» » » Time Boss v2.46 + Pro Network Version + Русская справка

Time Boss v2.46 + Pro Network Version + Русская справка

Time Boss v2.46 + Pro Network Version + Русская справка

Time Boss — качественная программа для родительского контроля.
Предназначена для ограничения времени которое наши дети проводят за компьютером. Time Boss имеет простой дружелюбный интерфейс с многоязычной поддержкой, множество полезных, выверенных годами функций, использует неодолимую защиту паролем, ведет журнал компьютерных событий и полную статистику использования.
Time Boss PRO — продвинутая сетевая версия!
Установив сетевую продвинутую версию Time Boss PRO, Вы сможете со своего компьютера удаленно (и незаметно для пользователя) задавать режим работы любого другого компьютера Вашей домашней или корпоративной сети, на котором также установлен Time Boss PRO.

Time Boss работает быстро и стабильно со всеми другими программами, в том числе c антивирусными!

Universal parental control software performing a range of functions from setting time limits for working on the PC to collecting usage statistics, displaying remaining time and managing lists of forbidden and allowed programs and sites.

The releases of Time Boss is a piece of good news for those who are in charge of single computer administration either at home or in the office.

With Time Boss you can be sure your children do not spend too much time playing games, and your employees aren’t busy with activities, which are not related to their work.

Utility has flexible settings and a clear, user-friendly interface with a multilingual support that make the use of Time Boss downright simple even for novices. It won’t take you more than five minutes to get to know the program and configure the profiles for all users.

Time Boss uses only unbreakable inbuilt protection capabilities without damaging the registry or reducing the speed of other programs.

Network version of Time Boss gives the ability to manage Time Boss Pro on the other remote computers!

Anti-keylogger makes your Time Boss Pro control panel password immposible to be intercepted with other software.

Advanced protectional features. Time Boss features remastered.

Unauthorized users are not able to uninstall Time Boss Pro even in the Safe Mode, so it is totally crack-safe.

System administrators will benefit from its clear report system and such features as indication of remaining time, adjusting warning messages, allowed and forbidden software and many more. Considering its price and functionality, Time Boss Pro is an ideally balanced parental control software for home and business use.

Год выпуска / Release year: 2010
Сайт / Homepage: http://nicekit.ru
ОС / OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Язык / Language: English
Лекарство / Activation/Crack/Serial/etc: присутствует / present
Размер / Size: 4 Mb

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