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Adobe Reader 9.3.4 Update

Adobe Reader 9.3.4 Update

Adobe Reader - программа для просмотра и печати документов формата PDF. Версии 6.x и выше поддерживают проигрывание встроенных в документов файлов QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, Real и Windows Media; распечатку документов через беспроводные сети и другие усовершенствования.



* Security vulnerabilities hav e been fixed. For example, see this bulletin.
* Improved s ecurity error reporting: enhancements to Windows Error Reporting (WER) on Vista and Windows 7.

Acrobat and Reader Updater

The Acrobat-Reader Updater that detects and downloads updates has been upgraded as follows:


* General performance and reliability enhancements.
* The error dialog previously displayed only generic errors while the log recorded all errors for the Updater, Windows installer (MSI), and the OS. MSI error codes are now displayed in the UI to facilitate troubleshooting.
* Some users were seeing the Updater continue to run even though updating failed under certain conditions. The log showed error 1701. Updater failure now results in the Updater closing.

Macintosh: Improvements to logging and some bug fix es (see below).


* Performance improvements have been provided for some files.

Bug fixes

* 2626463: Footnote and endnote links do not crash Microsoft Word during conversion to PDF.
* 2576984: Notes in some 3D files weren’t displaying correctly, but now do.
* 2582993: Inserting and deleting pages using the Pages panel no longer causes a crash when saving a PDF form.

Macintosh Updater

* 2585395: When required components are not installed, a Repair Setup dialog appears behind the Updater status
* dialog when installing updates. Since the dialog is hidden, the user interface appears frozen to the user.

XML Forms

* 2589217: Reader 8.x, a page break in a table c ell results in text-overlapping.
* 2621677: Hyphenation doesn't work properly in paragraphs with a negative indent in a rich-text field. Text can now be correctly aligned with negative text indent.

Interaction with Microsoft Office

* 2605080: When creating a PDF from Word on a 64 bit OS, the PDF is not visible until after pressing the Cancel button in the progress dialog box.
* 2616790: Graphs inserted into a Word document by a 3rd party software do not appear after conversion to PDF. Occurs with Office 2007 and latest vers ion of Ac robat.

Год выпуска: 2010
ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Multilanguage / Русский
Лекарство: Не требуется
Сайт программы: adobe.com
Размер: 11.7 Мб

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Adobe Reader - программа для просмотра и печати документов формата PDF. Версии 6.x и выше поддерживают проигрывание встроенных в документов файлов

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