» » » USDownloader (25.12.2010) Portable ML

USDownloader (25.12.2010) Portable ML

USDownloader (25.12.2010) Portable ML

USDownloader - простая загрузка с различных файловых обменников. Очень удобная программа для всех, кто часто загружает файлы с файлообменных сервисов, таких как: Letitbit, Depositfiles, RapidShare, FileFactory, MegaUpload, MyTempDir, SendSpace, BigUpload, CreaFileCom, DepositFiles, Dump.ru, EasySharing, FilesUpload, GigaPeta, HotFile, HyperUpload, iFolder, Turbobit, TurboShare, TurboUpload, UaFileCom, Upfile, UploadBox, VipFile, UploadComUa и многих других. Всего более 300 файлообменников!

Позволяет осуществлять докачку файлов при разрыве соединенияи. Кроме этого, USD дает возможность выстраивать очередь из файлов, проводить загрузку по расписанию и использовать прокси-сервера.

Automatic download from Rapidshare and others Hosts.Build based on all known Universal Share Downloader, but he think that the representation does not require them to have used many many times. Universal Share Downloader free of charge automatically gets with Rapidshare.com, letitbit.net, MegaUpload.com, uploading.com, uploadbox.com, depositfiles.com, Easyshare.com, Zaycev.net, Data.Cod.ru, filefactory.com, TopoMaps, kewlshare.com OpenFile.Ru, sexUploader.com, Megarotic.com,and td, such servers in a list more than 300!!!

News and changes:
Feather collected assembling plugged all last updates in a flesh to last time and did some changes:
Rapidshare.com entered expectation between after tossing, going round is possible if for you the dynamic
IP address how to do read here Everything about reconnect
rapid rocks on an automat (assembling does not walk around limitation of speed)
recognition for filefactory works with a hit from a 5-15 attempt but such is, in a folder put two files
reshim_ruchnoj.vbs it is switching in the hand mode of input of code for filefactory
reshim_avto.vbs it is switching in the automatic mode of input of code for filefactory
in a folder README put USDownloader Remote Control management of USD through as'ku
there is a file of USD+downloaders in a folder.txt in him the examples of integration of USD are described
with most known downloaders such as Download Master(greater part was described by rentgen )
Bags and errors is touched up
Except for it, USD enables to line up a turn from files, to conduct a load on a time-table and
use proxi-servera. What is this assembling comfortable? And tem, that now you can quietly put files in a
list for the night and with the quiet soul to go to drink beer or lie down to sleep(who how rests),
and the program will do everything for you and will get you necessary files!

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: (25.12.2010)
Платформа: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: ML/Rus
Лекарство: не требуется (Freeware)
Размер: 6.14 Mb

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