Lights In The Dark Systems Sounds Scheme
* 2 xDark System Cursors
* xDark HD Exclusive System Icons (Almost All System Icons Are Customized)
* xDark HD Exclusive Nvidia Top Shell
* xDark Exclusive GodMode Custom Panel and GodMode Creator
* xDark HD Exclusive Wallpapers Set
* xDark HD Exclusive Dark Surrealism User Account Pictures
* xDark Exlusive Integrated Shell On Top
* xDark Exclusive Lights In The Dark Edition Branding
* Hard Disk Changes to xDark HDD Default
* xDark Unwelcome Center
* xDark Gadget Gallery + Extra Black Gadgtes
* xDark Context Menu & Folder Menu
* xDark Network & Internet Optimized
* Super xDark Administrator
* AutoLogon & Boot Optimization
* xDark Find it! Panel
* xDark Fix it! Panel
* xDark Replace it! Panel
* xDark Tweak it! Panel
* xDark Power Engine
* xDark Installer Integrated
* xDark HD Graphics & 3D Experience
* and much more...

Integrated Applications:

* xWinrar x64
* HashCheck Shell Extension x64
* Notepad 2 x86/x64
* DirectX x86 / x64
* PerfectDisk x64
* Registry WorkShop x64
* SPTD Driver x64
* WinPatrol x64
* xDark Ave Preview x86/x64
* xDark Show Desktop x86/x64
* xDark Tools x64/x64
* Dreamscene x64

- Optional Extras:

* Dual Screen Wallpaper
* Cursor Fx
* 18 3D Cursors
* xDark CAD & xDark CAD Skin
* xDark Firefox x64
* xDark Object Dock Skins
* xDark Rainmeter Skins
* xDark iTunes & xDark iTunes Skin
* xDark VLC Skin
* xDark Messenger Skins & AddOns
* MicroAngelo On Display
* Windows Media Player Plus!
* Seo Coolbar For Internet Explorer 8
* 7 Tutorials For Windows 7
* The Complete Windows 7 Shorcuts e-Book
* Windows 7 Beginners Guide
* VHD Getting Started Guide
* ... much more

- xDark Panel:

xDark Manager

- Find it!

EasyFind Panel

- Fix it!

CD-DVD Repair
Fix File Associations
Fix Windows 7
Rebuild Icon Cache

- Replace It!

Media Player Background Changer
Start Button Changer
System File Replacer

- Tweak it!

xDark GodMode Creator
xDark Internet Explorer 8 Tweaker
xDark Services Tweakr
xDark StartUp Tweaker
xDark Windows 7 Tweaker

- Other xDark Tools:

* xDark Power
* xDark Easy Find Start Menu Panel
* xDark Show Desktop
* xDark Ave Preview

- xDark Tools Extended Guide:

- xDark Power:


*Accesibility Center
*Command Prompt


*Administrative Tools
*Computer Management
*Certificate Manager
*Clipboard Manager
*Clear Clipboard
*Component Services
*Drive Management
*Event Viewer
*File Signature Verification
*File and Settings Transfer Wizard
*Hardware Manager
*Network Manager
*ODBC Data Source Administrator
*Performance Monitor
*Resource Monitor
*Windows Management Infraestructure
*User Management


*Activate, Restore and BackUp Windows Activation
*Recycle Bin
*BackUp and Restore Registry
*System Restore


*Optimize Memory
*Process Idle Tasks
*Flush File Buffers
*Registry Optimization


*Clear Print Spooler
*Dead Pixel Repair
*Rebuild Icon Cache
*Re-Enable Components
*Re-Install Windows Components
*Repair Font Registrations
*Windows Errors


*Best Free Antivirus Software
*ClamWin Antivirus
*Online Antivirus Scanners
*Stop Messenger Spam




*Lock Windows
*Registry Editor
*Task Manager

- xDark Easy Find Start Menu Panel:

- Ease Of Access:

*Ease Of Access
*On Screen Keyboard
*Speech Recognition

- Networking:

*Advanced Sharing Settings
*Internet Options
*Manage Wireless Networks
*Network And Sharing Center
*View Network Connections
*Windows Defender
*Windows Firewall - Disable
*Windows Firewall - Enable
*Windows Firewall

- Shut Down Menu:

*Lock - Switch User

- System Administration Tools:

*Action Center
*Adjust Screen Resolution
*Aero Transparency Off
*Aero Transparency On
*BackUp And Restore
*Change Desktop Background
*Character Map
*Control Panel
*Default Programs
*Desktop Personalization
*Device Manager
*Disk CleanUp
*Disk Defragmenter
*Display Settings
*Folder Options
*Indexing Options
*Notification Area Icons
*Parental Controls
*Performance Information And Tools
*Playback and Recording Settings
*Power Options
*Private Character Editor
*Region And Language
*Resource Monitor
*Set the Time and Date
*System Information
*System Properties
*System Restore
*Task Manager - All Users
*Task Scheduler
*Taskbar And Start Menu
*User Accounts
*Windows Easy Transfer
*Windows Update

- Tablet PC:

*Personalize HandWriting Recognition
*Tablet PC Input Panel
*Windows Journal

- Troubleshooting:

*Aero Troubleshoot
*Audio Playing Troubleshoot
*Audio Recording Troubleshoot
*Hardware & Devices Troubleshoot
*HomeGroup Troubleshoot
*Incoming Connections Troubleshoot
*Internet Connections Troubleshoot
*Internet Explorer Performance Troubleshoot
*Internet Explorer Safety Troubleshoot
*Network Adapter Troubleshoot
*Performance Troubleshoot
*Power Troubleshoot
*Printing Troubleshoot
*Shared Files & Folders Troubleshoot
*System Maintenance Troubleshoot
*Windows Media Player DVD Troubleshoot
*Windows Media Player Library Troubleshoot
*Windows Media Player Settings Troubleshoot
*Windows Troubleshooting Tools

- Windows PowerShell:

*Windows PowerShell
*Windows PowerShell ISE

- Windows Programs:

*Add or Remove Programs
*Command Prompt
*Math Input Panel
*Media Center
*Recycle Bin
*Remote Desktop Connection
*Snipping Tool
*Sound Recorder
*Sticky Notes
*Sync Center
*Windows DVD Maker
*Windows Explorer
*Windows Fax And Scan
*Windows Media Player
*Windows Update
*XPS Viewer

- xDark Easy Find Desktop Panel:

- Functions:

*Power Options
*Hibernate Now
*Content Advisor
*System Properties
*Safely Remove Hardware
*Stored Usernames And Passwords
*Regional and Language Options
*Print Management Folder
*Print User Interface
*Ease Of Access Center
*Forgotten Password Wizard
*Map Network Drive Wizard
*User Accounts
*Windows Action Center
*Windows Version
*Windows Firewall
*Lock Your Screen
*Windows Management Console
*Computer Management

- Folders:

*Common Folders
*Recycle Bin
*My Computer
*Program Files
*Windows Temp
*My Documents
*My Pictures
*My Music
*My Videos
*Shared Folders
*Application Data
*Recent Documents
*Folder Options
*Downloaded Installations
*Downloaded Program Files

- Internet Settings:

*NS LookUp
*Internet Options
*SetUp A Network
*Network Connections
*Organize IE Favourites

- Programs:

*Xps Viewer
*Sticky Notes
*Snipping Tool
*Character Map
*Sound Recorder
*Command Prompt
*Windows DVD Maker
*On Screen Keyboard
*Mycrosoft Sync Center
*Windows Media Player
*Windows Media Center
*Private Character Editor
*Group Policy Editor
*Remote Assistant
*Remote Desktop Connection
*Remote Assistant Properties
*Event Viewer
*Authorization Manager
*Component Services
*Disk Management
*Local Users And Groups
*Nap Client Configuration
*Print Management
*Resultant Set Of Policy
*Local Security Policy
*SQL Server Configuration Manager
*Task Scheduler
*TPM Management
*Pen And Touch
*People Near Me
*Game Controllers
*OBDC Data Source Administrator

- Tools:

*Disk CleanUp
*Task Manager
*Registry Editor
*Device Manager
*Resource Monitor
*Performance Monitor
*System Restore
*Windows Defender
*System Information
*System File Checker
*Share Creation Wizard
*Microsoft Screen Magnifier
*Data Execution Prevention
*Microsoft Windows BackUp
*User Account Control Settings
*Microsoft Disk Defragmenter
*Connect To A Network Projector
*Microsoft Windows Phone Dialer
*Microsoft DirectX Diagnostic Tool
*Windows Anytime Upgrade Results
*Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool
*Diagnostic Troubleshooting Wizard
*User Profiles/StartUp And Recovery
*Advanced Users Account Control Panel
*IE Express Packager
*Add Hardware Wizard
*Microsoft System Configuration Tool
*Windows Easy Transfer Application
*Install A Program From A Network

- Settings:

*All Tasks
*Control Panel
*Modem Options
*Sound Properties
*Mouse Properties
*Screen Resolution
*Keyboard Properties
*User Account Control Panel
*Display Control Panel
*Desktop Icon Settings
*Add Remove Programs
*Date And Time Properties
*Microsoft Color Control Panel
*Set Program Acces And Defaults
*Turn Windows Features On Or Off
*Taskbar And Start Menu Properties
*Change Computer Performance Properties
*Windows Color And Appearance
*Welcome Center
*Clear The Clipboard
*Parental Controls
*Check For Updates

- xDark Manager:

* Edit Branding Windows 7 Info and Logo
* Edit Owner Information

* Add more Options to Explorer's Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)

Move To
Turn OFF Aero
Turn ON Aero
Create a Restore Point
Open with Notepad
Take the Ownership of this File
Take the Ownership of this Folder
Copy To
Pin To Start Menu
Disk Clean-Up
Device Manager
Hide this File
Hide this Folder
Restrict Access to Folder Options
Monitor Off

Desktop Customizations:

Show Computer Icon to Desktop
Hide Empty Drives
Display Recent Programs in Start Menu
Slow-Down Animations
Remove the Shortcut Arrow
Enable Welcome Center During StartUp
Show Control Panel Icon to Desktop
Show Public Folder to Desktop
Show Username Folder to Desktop
Show Network Icon to Desktop

* Customize Screensaver and Shorcut Arrow Icon

* Tweaking Toolbox:

Hacking WEI Score
Re-enable Hibernation
User Accounts CP
Hide your Computer
System File Check
System Configuration
Disable Hibernation
Command Prompt Color
Show Your Computer
Reset Folder Views
Folder Options
All Task CP Tweaks
Windows Services
Clear DNS Cache
Add Custom Tools

* Windows 7 Icons Customization
* Windows 7 Welcome Screen Customization (Tweak Text Shadow too)
* Windows Utilities and Tools

* Securing your Desktop:

Remove "New" in Explorer's Context Menu
Remove "Folder Options" in Windows Explorer Tools Menu
Disable AutoPlay in all Types of Media
Disable Run Command in the Start Menu
Disable Access to Display Settings
Restrict Access to Control Panel
Force the User to Input the Username in the Welcome Screen
Enable UAC
Disable Writing to USB Driver/Flash Disk
Disable USB Drive/Flash Disk
Disable Task Manager
Disable IE Connection Settings
Disable Changing of Wallpapers
Send to Context Menu
Require users to press ctrl+alt+del

* More UAC Options

Change UAC Levels
Prompt For Credentials (Username and Password)

* Hide It!

Hide all FIX Drives
Hide a Custom Drive
Hide the ShutDown Button and Options in the Start Menu

*Internet Explorer Security:

Disable File -> New Window
Disable File -> Open
Disable "Save as"
Disable "View Source"
Disable "Favorites"
Disable Right-Click
Disable Download
Disable Tools -> Internet Options
Hide General Tab
Hide Security Tab
Hide Privacy Tab
Hide Content Tab
Hide Connections Tab
Hide Programs Tab
Hide Advanced Tab

* Detailed Performance Settings
* Aero On
* Aero Off
* Disable Desktop Composition
* Do not Allow Window Animations
* Turn Off or On Some Windows Features

* Start Menu Search:

Stop Searching the File Index
Stop Searching Favorites and History (Webpages)
Stop Searching the Communication Files such as Windows Live Mails

* More on SpeedingUp Start Menu, Boot, Windows ShutDown, Network Connections and Disk Access:

Custom Menu Show Delay
Enable/Disable Multiple Monitor Configuration
Decrease Shutdown Time For Services
Do not Clear Pagefile at Shutdown
Increase the Bandwith for Network and Internet Connections
Increase NTFS Performance 1: Disable Updating the Last-Accessed TimeStamp of Files and Folders
Increase NTFS Performance 2: Disable Support for Old MSDOS 8 Characters Filenames
Disable Failed DNS Caching

* Tools:

Context Menu Customization Tool
My Computer and Control Panel Items Customization Tool
My Tweaker Tool

* Desktop, Taskbar and Start Menu:

Add Run Command to Start Menu
Clear Recent Documents History on Exit
Cear Recent Programs List for New Users
Remove Access to Right Click Menus for the Taskbar
Prevent the User from Adding or Removing Toolbars
Prevent Users from Resizing the Taskbar
Prevent the User from Rearranging Toolbars
Lock the Taskbar

* Desktop:

Hide and Disable All Items on Desktop
Prevent Adding, Dragging, Dropping and Closing the Taskbar's Toolbars
Prohibit Adjusting Desktop Toolbars

* Miscellanous Quick Tweaks:

Show the Letter First in Windows Explorer
Disable Low Disk Space Checks
Disable Ballon Tips
Disable Mobility Center
Disable Flip 3D
Set the Permission to Current User Only for Files and Folders
Remove the Drive Letters in Window Explorer
Disable Taskbar Thumbnails
Password Protect the Screensaver
Disable all Win+Letter Keys
Encrypt/Decrypt Right Click Menu
Remove Map/Disconnect Network Drive in Computers Context Menu
Number of Recent Items to Display
DVD/CD Drive Labels

* Removable Storage Access:

CD and DVD: Deny Read Access
CD and DVD: Deny Write Access
Floppy Drives: Deny Read Access
Floppy Drives: Deny Write Access
Removable Disks: Deny Read Access
Removable Disks: Deny Write Access
Removable Disks: Deny All

* Display Settings:

Remove Display in Control Panel
Hide Appearance and Themes Tab
Hide Desktop Tab
Hide Screensaver Tab
Hide Settings Tab
Prevent Changing of Wallpapers

* Restrict Microsoft Management Console:

Computer Management
Disk Management
Device Manager
Shared Folders
Advance Windows Firewall

* Control Panel:

Restrict Access to Control Panel

* CTRL+ALT+DEL Options:

Remove Change Password
Remove Lock Computer
Remove Task Manager
Remove LogOff

* Windows Explorer:

Remove Security Tab
Hide all Fix Drives
Remove CD Burning Features

* System:

* Prevent Access to Command Prompt and Cmd script Processing
* Prevent Access to Registry Editor
* Prompt for Password on Resume from Hibernate/Suspend

* Internet Explorer:

* Change Internet Explorer Title and Start Page
* Disable/Restrict Changing of Start Pages
* Restrict Deletion of Temporary Internet Files or Browsing History Functionality
* Enable PopUp Blocker
* Enable Phising Filter
* Enable Download Complete Notification
* No Search Box
* Hide Command Bar
* Enable ClearType
* URL History
* Download Directory
* Delete ALL History
* Clear History Only
* Delete Cookies Only
* Delete Form Data Only
* Delete Password History
* Delete Temporary IE Files
* Open IE (No Ad-Ons)
* Show File Download

- CD-DVD Repair:

*Reset Autorun Settings
*Protect Against Autorun Parasites
*Repair CD-DVD

- Fix File Associations:

Bmp, Com, Directory, Drive, Folder, Gif, Ico, Img, Inf, Jpeg, Js, Msc, Reg, Scr, Tif, Text, Vbs, Zip.

- Fix Windows 7:

Windows Explorer:

*System File Checker Utility
*Create System Restore Point
*The Reycle Bin Icon Is Missing From Your Desktop
*Reset Or Fixes Folders View Settings To Default
*Games Explorer Is Not Working Or Unable To Open Games Explorer Folder
*Enable Folder Options. Fixes When Folder Options Is Missing From Tools Menu And Control Panel
*Fixes Show Hidden Files, Folders And Drives
*Restore The Windows Sidebar
*Fixes Recycle Bin Icon
*Explorer.exe Won't Start At Boot In Windows
*CD Drive or DVD Drive Is Missing Or Is Not Recognized
*Thumbnails Not Working In Windows Explorer

Internet & Connectivity:

*Internet Explorer Icon Is Missing From Desktop
*Complete Or Skip The Run Once Wizard
*Internet Options Are Missing Under Settings
*Optimize IE Maximum Connection Per Server To Download More Than Two Files At Once
*Unable To Change HomePage
*Fix Runtime Error Dialogs Are Appearing In IE While Surfing
*Repair Internet Connection Or Reset TCP/IP To Default State
*Fix Blurry Text Of Font Style For Source Windows Of IE
*Reset IE Settings To Default
*Right Click Context Menu In IE Disabled

Windows Media Player:

*Windows Media Player Does Not Start And An Error Message Appears
*Windows Media Player Stops Responding After You Install A Third Party Product
*Windows Media Player Does Not Show SlideSHow Correctly
*Media Files Associated With Windows Media Player Are Missing Right Click COntext Menu
*Windows Media Player Is Not Installed Properly
*Reset Windows Media Library And Fix Library Sync Issues
*Automatic Updates Not Working For Windows Media Player
*Flush And Rebuild Windows Media Center Database
*Fix Windows Media Player Doesn't Show Flash Content While Visiting Online Stores Or Media Guide

System Tools:

*Fix The Task Manager Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator
*Fix The Command Prompt Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator
*Fix Registry Editor Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator
*Enable MMC Snap-Ins. Some Viruses Disable Users To Run MMC Snap-Ins
*Fix Search Failed To Initialize
*Fix System Restore Has Been Turned Off By Group Policy
*Device Manager Is Not Working Properly And Not Showing Any Devices
*Repair Windows Defender
*Action Center And Windows Security Center No Longer Recognizes Antivirus And Firewall
*Fix Turn Windows Features On Or Off

Additional Fixes:

*Fix Hibernate Is Missing From Shutdown Button
*Restore The Windows Sibebar Gadgets
*Restore The Sticky Notes Delete Warning Dialog Box
*When You Open Windows Update Website You Get A Blank Windows Update Page
*Unable To Open Help Files
*Fix Corrupted Desktop Icons
*Taskbar Jumplist Is Missing Or Doesnt Store MRU File List
*Aero Snap Is Not Working
*Aero Shake Is Not Working
*Aero Peek Is Not Working

- Rebuild Icon Cache:

*Rebuild Icon Cache
*Restore Icon Cache
*Delete BackUps

- Media Player Background Changer:

*Change Windows Media Player Background

- Start Button Changer:

*Select & Change Start Button
*Restore Original Explorer BackUp

System File Replacer:

*Replace System File

- xDark GodMode Creator:

*Add Items to Folder Context Menu
*Add Items to Desktop Context Menu
*Add Folders to Custom Location

*Action Center
*Administrative Tools
*BackUp and Restore
*Biometric Devices
*BitLocker Driver Encryption
*Bluetooth Devices
*Control Panel GODMODE
*Credential Manager
*Default Location
*Default Programs
*Devices and Printers
*Ease of Access Center
*Font Settings
*Get Programs
*Installed Updates
*Location and Other Sensors
*My Computer
*Network and Sharing Center
*Network Connections
*Network Map
*Network Neighborhood
*Notification Area Icons
*Parental Controls
*Performance Information and Tools
*Power Options
*Program and Features
*Public Folder
*Portable Devices
*Recent Places
*Recycle Bin
*RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
*Speech Recognition
*Sync Center
*Temporary Internet Files
*User Accounts
*Windows Firewall
*Windows SideShow
*Windows Update
*Wireless Networks

- xDark IE 8 Tweaker:

Browsing Options:
*Turn Off Smooth Scrolling
*Turn Off ClearType
*Turn Off Animation
*Turn Off Sounds
*Turn Off Picture Display
*Turn Off Automatic Image Resizing

Clean Junk Files:
*Delete Temporary Internet Files
*Delete Cookies
*Delete History
*Delete AutoComplete Data
*Delete Passwords
*Also Delete Files and Settings Stored by AddOns

Basic Tweaks:
*Turn On Menu Bar By Default
*Turn Off Favorites Bar
*Moving The Menu Bar Above The Navigation Bar
*Turn Off Tab Grouping
*Turn On Suggested Sites
*Enforce Full Screen Mode
*Turn Off Page Zooming Functionality
*Remove Search Box From IE
*Turn On Caret Browsing Support
*Turn Off Compatibility View

Browser Menu Tweaks:
*Disable The Tools/Internet Options Menu
*Disable Save As... File Menu Option
*Disable Internet Explorer Context Menu
*Disable Open In New Window And New Tab Menu Option
*Disable View Source Menu Option
*Turn Off Print Menu Option
*Hide Favorites Menu

Toolbars TWeaks:
*Turn Off Developer Tools
*Hide The Command Bar
*Hide The Status Bar
*Lock All Toolbars
*Disable Customizing Browser Toolbars
*Disable Customizing Browser Toolbar Buttons
*Customize Command Label (No Text)
*Use Large Icons For Command Buttons

Control Panel Tweaks:
*Hide Advanced Tab
*Hide Connections Tab
*Hide Content Tab
*Hide General Tab
*Hide Privacy Tab
*Hide Programs Tab
*Hide Security Tab

Advanced Tweaks:
*Turn Off Compatibility View Button
*Remove The Address Bar Completely From Internet Explorer
*Turn Off Accelerators
*Restrict Changing Proxy Settings
*Change Internet Explorer Title
*Change Download Directory

*Restrict Users From Enabling Or Disabling AddOns
*Disable External Branding Of Internet Explorer
*Restrict Changing Advanced Page Settings
*Turn Off Reopen Last Browsing Session
*Restrict Changing The Default Search Provider
*Disable Internet Connection Wizard
*Disable Auto Complete For Forms
*Disable The Reset Web Settings Feature
*Turn Off Auto Complete Features For Web Addresses
*Turn Off Tabbed Browsing

Restrictions Settings:
*Restrict Changing Accessebility Settings
*Restrict Changing Automatic Configurations Settings
*Restrict Changing Calender And Contact Settings
*Restrict Changing Certificates Settings
*Restrict Changing Color Settings
*Restrict Changing Connections Settings
*Restrict Changing Font Settings
*Restrict Changing Language Settings
*Restrict Changing Ratings Settings

*Prevent Bypassing Smart Screen Filter Warning
*Disable Toolbars And Extension When InPrivate Browsing Starts
*Turn Off Delete Browsing History Functionality
*Advanced Configuration: Managing Phishing Filter
*Advanced Configuration: Managing SmartScreen Filter
*Advanced Configuration: Security Setting Check Feature
*Advanced Configuration: InPrivate Filtering
*Advanced Configuration: InPrivate Browsing

*IE Is Not Filling In The http:// In The Address Bar Automatically
*IE Links Opens In A Blank White Page
*Web Fonts Appear Blurred In IE
*Fix Annoying IE RunOnce Problem
*Re-registers All The Concerned Dll And Ocx Files
*IE Running Really Slowly (May Help)
*Get Back "Do You Want To Open Or Save This File?"
*Make All Tabs Run Under Same Process
*IE May Freeze While Loading A Page

xDark Services Tweaker:
*Create a Restore Point
*Default Settings
*Safe Settings
*Tweaked Settings
*Advanced Settings
*Refresh List of Services
*Open File Location
*Enable or Disable Services Manually

xDark StartUp Tweaker:
*Boot Execute
*Image Hijacks
*Scheduled Tasks
*Internet Explorer
*Sidebar Gadgets
*Network Providers
*LSA Providers
*Print Monitors
*Winsock Providers

- xDark Windows 7 Tweaker:

Windows Explorer:
*Disable Full Row Select Items
*Hide Detail Pane
*Show Menu Bar*
*Always Show Icons
*Enable CHeck Boxes To Select Items
*Disable Aero Shake Feature
*Show Windows Version On Desktop
*Restore Las Opened Folders At StartUp
*Launch Folders In A Seperate Process
*Show Drive Letters
*Disable Aero Snap Feature

Customize Start Menu:
*Disable Context Menus And Dragging And Dropping
*Disable Highlighting Newly Installed Programs
*Use Small Icons
*Set Store And Display A List Of Recently Opened Programs
*Set Enable Jump List And Numbers Of Recent Items
*Show Computer
*Show Connect To
*Show Control Panel
*Show Defaul Programs
*Show Devices And Printers
*Show Documents
*Show Downloads
*Show Favourites
*Show Games
*Show Help
*Show HomeGroup
*Show Music
*Show Network
*Show Personal Folder
*Show Pictures
*Show Recent Items
*Show Recorded TV
*Show Run
*Show Admin Tools
*Show Videos
*Show All Programs
*Add Custom Instant Search

TaskBar Appearance:
*Lock The Tasbark
*Disable Window Previews (Thumbnails)
*Disable Ballon Tips
*Use Large Icons
*Disable Aero Peek To Preview The Desktop
*Remove Network Icon
*Remove Battery Icon
*Remove Volume Control Icon
*Remove Tray Icons From TaskBar
*Button Grouping

User Accounts & UAC:
*Enable Verbose Status Message
*Disable Showing Last Logged-In User Name
*Require User To Press CTRL+ALT+DEL At Logon
*Enable Shutdown Tasks On Welcome Screen
*Enable Or Disable Built-In Administrator Account
*Enable or Disable Built-In Guest Account
*Welcome Screen Text And Button's Effects Lighter Text Shadows, Darker Buttons
*Welcome Screen Text And Button's Effects Darker Text Shadows, Lighter Buttons
*Welcome Screen Text And Button's Effects No Text Shadows, Opaque Buttons
*Set Custom Background On Welcome Screen
*Disable Switching To Secure Desktop While Elevating
*Enable Admin Approval Mode For The Built-In Administrator Account
*Enable Virtualize File And Registry Write Failures To Per-User Locations
*Enable Detections Of Application Installations And Prompt For Elevation
*Choose When To Be Notified About Changes To Your Computer

System Performance:
*Set Waiting Time To End Services At Shutdown Process
*Set Waiting Time To Kill Non-Responding Applications
*Set Waiting Time To Kill Applications TimeOut During Shutdown
*Set Menu Action
*AutoEnd NonResponding Applications
*Restart Shell Automatically
*Swich To Basic Mode Of Current Visual Style
*Forcibly Unload DLLs From Memory
*Disable Unload DLLs From Memory
*Disable Automatic Folder View Discovery
*Enable Support For 4GB Of Ram on 32Bits Windows OS
*Turn Off Data Execution Prevention
*Disable SuperFetch Service
*Disable Windows Security Center Service
*Disable Windows Time Service
*Disable Printer Spooling Service
*Disable Tablet PC Input Service
*Disable Windows Update Service
*Disable Windows Aero User Interface

Security Settings:
*Disable Registry Editor
*Disable Command Prompt
*Disable Task Manager
*Disable MMC SnapsIns
*Disable WinKey Shorcuts
*Disable System Restore Settings
*Disable Change Color And Appearance
*Disable Control Panel
*Disable Parsing AutoExec.Bat File
*Restrict Changing Of Path Profile Folders
*Disable Internet Communication
*Disable AutoPlay For Removable Devices
*Disable Skip Starting Of Programs
*Disable Folder Options
*Remove Security Tab
*Remove CD Burn Feature
*Remove Explorer's Default Context Menu
*Disable Windows Media Center
*Disable Windows Sound Recorder
*Disable Windows Defender
*Disable Windows Mobility Center
*Disable Windows Sidebar
*Disable Windows Error Reporting
*Disable All Windows Updates
*Disable Automatic Restart After Windows Updating
*Remove Access To Al Windows Update Features

NetWork Tweaks:
*Hide Your Server Or Workstation From General Browser List
*Hide Entire Network From Network Neighborhood
*Disable Remote Desktop Sharing In The Domain And Network
*Disable Default Admin And Disk Drive Share Server
*Restrict Access Of IPC$ For Anonymous Users
*Disable Recent Shares In Network Places
*Disable Auto-Discovery Of Media Contents In Shared Network By Windows Media Player
*Enable NTLM 2 Support
*Set Global Network/Internet Offline
*Limit Reserved Bandwith For Qos Scheduler Service
*Bandwith Optimization

Internet Explorer:

*Change Window Title
*Change Download Directory
*Enagle Suggested Sites
*Enable Caret Browsing On StartUp Of IE
*Enable Tab Browsing
*Always Switch To New Tab
*Warn On Closing Multiple Tabs
*Open First HomePage When IE Starts
*Set When A New Tab Is Opened
*Set When A PopUp Is Encountered
*Set Open Links From Other Programs In
*Turn Off RSS Feed Discovery
*Disable IE Check For Updates
*Disable Crash Detection Feature
*Enable Clear Type For HTML
*Enable Smooth Scrolling
*Notifiy When Download Completes
*Enable Checking Of Executables Signature
*Allow Running Of Invalid Signature Executable
*SmartScreen Filter Setting

Additional Tweaks:
*Show Take Ownership
*Show Open Command Window Here
*Show Search
*Show Pin To Start Menu & Add To Quick Laund / Pin To Taskbar
*Show Encrypt And Decrypt
*Show Copy To Folder
*Show Move To Folder
*Remove Arrows From ShortCut Icons
*Disable Low Disk Space Checks
*Remove Shorcut Suffix For New Shorcuts
*Disable Hibernation
*Disable Windows StartUp Sound
*Disable Pagefile
*Disable Encryption In NTFS File System
*Disable Compression In NTFS File System
*Enable Self-Healing Capability Of NTFS File System
*Enable Encryption For Pagefile
*Enable Large System Cache
*Delete PageFile At Shutdown
*Edit Windows Registration Info
*Add OEM Information

О установке
Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe устанавливается на английском языке, далее два шага русификации:
1. После установки заходите в Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboard and Language [display language-> install or uninstall display language-> выбираете файл русского языкового пакета (присутствует в раздачи MICROSOFT.WINDOWS.7.LANGUAGE.PACK.RUSSIAN.RTM.7600.16385.X86.RIP-WZT) устанавливаете, следуете дальнейшим инструкциям]. И 7 xDark ™ Deluxe становится русским!
2. Заходите в Control Panel -> Region and Language и во всех вкладках выставляете русский язык и страну Россию.

Дополнительная информация:
В раздачу добавлен русский языковый пакет:

Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI)

Скачать Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI):

Пожалуйста зарегистрируйтесь или введите в Панели пользователя логин и пароль.
Если не хотите регистрироваться, то введите логин: demo пароль:demo

Нужна Помощь по установке Операционной системы Windows 7 xDark ™ Deluxe x64 v3.1 (2010/ENG + RUS MUI) ?

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