» » » Windows 7 xDark Deluxe v3.4 RG (2010/x64/ENG/RUS LP)

Windows 7 xDark Deluxe v3.4 RG (2010/x64/ENG/RUS LP)

Windows 7 xDark Deluxe v3.4 RG (2010/x64/ENG/RUS LP)

Сборка на базе оригинального образа Windows 7 Ultimate x64 от команды xDark™.
Из оригинального образа ничего не удалено, были применены твики реестра и отключения некоторых служб для повышения стабильности и быстродействия системы, применён оригинальный стиль оформления по умолчанию xDark™ Deluxe v3.4. Русский языковый пакет приложен отдельно, также можно установить русский после обновлений.

Доп. информация:
- Installation Requirements:

* 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit
* 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM
* 16 GB available hard disk space
* DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

- Additional Installation Requirements:

* Internet access (fees may apply)
* Depending on resolution, video playback may require additional memory and advanced graphics hardware
* For some Windows Media Center functionality a TV tuner and additional hardware may be required
* Windows Touch and Tablet PCs require specific hardware
* HomeGroup requires a network and PCs running Windows 7
* DVD/CD authoring requires a compatible optical drive
* BitLocker requires Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2
* BitLocker To Go requires a USB flash drive
* Windows XP Mode requires an additional 1 GB of RAM, an additional 15 GB of available hard disk space, and a processor capable of hardware virtualization with Intel VT or AMD-V turned on
* Music and sound require audio output

- Unattended Install Procedure:

* Select Hard Disk To Install

- Unattended User Profile:

* Keyboard: United States
* Currency and Date Format: English (United States)
* Time Zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)
* UI Language: en-US

- Language:

* English

- Updates:

* All System Updates Integrated Till 22 August 2010

- Compression:

* Extension: WinRAR archive (.rar)
* Level: Ultra
* Type: LZMA
* Parts: 900 MB
* Total Parts: 6 Parts
* Total Compressed Size: 4.40 GB

- Removed Components:

* No Removed Components

- Services:


* Windows BackUp
* Control Parental
* Hibernation


* Windows Defender
* Security Center

(to enable a services type services.msc in the start menu search box and enable it from the services manager or run the xDark Services Manager)

- Integrated Tweaks:

* Use SSL 2.0 (Checked) + SSL 3.0 (Checked) + TSL 1.0 (unchecked)
* Increase RPC Packet Size
* Increase Network Throughput
* Increase NTFS Performance
* Faster browsing with IE
* Maximum simultaneous downloads for IE to 20
* Force keep positive entries in DNS Cache for only 4 hours instead of the default 24 hours

* Do not save encrypted pages to disk
* Stop caching negative responses
* Typing long file names in DOS
* Fast shutdown and system information in dxdiag
* Speedup access to AVI Files
* Clear pagefile at shutdown
* Unload DLLS from memory after use
* Improve Core System Performance
* Allocate More Critical Threads to Increase Performance
* Enable self-healing capability of NTFS file system

* Automatic defrag changed to O&O Degrag Pro 12

* Disable Windows Media Player autoupdates
* Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) tweaks for privacy & ease of use

* Disable 8.3 format File Name Creation
* Disable Network Redirector File Caching for Workstation service
* Disable large system cache
* Disable group policy updates on logon
* Disable automatic restart in the event of a BSOD
* Disable low disk space check
* Disable info tips
* Disable tracking of broken shortcut links
* Disable security notification tray icon
* Disable drive autorun
* Disable autoplay
* Disable auto reboot after installing updates
* Disable CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program)
* Disable remote assistance
* Disable default hidden shares
* Do not resolve broken shortcuts
* Do not prompt for open with Internet

* Open HTA files (used for WPI) with MSHTA.EXE
* Open NFO files with Notepad
* Opens 16-bit apps in a separate memory space

* Search all file types
* Allow renaming and removing of Recycle Bin
* Enable detection of program compatibility assistant
* Enable BootOptimization
* Enable ClearType tuning
* Enable addition Avalon effects
* Enable slow-motion window effects (min/max/3dflip) by holding down Shift key
* If an Administrator attempts a protected action - Silently Succeed
* Windows will tell you exactly what it is doing when it is shutting down or is booting

* Add User Account 2 to control panel
* Add GodMode, My Computer, Network and Administrative Tools to desktop
* xDark Start menu and Explorer tweaks
* xDark logon tweak
* Show extensions for known file Types
* Show hidden files and folders
* Always show menus
* Use Checkboxes to select items

- xDark Context Menu:

* Add 'Clear Clipboard' to right click context
* Add 'Run as SuperAdministrator' to right click context
* Add 'Take OwnerShip' to right click context
* Add 'Show/Hide Hidden File/Files' to right click context
* Add 'Show/Hide File Extensions' to right click context
* Add 'Kill Non Responding Applications' to right click context on Desktop
* Add 'Change Appearance' to right click context on System Icons
* Add 'Copy to Folder' to right click context
* Add 'Move to Folder' to right click context
* Add 'Open with Notepad' to right click context
* Add 'Copy File Names' to right click context
* Add 'Register/UnRegister Dll' to right click context
* Add 'Recycle Bin' to right click context
* Add 'Command Prompt' to right click context
* All items have an "edit.." on right-click sending to notepad
* Makes a right click option for unknown files (Open with Notepad)
* Add 'MSCONFIG' to right click menu on 'My Computer'
* Add 'Advanced System Properties' to the right click menu of 'My Computer'
* Add 'Add/Remove Programs' to right click Menu of 'My Computer'
* Add 'Services' to right click menu of 'My Computer'
* Add 'Shutdown' to right click menu of 'My Computer'
* Add 'Registry Editor' to right click menu of 'My Computer'
* Add "Device Manager" to right click menu of "My Computer"
* Add an Option in the right-click (context) menu to 'open any folder' on your computer 'in a new window'
* Add 'Open in new WindowT+ to drives and folders
* Add 'Image as Folder Cover' to right click context on Images
* Open with regsvr32
* Add 'Install' to Right Click on Font Files
* Remove unlikely templates from the New Menu

- Special Context Menu Extension:

* Copy Path
* Command Prompt
* Explore Here
* Batch Rename
* Search and Replace
* Sign Files
* Path Operations
* Select by Type
* Mount Path as Virtual Drive
* iPhone PNGs

... and much more

- xDark v3.4 Notes:

* xDark v3.4 Exclusive Default Theme
* xDark 4 Seasons Dark Orb Start Button
* xDark Exclusive Lights In The Dark Systems Sounds Scheme
* 3 xDark System Cursors
* xDark HD Exclusive System Icons (Almost All System Icons Are Customized)
* xDark HD Exclusive Nvidia Top Shell
* xDark Exclusive GodMode Custom Panel and GodMode Creator
* xDark HD Exclusive Wallpapers Set
* xDark HD Exclusive Dark Surrealism User Account Pictures
* xDark Exlusive Integrated Shell On Top
* xDark Exclusive Lights In The Dark Edition Branding
* Hard Disk Changes to xDark HDD Default
* xDark Unwelcome Center
* xDark Gadget Gallery + Extra Black Gadgtes
* xDark Context Menu & Folder Menu
* xDark Network & Internet Optimized
* Super xDark Administrator
* AutoLogon & Boot Optimization
* xDark Power Tools
* xDark Installer Integrated
* xDark HD Graphics & 3D Experience
* and much more...

- Integrated Applications (xDark Post Install Script):

* Notepad 2 4.1.24 x64 (Notepad Replacement) (tweaked)
* 7Zip 9.15 x64
* World Of Goo (tweaked)
* Ave Preview (tweaked)
* Snow Panther Winrar 3.93 x64 (tweaked)
* DirectX June 2010 x86/x64
* K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 6.3.0 x86/x64
* Java Runtime Update 21 x86/x64
* HashTab 3.0 x64
* LockHunter 1 x64
* Flash Player (IE)
* Flash Player (Non-IE)
* Adobe Shockwave Plugin 11.5
* Microsoft Silverlight 4
* MicroAngelo On Display 6.1 x64
* Ashammpoo Burning Studio 10
* Foxit Reader 4.1
* PerfectDisk 11 Pro C178 x64
* Registry WorkShop 4.2.5 (tweaked)
* Revo Uninstaller Pro 2.4.1 x64 (tweaked)
* SPTD v172 x64
* Windows Media Player Plus! 1.1 x64
* Advanced System Optimizer 3.1
* WinPatrol Plus 18.1.2010
* xDark CD Art Display 2.1 (tweaked)
* Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 3.10 x64 (August 2010)

- Integrated Portable Applications (Advanced Configuration Tools):

Fix Problems:
* Rebuild Icon Cache
* Re-Enable
* Fix Windows 7
Modify Settings:
* GodMode Creator
* IE 8 Tweaker
* Services Tweaker
* StartUp Tweaker
* Windows 7 Tweaker
Replace Files:
* Advanced File Copy Manager
* Media Player Background Changer
* Start Button Changer
* System File Replacer
System Search:
* EasyFind Panel
* CP Index

Shell Manager:

* Shell Editor
* Shell New Handler

- Optional Extras:

* xDark ObjectDock 1.9
* DreamScene

- Optional Extras: (xDark Post Installer)

* JDownloader 0.9580
* Adobe Air
* Hulu Desktop 0.9.13
* C++ 2010 x86/x64
* nET Framework 4
* Games For Windows Live 3.2
* xDark VLC Player 1.1.2 (tweaked)
* xDark Firefox Killer 3.6.8 (tweaked)
* Driver Magician 3.5
* Microsoft Tinker
* Secret Maryo Chronicles 1.9

В раздаче присутствуют два iso-образа.
-7 xDark Deluxe x64 v3.4 RG - DVD 1
-7 xDark Deluxe x64 v3.4 RG - DVD 2
Записываем каждый на отдельную болванку с помощью программы UltraIso на невысокой скорости.
Устанавливаем из-под Dos на чистый, отформатированный диск. Второй диск система потребует во время установки.
После установки запускаем файл Extras.exe и устанавливаем необходимый софт.

Контрольные суммы:
- ISO Info: DVD 1

* Uncompressed Size: 4.23 GB
* Windows 7 Ultimate: Version 6.1 (Build 7600)
* 7 xDark Deluxe x64 v3.4 RG - DVD 1.iso
* CRC32: CAD40557
* MD5: C1F8FECA7BC5789F39956F45DE000458
* SHA-1: 2DA97977EE7CD4489FD0BE1E5668EBF57D8E9B2C

- ISO Info: DVD 2

* Uncompressed Size: 449 MB
* Windows 7 Ultimate: Version 6.1 (Build 7600)
* 7 xDark Deluxe x64 v3.4 RG - DVD 2.iso
* CRC32: 75D4F84A
* MD5: FF7611A92D60D7E4A01EF109D7D91091

Системные требования:
64-разрядный (х64) процессор с тактовой частотой 2 ГГц.
2 ГБ оперативной памяти.
Поддержка интерфейса DirectX 9 с драйвером WDDM, не менее 128 МБ видеопамяти, функция Pixel Shader 2.0 и цветность 64 бит/пиксел.
Жесткий диск емкостью 40 Гб с 16 Гб свободного дискового пространства.
Дисковод для DVD-дисков.
Доступ в Интернет
Windows 7 xDark Deluxe v3.4 RG (2010/x64/ENG/RUS LP)Windows 7 xDark Deluxe v3.4 RG (2010/x64/ENG/RUS LP)Windows 7 xDark Deluxe v3.4 RG (2010/x64/ENG/RUS LP)

Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: v.3.4
Разработчик: Microsoft
Автор сборки: xDark RG
Платформа: x64
Язык интерфейса: английский + русский LP
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 5,03 GB

Скачать:Windows 7 xDark Deluxe v3.4 RG (2010/x64/ENG/RUS LP)
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