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Developer Express DXperience Universal 2010.1.5 + Исходники + Локализация

Developer Express DXperience Universal 2010.1.5 + Исходники + Локализация

DXperienceUniversal 10.1.5 - Набор весьма популярных библиотек для .NET от Devexpress. Включает в себя Ui компоненты, такие как Xtragrid, Xtracharts, expresspersistentobjects (xpo), cодеpжaния для Web, Wpf, Silverlight, платформу для быстрого создания "бизнес"-приложений expressapp Framework.

Год выпуска: 2010
Название программы: Developer Express DXperience Universal 2010.1.5 + Исходники + Локализация
Версия: 2010.1
Разработчик: Developer Express
Платформа: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Совместимость с Windows Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Таблетка: Присутствует НА ВСЕ ПАКЕТЫ (контролы, DXCORE, DXUtills)
Локализация: Присутсвует
Исходники: Присутсвуют
Размер файла: 361 Мб

DXperience – набор библиотек и элементов управления Developer Express. В зависимости от редакции DXperience предоставляет доступ ко всем продуктам компании и право на приоритетную техническую поддержку.

Описание на английском:

All the Visual Studio .NET component suites, libraries and IDE tools produced by Developer Express in one package. DXperience includes all the Developer Express .NET Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF components plus IDE tools (CodeRush and Refactor!), eXpress Persistent Objects (a Business Application Framework) and eXpressApp Framework. The Windows forms products are 100% C# based and fully optimized for Visual Studio 2005/2008. With just a couple of mouse clicks you can add navigation and docking facilities using the XtraBars and XtraNavBar suites, provide data browsing and editing by means of the XtraEditors, XtraGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraVerticalGrid suites and enhance your applications with the XtraPrinting Library and XtraReports Suite which are really easy-to-use flexible printing and reporting tools. WPF components include: DXEditors for WPF, DXGrid for WPF, DXCharts for WPF, DXBars for WPF and DXDocking for WPF. Silverlight components include: AgDataGrid, AgRichEdit, AgLayoutControl, AgControls and AgEditors for Silverlight. DXperience Enterprise/Universal Subscription includes source code for all Windows Forms and ASP.NET components. Priority technical support is also included.

What's new in DXperience v2010.1.5? - With this release, DevExpress is proud to announce the availability of numerous new WPF and Silverlight controls along with extended features and capabilities across the entire product line, including:

* Full Support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework Client Profile
* NEW WPF Ribbon Control
* NEW Chart Types for WPF, WinForms and ASP.NET Charting Controls
* NEW Report Viewers for WPF and Silverlight
* Office 2010 Skin and Ribbon Style for WinForms
* ASP.NET MVC Extensions - including GridView, Menu, Tab Control and NavBar
* Filter Builder and Expression Editor for WPF and Silverlight
* NEW ASP.NET Captcha and Validation Summary Controls

Changes Across the DevExpress .NET Product Line

* Visual Studio 2010 Support - All DevExpress .NET Products are fully compatible with Visual Studio 2010 and take advantage of the IDE’s new capabilities.

Updates and new features include the following:

* CodeRush and Refactor! Integration with Visual Studio 2010 - CodeRush and Refactor! fully integrate into the new Visual Studio IDE and provide the same feature set as that found in previous versions.
* Enhanced Design-Time Experience for WPF and Silverlight Controls - You can also customize WPF and Silverlight controls by simply clicking and dragging internal elements.
* New WPF Project Wizard - The WPF controls now ship with a new DevExpress WPF Application wizard that integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The wizard lists DevExpress WPF Products that can be integrated into a new application. You can select the required controls by clicking check boxes next to product names. Most entries also provide a choice of layout styles so you can specify the basic layout that you want to start with.
* Fully Integrated Report Designer and Wizards - The XtraReports Suite fully integrates into Visual Studio 2010 and provides the same Report Designer surface, Toolbars and Dock Windows as those available in previous versions of Visual Studio.
* Design-time Customization for WinForms, ASP.NET Controls and Application Frameworks - All advanced design-time customization features that you've used in Visual Studio 2008 and 2005 are also available in the new Microsoft IDE.
* Client Profile Support - .NET Framework Client Profile is a lightweight version of the full .NET Framework designed for clients that do not need the entire framework. Visual Studio 2010 creates projects for this version by default and we expect a lot of applications to target this lightweight framework. All DevExpress controls shipped with DXperience v2010 vol 1 fully support the .NET Framework Client Profile (The only exception is the XtraReports End-User Designer).

Report Viewer for WPF

* You can now integrate reports generated with the XtraReports Suite into your WPF application by using our new Report Viewer for WPF.

WPF Grid Control

* Built-in Filter Editor - You and your end-users can now build complex filter criteria with ease using our WPF filter criteria builder control.
* Expression Editor for Unbound Fields - With this dialog, you can visually build expressions that use field values, constants, numerous predefined functions and operators. These expressions can be used to calculate unbound field values. You can also enable the end-user customization of expressions. Simply activate the appropriate option and the column's header menu will include a link to the Expression Editor.
* Design-Time Enhancements - With this release, the WPF Grid control provides enhanced design-time support within Visual Studio 2010 and Blend. Among these enhancements is the Quick Customization Panel that allows you to quickly access required objects, change view type, populate a view with columns and assign column data editors.
* Hit-Testing Support - You can now use the WPF grid’s API to determine which grid element is located at a specified point on screen. This can be used to provide additional hints within your application, manually process clicks on elements, handle drag and drop operations, etc.

WPF Chart Control

* New Side-By-Side Stacked Bar Series - 2D side-by-side Stacked and side-by-side Full Stacked Bar series are now available.
* Data Binding Enhancements - Series Templates - By creating series templates and specifying the filter field, your data source will automatically be broken down into subsets corresponding to unique values stored in the specified field. For each data subset, the WPF Chart Control will create a series based upon the specified template.
* Chart and Series Titles - An unlimited number of titles can now be created for the diagram or individual series. Titles can include text with basic HTML-style formatting and images.
* Secondary Axes for 2D Charts - Charts display an argument axis and a value axis by default. You can also create as many X and Y axes as needed. Each individual series can use its own axes for visual representation which allows you to visually compare multiple series trends within a single diagram, even if series values differ significantly.
* Strips, Constant Lines, and Custom Axis Labels for 2D Charts - The DevExpress WPF Chart Control can now display Strips and Constant Lines - which are designed to help end-users analyze chart data. Needless to say, you can fully customize the appearance of these elements.

WPF Ribbon & Toolbar-Menu Controls

* WPF Ribbon Control - In this release, DXBars Suite ships with a Microsoft Office style Ribbon control for WPF. The control's feature set is nearly identical to that of its WinForms Ribbon counterpart. By exploiting its advanced features - including Context Tabs or In-Ribbon Galleries - you can deliver navigation systems with a highly effective command layout for enhanced usability.

WPF Pivot Table Control - The WPF Pivot Grid has been significantly enhanced in this release and now mirrors many of the features found in its WinForms and ASP.NET counterparts.

* Data Summary Expression Editor - The WPF and WinForms Pivot Grid Controls can now use the DevExpress Expression Editor to specify summary value calculation formulas. The editor dialog allows you to construct expressions using other summary values. This eliminates the need to write code for complex summary calculation scenarios and also gives end-users control over individual calculations.

WPF Dock Window Library

* Document Groups - Tabbed or Classic MDI - Using the newly implemented DocumentGroup container, you can deliver true MDI interfaces, where documents are represented as floating windows within the parent container. All classic MDI layout features are available to end-users - from maximizing or collapsing windows to automatically arranging them using the Cascade, Vertical Tiling or Horizontal Tiling styles.
* Document Selector - The WPF Docking - Layout Library now ships with a built-in UI for switching between documents and dock windows. End-users can simply press CTRL+TAB to invoke a Document Selector window that lists all available windows with associated thumbnails when list items are hovered.

WPF Form Layout Control

* Tabbed Interface for Layout Groups - You can now use tabbed containers when building form layouts. This functionality is also available to end-users via the Customization dialog. Any parent group can be turned into a tabbed container by using the group's context menu.
* New Layout Elements - Labels, Separators and Empty Space Items - The Customization window's Hidden Items tab now includes three new permanent elements. By using these elements, end-users can create any number of text labels, separators and empty space items. The latter is most helpful when you want to add an empty space to the layout, preventing other controls from occupying specific regions.

WPF Data Editor Controls

* New Control – List Box - The WPF Data Editors Library introduces a new List Box control that can be used as a standard list box, checked list box or a radio group control. This control can be embedded within our container controls like DXGrid for WPF or used on a standalone basis.
* New Control – Multi-Purpose Progress Bar - This new control can be used as a standard or marquee progress bar. Like other DevExpress Data Editors, both standalone and embedded versions are available.
* New Control – Message Box - The DevExpress WPF Editors Library includes a replacement for the standard MessageBox control. With full DevExpress WPF Application Theme support, this new control ensures that the applications you deliver to market are visually consistent.
* Auto-Complete in Combo Box - The WPF Combo Box control now supports an Auto-Complete feature.

.NET Reports: Silverlight Viewer

* Report Viewer for Silverlight - Your Silverlight applications can now display reports created with the XtraReports Suite via the new Silverlight Report Viewer.

Silverlight Grid Control

* Performance Improvements - Re-designed grid loading procedure reduced load times by 50. Content scrolling is now twice as fast as previous versions. No intermediate objects are now used for data binding.
* Filter Control - The Silverlight Grid control now allows you to specify filter conditions of any complexity using an advanced Filter Editor dialog ported from the WinForms and ASP.NET platforms.
* Unbound Columns and Expression Editor - In previous versions, the only way to specify unbound column values was to handle an event and write the appropriate code. With this new release, the DevExpress Silverlight Grid control allows you to address this requirement using an intuitive design-time editor.

Rich Editor Control for Silverlight and WinForms

* Headers and Footers - Rich Editor controls fully support Header and Footer section editing. You can provide common headers and footers for all pages within a document or you can specify different content for odd/even pages and change the first page’s header and footer individually.
* Regular Expressions for Find and Replace Operations - WinForms and Silverlight Rich Editors now allow you to use Regular Expressions when searching for text. This feature is similar to Microsoft Word’s Use Wildcards search option. When the Find/Replace dialog is invoked, you can check the Regular Expressions option and then build your expression manually or use the expression elements dropdown shown in the screenshot below.
* Opening Documents via Drag and Drop - End-users can now drag documents into the DevExpress Rich Editor Controls to open them.
* Document Restrictions - You can now deactivate specific functionality (such as formatting, pictures etc.) and can determine whether restrictions are enforced immediately or after document reload. If restrictions are applied on reload, changes which are considered restricted won't be imposed on the document content. For instance, if character formatting is restricted, the document will be loaded with all characters formatted with the default font.
* User Restrictions - You can specify which operations can be performed thus preventing users from copying and pasting, printing, saving etc.
* Native Printing Support in Silverlight Rich Editor - The Silverlight Rich Editor control now takes full advantage of the Printing features introduced in Silverlight 4. Native printing support replaces the previous workaround that involved javascript processing to print browser contents.

WinForms Chart Control

* New Series View Types - Side-by-Side Stacked and Side-by-Side Full-Stacked Bar series are now available for both 2D and 3D Charts.
* Annotation Support - You can now create text or image annotations anchored to a chart, pane, or series point. You can fully customize layout, positioning and appearance by using the chart's repository.
* Legend Enhancements - You can now change a legend marker’s appearance by customizing marker colors, fill style, size, visibility, and specifying a custom marker image. You can additionally customize font, color and visibility of legend text using event handlers.

Scheduler Controls for WinForms and ASP.NET

* Automatic Time Cell Sizing in Scheduler Reports - Time cells can now automatically adjust size depending on content. You can control whether cells should be shrink so that no empty space is used and whether they can be automatically enlarged to fit all available appointments.
* Smart Synchronization in Scheduler Reports - If several Scheduler Report controls are placed onto the same report, the Scheduler Adapter can coordinate how controls traverse through data. For instance, you can place a Day and Week View onto the same report and keep them synchronized on every report page.

ASP.NET Data Editor Controls

* Captcha Control - Added an ASP.NET CAPTCHA control to the ASPxEditors Library. As you can imagine, the ASPxCaptcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) Control is used to verify that submitted data came from a human and not a robot or script. The ASPxCaptcha control can be used to effectively prevent comment spam on blogs, voting polls, or the creation of user accounts.
* Validation Summary Control - This new control summarizes validation errors from multiple controls and displays them in a single block. This allows you to organize screen space more effectively whenever validation is required for multiple editors. Error entries can be displayed as a table, bulleted or ordered list. Each entry can be presented as a link that moves focus to the corresponding editor.
* ASP.NET Combo Box - Incremental Filtering - The ASPxComboBox editor enables end-users to filter list items dynamically based on text entered into the editor's input box on the client side (find-as-you-type filtering).
* ASP.NET Combo Box - Higher Performance via On-Demand Population - You can now populate dropdown lists with items based on the currently applied filter criteria thus implementing on-demand data loading. This means that you can significantly decrease web server workload by loading only a subset of all items when working with large datasets. For instance, when using a large data source, you can only request a few records to be visible on screen. The remaining items can be loaded on demand as a user scrolls the list.

What's New in DXperience v2009 vol 3?

DXCharts for WPF

* Support for Common DevExpress WPF Visual Themes - added support for standard DevExpress WPF themes. This change allows you to create visually consistent applications when using DevExpress WPF controls. If your application’s theme is modified, DXCharts used within your application will be automatically synchronized to match all DevExpress controls used within the project.
* Empty Points - Much like the XtraCharts Suite, DXCharts is now capable of processing data points that don't have a corresponding series value. Empty points are displayed either as gaps or as missing bars and points, depending on the series type.
* Axis Titles - You can now display text next to chart axes.
* Reversed Axes - Toggling this option for any 2D axis will change its direction, so that all corresponding series are also mirrored.
* Templates for Axis Labels - You can fully customize the appearance of axis labels.
* Custom Draw for Series and Series Points - Two newly introduced custom draw events allow you to modify individual Series and Series Points. For example, the following image demonstrates how to change bar and label color based upon the current series point value.
* SeriesPoint.Tag Property - You can now associate any arbitrary object with a series point by placing it into the Tag property. The important fact here is that if you bind a chart to data, you don't need to manually fill the Tag property for all series points. By default, this property contains a reference to the underlying data object (e.g. DataRowView) which corresponds to this series point.
* True Date-Time Value Axis - Previously, only numerical Y-axes were supported. With v2009 vol 3 release, you can also display charts with date-time values.

DXGrid for WPF

* Best Fit for Columns - The DevExpress WPF Grid can now automatically adjust column width in a Table View to make a cell’s contents fully visible wherever possible.
* Row Indicator - Table Views now display a row indicator panel. This panel allows end-users to move row focus or select rows. It also indicates whether a row's values are being or have been updated.
* Multi-Selection and Clipboard Support - End-users can now select multiple rows or cards by using standard methods such as clicking records while holding the CTRL or SHIFT keys. Data from selected records can then be copied to the Clipboard using standard shortcuts. The data is copied in a TAB separated format that is supported by spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel. You can also implement grid-to-grid data transfer via the clipboard by using an event that fires when attempting to paste data into a grid.
* Expressions for Unbound Columns - Prior to v2009 vol 3, you needed to write event handlers to supply data for unbound columns. This task has now become much easier with expression support. Much like our WinForms Grid control, you simply specify strings like "[Price] * [Quantity]" so that your unbound column gets its data by performing calculations on other data field values.
* Drag and Drop Column Headers to Hide Them - End-users can now hide columns without having to invoke the Field Chooser each time. They can simply drag a column header and if it's dropped far enough from the column header panel, the grid hides the corresponding column.

DXEditors for WPF

* New WPF Memo Editor - In this version, the DXEditors Library extends its component list with a MemoEdit control - a dropdown multi-line text editor. This control is best utilized when you need to display memo information within grid cells. In addition to the text input features derived from the TextEdit control, it offers a few features related to multi-line text management.
* Window Control - The common controls library now includes a Window control. This is a standard control descendant that features the same behavior and API, so you won't have problems replacing standard windows with our new control. By introducing full support for DevExpress WPF Themes, your title bars and window backgrounds will now match all other DevExpress controls in your application.

WPF Printing and Control Rendering

* Automatic Page Numbering - added two new attached properties that indicate the current page number and the total page count. These properties can be visualized by any control in a page header or page footer section thus providing page numbers for your report.
* More Options for XPS Exporting - You can now customize how documents printed to XPS. This means that you can specify a page range to be exported, select the compression level, and also specify various attributes of resulting XPS documents.
* Print Preview Window Enhancements - several enhancements to the Print Preview window: Page Size specific zoom modes (Page Width, Page Height, Whole Page and Two Pages) update the current zoom factor when resizing the Print Preview window. The status bar includes an editor that displays the current page number and allows you to navigate to a different page.

DXThemeWheel for WPF

* If the standard themes shipped with DXperience do not satisfy your business requirements, you can simply use a given theme as a base and then specify color transformations in order to preserve the overall look and feel yet alter the palette used. For instance, all shades of blue in the Office 2007 Blue scheme can be changed to corresponding shades of Pink or Green. These color transformations can be applied using the Color Theme Editor dialog shipped with our WPF Controls. The quickest way to see it in action is to invoke it from the control demos.

Common Changes Across the Entire Silverlight Product Line: Application-Wide Theme Support

* This release ships with two themes - one similar to the default appearance of our Silverlight controls and another replicating the Microsoft Office 2007 UI.
* You can specify a theme for any container control and propagate the theme to all child controls, unless overridden.
* Your applications will be visually consistent even if you use standard Silverlight controls side-by-side with DevExpress components. Skinnable standard controls include: Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox, RadioButton, ScrollBar, ScrollViewer, Slider, TextBox and ToggleButton.
* DevExpress Silverlight themes are extensible, meaning that even if there's no style definition for a control you need to use, you can add that style definition manually, and then re-use it with the theme as required.

AgRichEdit Suite

* Bookmarks - Both the AgRichEdit and XtraRichEdit controls allow you to create named bookmarks at the current caret position or based on the current selection. The document stores a list of bookmarks so you can select them as hyperlink targets by choosing the required bookmark from the saved list.
* Hyperlink Support - Both WinForms and Silverlight Rich Editors now support hyperlinks. This new features allows you to embed a link to an external resource, such as a file on disk or a web page, or to a bookmark within the current document. The XtraRichEdit provides a complete end-user UI allowing you to create and edit hyperlinks. The current version of AgRichEdit only allows you to handle hyperlinks within code.
* Support for Two More Document Formats - Both AgRichEdit and XtraRichEdit can now open and save document in the following formats: OpenDocument Format (.odt), WordprocessingML Format (Microsoft Office 2003 XML format)

AgLayoutControl for Silverlight

* Design-Time Support in Blend 3 - XAML can be edited manually, but with this release, AgLayoutControl introduces design-time support for Blend 3 to simplify the design and layout process.

AgControls for Silverlight

* Silverlight Tab Control - The Utility Control Library for Silverlight has been extended with a full-featured tab control.


Developer Express DXperience Universal 2010.1.5 + Исходники + Локализация Developer Express DXperience Universal 2010.1.5 + Исходники + Локализация Developer Express DXperience Universal 2010.1.5 + Исходники + Локализация

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