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Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 Final

Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 Final

Thomson Endnote - самая популярная программа для поиска в on-line библиографических ссылок и данных в различных базах данных библиотек и научных заведениях мира, EndNote это отличный инструмент для научного работника, инженера, изобретателя, библиографа, студента и просто увлеченного человека. Данная программа просто незаменима при написании научных работ и диссертаций а также при поиске библиографических данных книг, научных журналов и статей, EndNote позволяет вести поиск данных по самому широкому спектру представленных Вами позиций. Имея данную программу и подключение к Интернету Вам больше не надо выискивать часами и днями названия книг или точные библиографические данные научной статьи в пыльных и каталогах библиотек.

EndNote for Windows and Macintosh is a valuable all-in-one tool that integrates the following tasks into one program:
• Search bibliographic databases on the Internet
• Organize references, images, PDFs and other files
• Watch the bibliography and figure list appear as you write!
• Collaborate using EndNote Web, the Web-based research and writing component of EndNote

Search bibliographic databases on the Internet:
• Using EndNote's Connect...and Search... commands, you can search Internet databases just as easily as you can search your EndNote library on your computer.
• Simply open any of more than 3,900 predefined connection files and you're online and searching.
• Access hundreds of remote bibliographic databases, including Web of Science, Ovid, PubMed, the Library of Congress, and university card catalogs from EndNote.
• Connect to data sources worldwide—EndNote provides MARC formats that support native language libraries around the world.
• Search remote bibliographic databases using EndNote's simple search window—great for locating specific references.
• Export references directly from Web of Science, Highwire Press, Ovid, OCLC, ProQuest and more.
• Save and load search strategies at the click of a button.
• Drag and drop references between EndNote libraries in one simple step. No additional importing required.

What's new in EndNote X7 :
PDF Importing — now you can specify a particular folder into which EndNote will automatically save PDFs every time and define your own EndNote PDF naming scheme so that attachment are easily recognisable and searchable in and outside the software. Recursively import folders of PDFs into EndNote and automatically maintain the same organisational structure — EndNote auto-creates groups based on your pre-defined sub-folder names and adds records to their relevant groups.
Cite in Microsoft PowerPoint (only available on Windows) — Save time using EndNote to insert citations or bibliography entries into your Microsoft PowrPoint presentations — no more manual typing or copy and pasting by hand!
Category Bibliography in Cite While You Write — Add subheadings to your bibliography in Microsoft Word using your own categories or predefined reference types in an output style — great for distinguishing different topics or primary and secondary sources.
New Reference Types — Use three new reference types to accurately categorise your research material. Choose from Interview, Podcast, Conference Paper and Press Release.
Customisable Display — Drag and drop to reorder column headings in the Library reference list and customise which columns display with just a right-click. Now you can also control if/how the reference ratings and read/unread fields are displayed.
Shared Group Indicator — Quickly identify groups that you’re sharing online from within your EndNote desktop.
Improved Quick Search — Your quick reference searches now automatically include results from PDFs and PDFs annotations.
Background EndNoteSync — the sync service now occurs in the background with non-intrusive feedback about its progress or issues. This means your work is uninterrupted and continuously backed up.
Dual Platform Usage — now the same product key can be used to install EndNote X7 on both platforms with up to three computers total per user allowed with a standard single licence. So if you buy EndNote X7 for Windows now, you'll be able to download the Mac version for free once it's available!

Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 Final Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 Final Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 Final Thomson Reuters EndNote X7 Final

Год выпуска : 2014
Лекарство : cracked-EAT
Операционная система : Windows® XP|Vista|7 & 8
Страница программы : endnote.com
Язык интерфейса : english
Размер : 88 Mb

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