» » » Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional v6.6.0.2462 Portable

Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional v6.6.0.2462 Portable

Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional v6.6.0.2462 Portable

Компания Kingsoft прилагает все усилия, чтобы вытеснить Microsoft с китайского рынка. Компания представила офисный пакет Kingsoft Office, который является серьезным противником Office от Microsoft и OpenOffice. Он обладает сравнимым с Office XP набором возможностей и стоит гораздо дешевле. Внешне очень мало отличий от Microsoft Office. В состав Kingsoft Office входят текстовый процессор, электронная таблица, клиент электронной почты, редактор презентаций.

Kingsoft Office is a compact, Microsoft Office Compatible, no cross training required office suite with Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. It has all of the features you have come to expect from your modern office software and a familiar layout allowing you to implement it at home, work or anywhere.
Explore the new Kingsoft Office 2010 which can assist you by providing complete office productivity features at an affordable cost. Its strong compatibility and easy to use help you enhance your productivity and share everything with your clients without worrying.

At a Glance

*Powerful and improved Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentation, and PDF output capabilities
*Enhanced Microsoft® Office compatibility and conversion
*Online purchase price of RM299, rental options and volume discounts for businesses
*Rebuilt on a new code-base, non-Java platform, thus faster loading time
*No learning period - familiar layout, immediate application of your Microsoft® Office

Simply replaces your current office Software.
Writer is the compact, office compatible all in one document creation system for business.

It’s an advanced document platform, completely compatible using standard interfaces, buttons, windows and menus.

Delivering a zero learning curve experience for people already familiar with Office applications.

KSO Complex spreadsheets with tabs
Formulas can be created and edited with no difference in layout or operation.

KSO09's Extended functionality provides cell autocompletion, tabbed windows, advanced charting and PDF export functionality, compatible with your current documents all included.
KSO09 is the choice for offices needing fast and accurate data on a wide range of PC specifications.

The compatitility is its own demonstration.
When creating, opening or modifying PowerPoint™ slides, Kingsoft Presentation's compatibility and speed allow business to get things done quickly, simply and much more cost-efficient than ever before.
Demos, meetings and presentations, Kingsoft Office 2010 provides the first opportunity for business to migrate existing systems leading to huge savings.

Kingsoft Writer - Create your ideal document:

Kingsoft Writer provides rich-features and complete context menus to help you create quality documents.
You can open Microsoft Word files or save your documents as Word files. It enables you to open, view and edit your documents to various file formats as well as the latest Word (.DOCX) file.

A built-in Export to PDF feature allows you to convert your documents as PDF files for online distribution. You can save your documents as plain text or export them as PDF files effortlessly.

Tabbed documents modes function allows you to simply switch between multiple documents which help you to manage the content easily.

Tabbed documents mode function allows you to easily switch between multiple documents, allowing easy management of content.
Organize and present your information in clear and effective ways by using table, graphics or formatting. Create, manage and resize the tables effortlessly.

It provides the method of printing multiple copies of a print job which enhance your productivity. It is a feature for printing multiple print jobs with a single command and produce better print quality at substantially higher speed.
Kingsoft Writer 2010 is definitely your greatest tool to create professional-looking documents.

Kingsoft Presentation - Preview an Impressive Slide Show
With its more advanced functions, Kingsoft Presentation 2009 helps you to create your multimedia presentation in creative ways to meet your customers' needs.

It supports double screen extended mode for convenienct viewing multiple slides independently or even on separate monitors.
Presentation offers a variety slide templates and slide masters to meet different users' needs. The rich and colorful templates help you to create an impressive presentation slide. Moreover, you can customize the template by yourself to present an unique slide.
Custom animation functions enable you to design your desire presentation slides. Full-featured tools let you add tables, charts and shapes to enhance your slides.

Convert your presentation into PDF files only by one-click.
Its fully compatibility function enable your presentation to be saved in Power Point formats as well as PDF format effortlessly. Therefore, your Presentation file format can be opened swiftly in Microsoft Power Point and easily share with the user from all over the world.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets - Strong Data Calculation Ability
Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2009 gives you more efficiency and flexibility to achieve your target. It contains a lot of functions and array formulas which helps you manage, analyse and calculate data easier and faster.
You can organize your data in an efficient way by using tables and resize them as needed. It helps you analyze and calculate data easily with its strong data calculation ability.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets provides 4 types of encryption that any sensitive data can be encrypted with RC4 encryption and secured with a password.

Pivot Table allows you to quickly sort, combine and compare data in an easy way.
Your spreadsheets can be saved as Microsoft Excel and share with your clients. You can open and edit Microsoft Excel files in Spreadsheets without any trouble.
Export your spreadsheets into standard PDF formats for the secure and reliable online distribution.

Название: Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional v6.6.0.2462 Portable
Разработчик: kingsoftresearch.com
Год выпуска: 2010
Платформа: Win All
Язык интерфейса: English
Размер: 58.72 Mb

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Китайский конкурент MS Office. Компания Kingsoft прилагает все усилия, чтобы вытеснить Microsoft с китайского рынка. Компания представила офисный
Компания Kingsoft Office прилагает все усилия, чтобы вытеснить Microsoft с китайского рынка. Компания представила офисный пакет Kingsoft Office,

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