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SBMAV Disk Cleaner Portable

25 декабрь 2011, Воскресенье
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SBMAV Disk Cleaner Portable

Набор инструментов для очистки дисков от ненужной информации. С помощью SBMAV Disk Cleaner легко можно производить поиск и удаление временных файлов и папок не только системы, но и иных программ, производить поиск и удаление неверных ярлыков (ссылающихся на несуществующие файлы и папки), удалять ненужные программы, удалять настройки непосещаемых сайтов (среди которых может находиться персональная информация, такая как адреса электронной почты, номера телефонов, кредитных карт и пр.), производить ревизию в папках с документами, аудио и видео архивах.

Clean Hard Drives From Junk Files. As you use the computer, it gets cluttered with many megabytes of junk files – temporary files, empty folders, duplicates, cookies. Junk has no practical value except that it takes up your disk space. If you want to remove junk, there’s no better tool than SBMAV Disk Cleaner. SBMAV Disk Cleaner is a one-stop suite with over 6 tools to do a thorough cleanup. In just one click, you can find and remove the clogging junk out of Windows and applications, uninstall unnecessary programs, remove duplicate files, delete cookies, disable auto-loaders that slow down system startup and much more. The tools are delivered in a nice-looking interface, which requires no learning as it’s totally intuitive for beginners.

Take out the trash from disks
Over time, your computer has accumulated many worthless files that clog up your hard disks. Disk Cleanup lets you run a thorough full scan of the system to detect and remove this junk, including temporary files, temporary and empty folders. You can also run a quick scan using the MAVQSM technology. It’s a self-learning system that creates a database after the first full scan and then uses the collected data to reduce disk scans to a minute or two. To safeguard beginners from accidental data loss, Disk Cleanup has an embedded security system.

Uninstall applications for more space
Some of the disk-filling junk comes as a result of the applications you no longer use. They just take up disk space sitting there never to be used again. Uninstall Software lets you uninstall any application or remove the record of a long-gone program left in the list of installed applications. Uninstall Software relies on the vendor’s own uninstall routine to uninstall applications and accurately removes registry entries and associated support files.

Ferret out disk-clogging duplicates
Duplicate files eat a lot of free disk space. Remove them. Search for Duplicates lets you scan for duplicate files based on file name, file size, creation date, modification date, content and other parameters. You can search for dupes in Documents, Photos, Audio, Video, and Archives.

Put your PC on a cookie-free diet
Most websites use cookies to collect information about its visitors. A cookie is like a “serial number” that a website puts on your computer and uses to learn about your online browsing habits and interests – where you went and what you did. The best defense line against cookies is Cookies Manager. It lets you review all the cookies planted on your computer, delete unwanted cookies and leave those you really need.

Disable or delete auto-loaders
Each time you switch on the computer, it loads Windows and a long trail of auto-start applications. Some of them were installed by the hardware makers, some by you as you tried new software. Most auto-loaders are nothing but annoyance. They slow down Windows boot and cripple computer performance as they run in the background. Startup Manager lets you see all auto-loaders, disable or delete the most annoying ones.

Analyze folder content at a glance
Tree Analyzer is a built-in explorer that lets you see the content of hard disks down to a folder, determine the largest and the smallest folders and can represent graphically an overall picture of disk capacity. The content is shown as a collapsible tree. Clicking on the folder in the tree opens its content - other folders or files like in Windows Explorer. You can see the size of the folders, files and their percentage from the parent folder. This will help you determine the folders you need and those that need cleaning to free disk space.

Why accumulate megabytes of junk on your computer? Clean your hard disks from unnecessary files, organize auto-loaders and remove dupes today. Never done that before? With SBMAV Disk Cleaner, it’s easy – you can clean up your disks in a few mouse clicks.

Информация о программе: Язык интерфейса: английский + русский Разработчик: sbmav.com Платформа: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7(32bit) Год выхода: 2011 Размер (RAR): 8 Мб Информация для восстановления: 2% архив не запаролен

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SBMAV Disk Cleaner Portable
SBMAV Disk Cleaner Portable
Набор инструментов для очистки дисков от ненужной информации. С помощью SBMAV Disk Cleaner легко можно производить поиск и удаление временных файлов и папок не только системы, но и иных программ, производить поиск и удаление неверных ярлыков
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