» » » Total Commander 7.55a Final [MAX-Pack 2010.10.19 build-1836] Версия от 27.09.2010

Total Commander 7.55a Final [MAX-Pack 2010.10.19 build-1836] Версия от 27.09.2010

Total Commander 7.55a Final [MAX-Pack 2010.10.19 build-1836] Версия от 27.09.2010
Универсальная сборка Тотала: при минимальном весе обладает огромным количеством всевозможнейших плагинов и доп.утилит, благодаря которым этого пака хватит для решения большинства задач в повседневной жизни, а так же при настройке системы.
Кроме основы - ТС, есть утилиты для настройки и слежения за работой системы, видеоредактор, аудиоредактор, дефрага и архиваторы.

В эту сборку вошли более 150 плагинов.
Так же Тотал откроет очень большое количество форматов архивов (в.т.ч. игровых), даже такие редкие как uha, arc, wim, lzo, pk3.
Так же включены плагины для шифрования, стеганографии и сверх-скрывания файлов на дисках в недоступных другому софту областях.
Внутренняя смотрелка картинок дружит с огромным количеством форматов.
Этот Тотал правильно работает с жесткими ссылками NTFS даже на ХР.

Список плагинов:

Теперь сборка доступна только в максимальном варианте - т.е. полная сборка Тотал + плагины + мелкие утилиты + доп.софт.
пофиксено и добавлено
07.07.10 Release Total Commander 7.55a final
07.07.10 Fixed: Ctrl+V (Paste) not working with option x64DisableRedirection=1 (Windows Vista/7 x64)
07.07.10 Fixed: Lister on Linux/Wine: Do not replace characters by dot placeholder if fixed width font was requested, but variable width font returned
07.07.10 Fixed: Problems with AutoHotkey because of renamed buttons in "Configure directory hotlist"
06.07.10 Added: Always show administrative shares (experimental, WinNT-based systems only): wincmd.ini [Configuration] AdminShares=1
04.07.10 Fixed: Custom sounds not working on Windows XP x64
04.07.10 Fixed: FTP in background: TC tried to resume the download even when user aborted downloading a binary file transferred in text mode
04.07.10 Fixed: FTP: "ABOR" command wasn't sent when user aborted downloading a binary file transferred in text mode
04.07.10 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Speed limit could be significantly lower than chosen by the user
02.07.10 Fixed: FTP: Made the detection of UTF-8 encoding compliant with RFC 2640: If the FEAT command returns a line with UTF8, the encoding is ON by default, even if OPTS UTF8 ON returns an error
02.07.10 Fixed: Load per file icons (e.g. exe/lnk) always in background, not only on first load (should make network drives more responsive)
02.07.10 Fixed: When deleting files as admin from system32 while x64DisableRedirection=1, redirect calls to tcmadmin to SysNative (will work on XP64 only when installing Microsoft patch)

30.06.10 Release Total Commander 7.55a pre2
29.06.10 Fixed: Decode file: List not refreshed when user gave a single dot "." as target
28.06.10 Fixed: Remote Terminal Server drives not shown on Windows Server 2003 because WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId returned 0
28.06.10 Fixed: Show error when user tries to use outdated diskdir extended plugin
28.06.10 Fixed: Move directory containing read-only file(s) to different drive -> directory timestamp couldn't be moved with the directory, because NTFS updated the timestamp when the read only file was deleted
28.06.10 Fixed: User-defined "unpack complete" sound played twice also when unpacking TAR archive, or with packer plugin supporting background operations
27.06.10 Fixed: TAR archives: Unpack files with long name stored in pax (portable archive interchange) format extended header (see The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6, IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition)
27.06.10 Fixed: Send OPTS MLST command when server doesn't send all fields by default (e.g. UNIX.mode)
27.06.10 Fixed: FTP "Send commands": Couldn't send command containing ";" character -> put command in double quotes e.g. "OPTS MLST Type;Size;Modify;Perm;UNIX.mode;"
27.06.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with files which differ only in case: Re-alignment stopped after the first matching file
27.06.10 Added: Allow user to choose whether Ctrl+C should use Explorer extensions or not (default is no, it's much faster): wincmd.ini [Configuration] UseFastCtrlC=1/0 (Set to 0 to use Explorer extensions)

25.06.10 Release Total Commander 7.55a pre1
25.06.10 Added: Synchronize dirs with files which differ only in case: show slashed circle for files which will not be synchronized
25.06.10 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with files which differ only in case, e.g. Aaa and AAA: Align more than one matching names, do not align non-matching names at all if there are dupes
24.06.10 Fixed: User-defined "unpack complete" sound played twice when unpacking RAR files (since the unpacking is now done in a background thread)
24.06.10 Fixed: Could not delete anything in Sync tool with VistaDelete=1 and x64DisableRedirection=1
24.06.10 Fixed: FTPS Uploads hang to Serv-U 9-4-0-0 due to a bug in Serv-U (incorrect shutdown handling)
24.06.10 Fixed: MIME-Decode (base64): Ignore spaces in the data
23.06.10 Fixed: FTP: If the server dropped the control connection during a download with a "connection reset", TC 7.55 would restart the download from start instead of resuming
23.06.10 Added: Drive button bar: Do not show USB card reader slots with no media: wincmd.ini [Configuration] HideRemovableNoMedia=1 (NT-based systems only, turn off when too slow)
23.06.10 Fixed: Upload of subdir to FTP failed if connection was lost (timeout) before the upload started
22.06.10 Fixed: Dynamically create copyright notice with Unicode in Splash screen so it also works on e.g. Chinese Windows
22.06.10 Added: Multi-rename tool: Added a switch to always create Unicode file for external editor (e.g. to change English names to add characters from other codepages): wincmd.ini [Configuration] RenameEditUnicode=1
21.06.10 Fixed: FTP compare by content: Handle special case where FTP server cuts leading zeroes from checksum (e.g. Serv-U)
21.06.10 Fixed: When auto-installing language file with included help file, use that help when user presses F1
21.06.10 Fixed: When switching to CD-ROM drive while tray is open, do not abort reading with error after 5 seconds. Instead, show "Connecting" dialog
21.06.10 Fixed: When closing command line dropdown combobox, place cursor at the end of the line also in brief view
20.06.10 Fixed: Drag&Drop and Properties dialog not working with option x64DisableRedirection=1 (Windows 7 only)
20.06.10 Fixed: Tree wasn't updated when user changed to different directory via right click on button bar and choosing cd c:some path

Название: Total Commander 7.55a Final [MAX-Pack 2010.10.19 build-1836] Версия от 27.09.2010
Язык: Ru, En, Ua.
Размер: 63 Мб
Лекарство: не надо/сделано/ключи
(автоподхват *.reg-ключей коммандой reg.cmd c регистрациями на FreeRAM и IsoBuster + настройками для WinRAR)

Бонус: На всякий случай добавлен totalcmd_750a.exe (предыдущая финалка)!

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