» » » BS.Player PRO v2.56 Build 1043 Final ML Portable

BS.Player PRO v2.56 Build 1043 Final ML Portable

BS.Player PRO v2.56 Build 1043 Final ML Portable

BS.Player PRO - портабельная версия мультимедийного проигрывателя с поддержкой скинов. BS.Player позволяет воспроизводить почти все современные видео-форматы. Весьма непритязателен к аппаратным ресурсам. Поддерживает скины, плей-листы и субтитры (сделанные практически во всех известных программах), временную коррекцию субтитров, масштабирование изображения, внешние источники звука и S/PDIF выход для AC3 файлов.

Имеется также поддержка Pan-scan (стандартный и ручной режимы), функция progressive rendering, позволяющая избавиться от выпадания кадров, захват кадров, эквалайзер, поддержка IR дистанционных пультов управления (WinLIRC), закладок и ускоренного/замедленного просмотра.
Имеет достаточно мощный в функциональном плане потенциал: воспроизведение всех популярных аудио и видео форматов (в том числе и DVD); трансляция интернет телевидения и радио; поддержка субтитров; полностью настраиваемый интерфейс; мультиязычность; приличный набор настроек.

BS.Player™ is used by more than 70 millions of users throughout the world and it has been translated into more than 90 languages. All the downloaded versions of our free player surpass the sum of all downloads of competitive video players and payable DVD players. Because it does not use much of the processing power it is suitable for all those who use slightly less capable computers, but still want to have excellent video and audio quality The multimedia playback has not been – and will never be – disturbed by any annoying technical problem, much too often experienced with software of this kind.

Ever since the very beginning in the year 2000, the BS.Player™ has been one of the world's most popular video player. It is popular for many reasons, one however should be pointed out: BS.Player™ is the first software movie player ever to enable its users to focus on watching the movie instead of dealing with poor computer capabilities or running around looking for a proper setting and codec. Also, it has very low CPU and RAM requirements. Last but not least - BS.Player™ media player is a product for the world public, so it is equipped with a treasury of subtitle options which enable the users to watch video and audio files in many of the world's languages. If you think that software video players have never satisfied your wishes and your needs – we have made a professional version, which offers additional functionality and advantages.

- Playlists support
- Display subtitles
- BS.MediaLibrary
- Multilingual
- Resizable movie window
- Drag & drop and multiple volume rar archive support
- Resolution changing
- Fully skinnable
- Frame capture
- AVI files with more than 2 audio streams supported
- Supports embedded subtitles/chapters
- External audio file support
- S/PDIF output supported for AC3 files
- Custom playback modes
- Displays video file on your desktop, adn watch it plays while you work

Professional features:
- Customizable Audio Equalizer
- Support for Capture and Tuner devices (and Teletext support)
- Capture Video from capture device to hard disk
- Integrated subtitle editor
- Network file buffering
- Support for Flash (.flv) playback
- Improved subtitles (.ass and Vobsub)
- Improved VMR9 support
- DVD support with highly functional DVD Front-End (3rd party mpeg-2 decoder required)

Информация о файле:
Название: BS.Player
Версия: 2.56 Build 1043
Год выпуска: 2010
Официальный сайт: www.bsplayer.org
Интерфейс: Русский / Multilanguage
OC: Windows® All
Таблетка: Hе требуется
Размер: 19.8 Mб
Формат: .rar
BS.Player PRO v2.56 Build 1043 Final ML Portable

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