» » » Windows XP Professional SP3 - Black Edition 32-bit (2012.2.20/RUS)

Windows XP Professional SP3 - Black Edition 32-bit (2012.2.20/RUS)

Windows XP Professional SP3 - Black Edition 32-bit (2012.2.20/RUS)

Это оригинальный Windows XP Professional SP3 32-разрядный (Volume License) ISO от Microsoft с автоматической установкой.
Включает в себя все официальные и некоторые неофициальные Windows XP Service Pack 3 обновления по 14.2.2012., более 200 Мб интегрированных драйверов для SATA / ACHI, LAN, WLAN и мониторов.

Приложения: Address Book, Games, Internet Games, Paint, Pinball
Мультимедиа: Images and Backgrounds, Movie Maker, Music Samples, Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
Сеть: Communication tools, FrontPage Extensions, Internet Information Services (IIS), MSN Explorer, Netmeeting, Outlook Express, Windows Messenger
Опции ОС: Blaster/Nachi removal tool, Desktop Cleanup Wizard, Out of Box Experience (OOBE), Security Center, Tour, Zip Folders
Драйвера: Display Adapters, IBM ThinkPad, Logitech WingMan, Microsoft SideWinder, Scanners, Serial Pen Tablet, Sony Jog Dial, Toshiba DVD decoder card
Файлы: clock.avi, swtchbrd.bmp, yahoo.bmp

2012.2.20 Changelog:
Added a registry key to turn off the AutoRun for all drives (This is a security setting to prevent Malicious Programs to be automatically executed from a removable drive).
Added two separat Yes/No Dialog Boxes one for the Extra Programs Installations and one for the Preconfigured Settings.
Added K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v8.4.0.
Re-added an updated the "MF4SBF Patch" (This Patch fixes the Windows XP slow boot bug which is caused by the "Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v4.0.30319" Service).
Updated DriverPack MassStorage form "v11.11" to "v12.01".
Updated DriverPack LAN from "v11.11" to "v12.02".
Updated Flash Player ActiveX Control form "v11.1.102.55" to "v11.1.102.62".
Updated Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) from "v7 Update 2" to "v7 Update 3".
Updated Microsoft Runtimes Visual C-family v5 and v8.
Updated Tweak "Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)" from "v4.4.5802" to "v4.5.5900".
Integrated all Windows XP Service Pack 3 Updates form 11.1.2012 till 14.2.2012.

Системные тебования:
RAM: 256 Mb
CPU: Intel® Core™/Pentium®/Celeron®/Xeon™, AMD K6/AMD Opteron/AMD Phenom/Turion™/Athlon™/Duron™/Sempron™ 400 Mhz
VGA: Super VGA 1024x768
HDD: 1.6 Gb
CD-DVD: Дисковод DVD-дисков
Название: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3
Год выпуска: 2012
Версия: Black Edition (20.02.2012)
Платформа: х86
Язык интерфейса: Английский+RUS MUI
Лечение: Не требуется
Размер: 683 МВ
Windows XP Professional SP3 - Black Edition 32-bit (2012.2.20/RUS)

Windows XP Professional SP3 - Black Edition 32-bit (2012.2.20/RUS)

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