» » » Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179

Vegas Movie Studio HD — программа для создания HD-видео высокого качества с применением различных эффектов. Профессиональные инструменты для редактирования включают модуляцию, создание заголовков и специальные эффекты, включая «зеленый» экран и замедленное перемещение. Благодаря Vegas Movie Studio HD, видео-редактирование стало еще более легким и увлекательным. Одна из лучших функций — видео-редактирование в режиме реального времени с сохранением информации. Теперь не важно, какие изменения вы вносите в ваши видео и фото, оригинальные файлы сохраняются в первозданном виде.

С помощью этой программы вы сможете экспериментировать, наслаждаться процессом видео-редактирования, при этом не боясь совершить ошибку. Программа включает в себя все необходимые инструменты для редактирования видео, содержит встроенную библиотеку эффектов переходов и отлично подходит для непрофессионалов.

Возможности программы:
• Добавление спец-эффектов, переходов, заголовков и музыки
• Увеличение, поворот и панорамирование фотографий в видео
• Создание профессионально-выглядящих бизнес-презентаций
• Удаление эффекта «красных глаз»
• Одновременный мониторинг видео на локальном и внешнем мониторе
• Неограниченное использование видео-предметов на один трек
• Встроенное окно предпросмотра результата
• Более 500 эффектов и эффектов переходов
• Поддержка VST и DirectX плагинов эффектов
• Инструменты восстановления звука
• Поддержка драйвера ASIO
• Интегрированная функция публикации на YouTube
• Экспорт напрямую на портативные устройства
• Запись готового видео на VideoCD или Мультимедиа CD
И многие другие возможности...

he Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite includes everything needed for professional-level video editing, sound design, and DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ authoring. Easily edit video including high-definition HDV and AVCHD™. Create movies to share on DVD or Blu-ray Disc™, portable devices, or online. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite has integrated tools for video compositing, color correction, and 5.1 surround sound mixing. Use Sound Forge Audio Studio software for precise audio editing and enhance multimedia projects with 400 exclusive music soundtracks.

Professional-Level Power for Your Home Studio

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software has everything needed to produce spectacular HD movies. Edit video in nearly any format including HDV and AVCHD. Powerful features for video compositing, color correction, and soundtrack creation help you get feature-film results in your home studio. Use the surround sound mixing tools to create 5.1 soundtracks. Choose from hundreds of professional 2D and 3D video effects, titles, and filters. Upload movies to YouTube™, burn to Blu-ray Disc™, or author DVDs using beautifully designed themes or your own custom menus and graphics. Exclusive Sony Show Me How interactive tutorials help you get started fast.

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10
Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software allows you to edit video in nearly any format including HDV and AVCHD. Powerful features for video compositing, color correction, and soundtrack creation help you get feature-film results in your home studio. With this software you can create 5.1 soundtracks, apply hundreds of professional 2D and 3D video effects, share your movies on YouTube™, burn to DVD or Blu-ray Disc™, and more.

Standard or high definition
Edit video in nearly any format including HDV and AVCHD™. Work simultaneously with standard definition and high definition in the same project.

Simple DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ creation
DVD Architect™ Studio software is included so you can easily create and burn professional-looking DVD and Blu-ray Disc projects with custom menus, buttons, backgrounds, and navigation. 56 easy-to-use themes are included to get you started.

New! Device Explorer
Use the new Device Explorer window to quickly browse the contents of AVCHD, hard disc and Memory Stick™ devices. Quickly view media on the device and import the files into the software, maximizing workflow speed by only importing the files needed without conversion.

Enhance and stabilize video
Choose from hundreds of professional 2D and 3D video effects, titles and filters. Automated and advanced color-correction tools enhance washed-out footage. Quickly salvage shaky media with video stabilization.

New Project and Make Movie wizards
The New Project wizard provides a simple approach to ensuring new projects are created correctly from the start. The new Make Movie Wizard eliminates the guesswork for delivery and provides optimized results for Web, DVD, and email, or for publishing movies to YouTube™.

Share your creations
CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning is fully integrated into Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 software so you can easily create professional-level discs. Burn audio files one track at a time or choose disc-at-once (DAO) to burn a disc with full control over the pauses between tracks. Quickly burn media on the timeline to a simple DVD or Blu-ray Disc or author a completed project with menus and custom graphics using the included DVD Architect Studio software

New! Customizable window layouts
Organize and save the Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 editing environments to fit the way you work. You can dock floating windows together and reorganize the interface to suite you needs. Create, save, and recall multiple interface layouts for various editing tasks.

What's New in Version 10.0

- Up to 10 video tracks.
- Image stabilization for video clips.
- White Balance video plug-in.
- Secondary Color Corrector plug-in.
- Subclips in the Trimmer window.
- Vegas Movie Studio can now automatically adjust the video preview size and quality to optimize frame rate during preview. Right-click the Video Preview window and select Adjust Size and -- Quality for Optimal Playback if you want to emphasize frame rate during preview. When the command is not selected, video quality is emphasized, and the frame rate will be reduced if necessary.
- Select the Adjust source media to better match project or render settings check box on the Video tab of the Project Properties dialog to enable Vegas Movie Studio to make minor changes to your source media properties — including cropping/padding frame size or adjusting interlacing — to allow media files to work better with your project.

- Up to 10 audio tracks.
- Enhanced audio event timestretch and pitch shifting with йlastique Pro.
- Audio-only edits (such as event moves, trims, and ASR times) are no longer quantized to frame boundaries by default when Quantize to Frames is enabled. If you want to quantize audio-only edits, clear the Do not quantize to frames for audio-only edits check box on the Preferences > Editing tab.
- Audio-waveform drawing during recording has been improved:
- Recorded waveforms are now updated at a faster rate.
- 16-bit peak files are used for increased resolution.
- The entire waveform is now visible during recording.
- Peaks no longer need to be built when recording is completed.

- Streamlined new project creation.
- The Vegas Movie Studio interface uses a new, darker color palette.
- Window layouts.
- Device Explorer window for importing video from AVCHD cameras and CompactFlash-based memory recording units such as the HVR-MRC1.
- Slideshow Creator.
- Integrated DVD burning from the timeline (Tools > Burn Disc > DVD).
- In the Save As dialog, the Copy media with project check box now copies only media files that are saved outside of the project folder; media files in folders below the project folder are no longer copied.
- In the Video Media Generators dialog, you can now click the Match Event Length button to set the length of the generated media to match the length of the event.
- Hold Alt+Shift while dragging inside an event to slip-trim the right edge of an event.
- Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift while clicking an event to split it. You can then drag from that point to trim the event in the direction you drag (eraser mode).
- You can now slip all of an event's takes when slipping an event (choose Slip All Takes from the Options menu).
- You can hold Ctrl (or hold the right mouse button) for fine control while adjusting the sustain portion of event envelopes.
- Time selection envelope editing (adjusts multiple envelope points within a time selection for quick audio ducking).
- You can now choose to automatically crop still images to match your project's output aspect ratio.
- In the Render As dialog, templates that match your project settings (frame size, pixel aspect ratio, and frame rate) are displayed with an = symbol in the Template drop-down list.
- Holding the Shift key while dragging now enables snapping if Enable Snapping is turned off.
- When you drag a group of selected events, the first and last event now snap to other snap points on the timeline.
- Pressing ` (grave accent) no longer restores track height for tracks that were previously minimized.

- Custom rendering templates for all video formats.
- Updated project and rendering templates for Internet distribution.
- Added 23.979 fps (IVTC) settings for the Project Properties dialog, Media Properties dialog, and timeline ruler.
- Improved support for AVC/AAC (.mp4) video.
- Support for GPU-accelerated AVC rendering using the Sony AVC plug-in.

If you have a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA video card, Vegas Movie Studio can use your GPU to improve AVC rendering performance.

GPU-accelerated AVC rendering requires NVIDIA driver 185.xx or later. We recommend using a GeForce 9 Series or newer GPU. GPU-accelerated rendering performance will vary depending on your specific hardware configuration. If you have an older CPU and a newer NVIDIA GPU, rendering using the GPU may improve render times.

Информация о программе
Название: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum v10.0 Build 179
Год выпуска: 2010
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Мульти(Русского нет)
Лекарство: Patch
Размер: 146 Mb

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