» » » Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Build 152 Multi (2010) + Crack

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Build 152 Multi (2010) + Crack

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Build 152 Multi (2010) + Crack

Sound Forge Audio Studio - это единое решение для аудиозаписи и редактирования в домашних условиях в профессиональном звуковом качестве. Sound Forge Audio Studio позволяет Вам сделать запись инструментов и вокала удобным, изменять ваши записи с высококачественными инструментами редактирования и управлять профессиональными звуковыми эффектами. Вы можете также конвертировать аудио-файлы во многие другие форматы в мгновение ока. Инструмент Vocal Eraser даже позволяет Вам создавать Ваши собственные караоке-треки.

Год выпуска: 2010
Название Программы: Sound Forge Audio Studio
Версия программы: 10.0 Build 152
Последняя Версия программы: 10.0 Build 152
Язык интерфейса: Multi

Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: патч-кейген
Системные требования:
* Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista® (Service Pack 2), or Windows 7
* 1 GHz processor
* 350 MB hard-disk space for program installation
* 512 MB RAM
* Windows-compatible sound card
* DVD-ROM drive (for installation from a DVD only)
* Supported CD-recordable drive (for CD burning only)
* Microsoft DirectX® 9.0c or later
* Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (included on application disc)
Размер: 114 Мб

Это на самом деле очень функциональная программа, позволяющая в короткие сроки отредактировать звуковой файл, при этом, имея довольно дружественный интерфейс. Функционально, удобно, быстро!

Recording, Editing and Sharing:
Powerful recording tools
Just plug in your microphone, instrument, or playback device and let Sound Forge Audio Studio software do the rest. Import music from your own CDs and MP3s, record live performances, capture audio from vinyl, cassettes, and more.
Total control of your audio edits

New! 24-bit/32-bit float/192 kHz support
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 software now supports high-resolution 24-bit, 192 kHz files and sound cards for the ultimate in audio fidelity. With this feature, you can capture the subtle overtones and nuances of instruments, vocals, and effect changes for better-sounding mixes.
Play VideoHi-res audio video

Easy drag-and-drop editing
Edit like the professionals do. Sound Forge Audio Studio software lets you cut, copy, and paste audio in real time so you can hear the results immediately. Expertly balance sound levels, remove noise, trim unwanted sections, and synchronize audio with video. Create your own music loops and samples to use with ACID Music Studio software. Sound Forge Audio Studio software includes more than 30 built-in effects and processes to enhance your audio projects.

New! Customizable window layouts
Organize and save the Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 editing environments to fit the way you work. Create, save, and recall multiple interface layouts for various editing tasks including audio editing and restoration, CD burning, and more. You can also dock floating windows together and browse open data windows using tabs for more flexibility.
Play VideoWindow layouts video
Work the way you want with pre-set and customizable UI layouts

New! AAC Support
Share your songs with others! Sound Forge Audio Studio can export and input stereo .AAC files for use in iTunes® and on an iPod®.

ASIO driver support
ASIO™ driver support provides users with low-latency playback and recording capabilities, plus access to additional sound cards and audio devices.
ACID Music Studio includes tools for CD layout, CD ripping, and CD burning

Integrated CD layout and burning
CD burning is built into Sound Forge Audio Studio software so you can easily create professional-sounding CDs. Burn one track at a time or choose disc-at-once (DAO) to burn a disc with full control over the pauses between tracks.
Sound Forge Audio Studio supports popular formats allowing you to put your music on just about any device

Export audio to portable devices
Extract songs from your own CDs or MP3s, and save and share them on portable devices like PSP®, iPod®, iPhone®, and more.

Extract audio from CDs and MP3s
You can use Sound Forge Audio Studio software to extract songs from your own CDs and MP3s for immediate mixing and editing.

Create podcasts and audio for webinars
Whether you're narrating, reporting, or creating an audio blog, Sound Forge Audio Studio software has everything you need to make your podcast more enjoyable for your listeners. Edit audio, remove dead air, fix problematic audio, normalize volume levels, and more. Enhance your podcast with built-in audio effects or the included 1,001 Sound Effects.

Publishing to the Web
Want to get heard? ACIDplanet.com is the premier Internet site for musicians and content developers. Join ACIDplanet to upload and share compositions, remix songs from major-label artists, and collaborate with other members on a wide range of music and video projects.

Audio restoration and effects & processes:
New! Enhanced vinyl recording and restoration tools
Convert records, cassettes, and other analog sources into digital format easily with Sound Forge Audio Studio software. The enhanced Vinyl Recording and Restoration tool steps you through the recording process and even creates new tracks when it detects pauses. New in version 10, you can adjust the start and end times of tracks, and perform fine-tuning and adjustments prior to burning to CD or converting to MP3s.

Play VideoVinyl recording video
Capture your vinyl with a Sony USB turntable (not included)

Over 30 built-in audio effects
Customize your audio with over 30 built-in effects and processes including EQ, reverb, delay, chorus and more. Time stretch and pitch shift audio to fit the length of videos or create effects. Normalize, resample, and reverse audio with ease. For a complete list of effects and processes see the technical specifications page.

DirectX and VST support
Sound Forge Audio Studio software natively supports DirectX® and VST® audio plug-ins, expanding the number of available effects you can apply to your audio.

New! Resonant filter plug-in
Create dramatic resonant fades, sweeps and effects with the included Resonant Filter with Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 software.
Make your audio even more dramatic with the new resonance filter
Remove vocals from your tracks

Vocal Eraser plug-in
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 software includes the Vocal Eraser plug-in so you can easily remove vocals from most recordings. You can also use this plug-in to extract vocals from songs for remixing and to create custom karaoke tracks.

Exclusive sound effects
Included with Sound Forge Audio Studio software is our exclusive 1,001 Sound Effects collection, loaded with audio samples to provide you with unending creative content.

Процедура лечения:
1. Устанавливаем, не запускаем
2. Запускаем Keygen.exe (не закрываем пока всё не установим), выбираем Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0, нажимаем на кнопку патч, указываем путь к проге - патчим
3. Запускаем Студию вводим серийник, заполняем анкетку - сохраняем, вводим код (серийник и код берём из кейгена)


Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Build 152 Multi (2010) + Crack Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Build 152 Multi (2010) + Crack Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Build 152 Multi (2010) + Crack Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Build 152 Multi (2010) + Crack

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