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Internet Explorer 9.0 Platform Preview 3 v1.

Internet Explorer 9.0 Platform Preview 3 v1.

Windows Internet Explorer — это очередная версия наиболее распространенного веб-браузера в мире, созданного для удобства работы пользователей в Интернете. IE является более быстрым, простым и безопасным в работе и оптимизирует возможности разработчиков и пользователей при работе с веб-службами. Кроме того, новые функциональные возможности Internet Explorer предлагают более быстрые, простые и безопасные способы навигации по веб-страницам.

- он безопаснее своих предшественников
- независимые вкладки – сбой на одной из них не приведет к зависанию браузера в целом
- поддерживает передовую технологию веб-слайсов
- оптимизирован встроенный поиск
- поддержка стандартов
- интеграция с ОС

What's New
Web Platform

* Features Available
o Canvas
+ In the latest Platform Preview we support all Canvas element APIs and most Canvas 2D Context APIs and attributes.
o video
+ MP4 H.264 playback support, using hardware or software decoding
+ Support for WebM software is not included in this release
o audio
+ MP3 and AAC audio support
o window.msPerformance
+ This API is being worked in partnership with members of the W3C and is subject to change
o HTML5-conformant whitespace handling
o CSS3
+ Values & Units
+ Background & Borders
# All background properties
# Support for SVG as background image (including multiple backgrounds)
o Web font formats
+ Raw installable fonts (TrueType, OpenType)
o Full DOM L2 and L3 Events support
o DOM Style
o DOM Core
+ adoptNode, compareDocumentPosition, CDATASection, importNode, inputEncoding, isDefaultNamespace, isEqualNode, isSameNode, isSupported, lookupNamespaceURI, lookupPrefix, replaceWholeText, textContent, xmlEncoding, xmlStandalone, xmlVersion, wholeText
+ Presentation elements and their corresponding attributes and DOM: gradients, patterns, masking, clipping, markers, linking and views
+ SVG embedding via , , and
+ Support of .SVGZ files over a remote server
+ Improved support for HTML5 parsing rules
+ SVG Text
# Fill, stroke, positioning (x,y,dx,dy,rotate), including for complex scripts
+ The XHTML mime-type of “application/xhtml+xml” is now listed in the Accept header of outgoing requests
o Generic XML Improvements (“text/xml” and “application/xml”)
+ Generic XML documents render contained SVG and XHTML content
+ The DOM generated from generic XML documents reflects the original markup
o XSLT via
+ Engine upgraded from MSXML3 to MSXML6
+ Works on SVG and XHTML documents in addition to generic XML documents

# Features Partially Implemented

* Canvas
o globalCompositeOperation
+ The latest Platform Preview does not include support for the globalCompositeOperation attribute.
o DOM Exceptions
+ The latest Platform Preview does not include support for Canvas 2D Context DOM Exceptions.
o drawFocusRing()
+ The latest Platform Preview does not include support for the drawFocusRing() Focus management API.
* CSS3 Fonts
o font-size-adjust and advanced font features are not supported

IE9 javascript Engine

* Features Available
o Support for ES5 specification in IE9 Standards mode, including support for
+ Enhanced Object Model - Accessor properties for javascript objects, Object.defineProperty, Object.defineProperties, Object.create, Object.getPrototypeOf, Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor, Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor, Object.keys, Object.seal, Object.freeze, Object.isSealed, Object.isFrozen, Object.preventExtensions, Object.isExtensible
+ New Array Methods - indexOf, lastIndexOf, forEach, every, some, map, filter, reduce, reduceRight
+ Other Computational Methods and Functions - String.prototype.trim, Date.prototype.toISOString, Date.parse, Date.now, Array.isArray, Function.prototype.bind

Developer Tools

* Features Available
o javascript Profiling
+ Profiling for javascript functions, DOM callouts and built-in library functions.
o Network inspection - Download initiator
+ Shows information about the source code that initiated a network request.
o XML parsing errors are displayed in the developer toolbar console

Год выпуска: 2010
ОС: Windows Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: English
Сайт программы: microsoft.com
Лекарство: Не требуется
Размер: 16,12 Мб

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