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COMODO Internet Security 6.0.260739.2674 Final

COMODO Internet Security 6.0.260739.2674 Final

COMODO Internet Security Premium - комплексный антивирусный продукт, совмещающий в себе основные модули для защиты ПК: Comodo Antivirus, Comodo Firewall и специальный модуль Comodo Defense+. Сбалансированные модули дают максимальную гарантию защиты от вирусов. Имеется огромное количество возможностей для спокойного серфинга в сети Интернет, для борьбы с вирусами, троянами, adware-модулями и др

Comodo Firewall и Comodo Antivirus могут быть установлены отдельно, как независимые друг от друга программы, используя один и тот же файл установки.

Особенности Comodo Internet Security:
Монитор и сканнер файлов
Сканнер электронной почты
Монитор процессов и т.д.
Автоматическое обеззараживание или помещение в карантин
Работа с различными типами носителей информации и типами памяти
Удобный графический интерфейс пользователя
Продуманные настройки
и многое другое

Основные возможности Comodo Firewall:
Слежение за компонентами программ;
Анализатор поведения программ;
Защита против троянских протоколов;
Умные оповещения;
Интеграция в Windows Security Center;
Защита от критического завершения;
Защита во время загрузки компьютера;
Автоматическое обновление;
Интерфейс отправки отчета об ошибках;
Подробный журнал;
Монитор соединений;
База данных программ - более 13000 программ с их рисками безопасности.

Основные возможности Comodo AntiVirus:
Расширенный эвристический анализ и превентивная защита позволяют перехватывает неизвестные вирусы.
Защита в реальном времени, мониторинг процессов и сканер по требованию.
Блокирование интернет-червей до того, как они начнут свое действие.
Сканирование электронной почты.
Автоматическое ежедневное обновление вирусной базы.

Изменения в версии 6.0.260739.2674:
The desktop widget now has common tasks pane and status pane which shows # of sandboxed apps, unrecognized files etc.
Killswitch now shows the traffic per process by default (should run as admin)
Maximize window support added to relevant dialogs such as advanced settings, Quarantined items windows etc.
Right click menu has been added to grids in relevant dialogs such as advanced settings
Sound effects are used in alert windows to grab users' attention
Log viewer has been redesigned to for CIS 6 theme
Offline virus database update functionality - Import Virus Database feature has been introduced
File submission and lookup operations have been introduced
Reboot reminder alert has been introduced to various places
Diagnostics download missing files from the Internet
Error log in updater is now accessible for more information
Web Browser Data Folders file group has been created so that it could be added to sandbox exceptions to preserve various browser data e.g. downloads, bookmarks, chrome apps etc (not added by default currently).
Configuration editor and virus scanning operations can now be performed in safe mode
Better keyboard support (press and hold ALT key to see options)
Non-blocking grids with progress (e.g. trusted files, submitted files etc.)
Trust connect integration reintroduced
Upgrade to paid products is now possible
Browse processes dialog has been improved
Verbose mode for HIPS alerts added to configuration list
Added an option to disable cache builder for antivirus
Help buttons added to all dialogs

Killswitch consumes too much CPU
Killswitch does not exit properly
Virtual Kiosk hangs in some computers
Submission status dialog is shown during cloud scanning
Browser home pages are changed to Yahoo after opting out
Kiosk does not fit VMWare screen
KillSwitch doesn't handle rating for processes which are launched from network location
Ping command doesn't work inside sandbox
No 'Run in COMODO Sandbox' function in right-click menu before reboot
KillSwitch doesn't allow blocking files
Various fixes in Russian language translation
CLT.exe running as 'Sandboxed application' is not placed in the list 'Show only Sandboxed Processes'
cmdagent constantly accesses disk
Behavior Blocker does not intercept some COM related operations for autosandboxed apps such as PCFlank leak test
Windows 8 black screen of death on some computers
Computer freezes after resetting sandbox
Sandboxed bittorent doesn't function properly
Sandboxed IE cannot browse certain web pages with flash support
Sandboxed browsers leak memory on some flash based web sites
Cannot sandbox Dragon/Chrome if an instance is already running
Password protection doesn't work in UI and Kiosk
Firewall creates popup alerts in Game mode
It is not possible to set Chrome/Dragon as default browser when they run in sandbox
CIS consumes too much CPU while applying actions in scan windows
Smart screen window closes automatically in Kiosk on Windows 8
HIPS does NOT stop screen capturing/keylogging when unknown apps run outside the sandbox
CIS can't be started if cmdagent is disabled
Web Browser option is missing in firewall alerts
CIS alerts for shell32.dll after hibernation
CIS shows undefined popup alert
BSOD while running backup with shadowprotect
AV alert freezes while applying some actions or being shown
BSOD in kiosk during firefox update
Firewall creates alerts with random process names for IGMP

Год выпуска: 2012
ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Язык интерфейса: multilanguage/русский
Лекарство: не требуется
Размер: 127.16 Mb

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