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ToneBoosters - All Plugins Bundle 2.8.6

ToneBoosters - All Plugins Bundle 2.8.6

ToneBoosters All Plugins Bundle 2.8.6 - набор высококачественных профессиональных плагинов для обработки звука. Плагины ToneBoosters основаны на опыте десятилетних исследований и разработок в области цифровой обработки сигналов и слухового восприятия. Это сочетание Оптимизированной меж платформенной реализации, передовых методов обработки и простого в использовании интерфейса.

Version 2.8.6 – Apr 13, 2013

All Windows and OSX plugins have been updated to version 2.8.6; new downloads will be available soon at www.toneboosters.com. Please note that due to the significant changes in TB Flx, the update of this plugin is unfortunately not compatible with earlier versions!

All plugins
Added check marks to drop-down menus
Added control and alt key modifiers to lock x/y-only movement for nodes
Added snap to zero functionality for nodes
Various GUI redraw CPU complexity reductions
Slightly increased font size in almost all plugins for better readability on high-resolution screens
Added output level control
Modified GUI color schemes; filter section control colors are now context dependent
Improved octave-based averaging in frequency analyzer
Doubled frequency resolution of the frequency analyser
Fixed GUI display bug when automating input gain level
Improved auto-saturation algorithm
Added mode without peak hold on VU meters in realtime analysis display
Almost complete redesign of the internal DSP core
Added 30 new filter prototypes, including non-resonating shelving filters, spectral balance filters, analog filters, and many others
Filters now have Q controls
Filters can now be set to process in stereo, mid, side, left or right modes
Automatic filter shape generation + visualization when in “node link” filter mode to give a smooth, interpolated EQ
Added additional, more traditional controls (frequency, gain) to facilitate easier editing
Improvement in spectrum analyzer frequency resolution – now features a 4096-point frequency analyzer with zoom functionality
Soft/hard knee compressor curve can now be set independently from the number of active nodes
Compressor nodes snap to X=Y for easier editing
Compressor side chain can use stereo, mid, side, left, right, or side/mid for input level detection
Added compressor make-up level control
Added processing “amount” control for each filter section
Context-dependent control colors to guide editing
Larger GUI for easier editing
Auto-phase option: equalizer phase automatically blends between linear and minimum phase for better transient response
Note: due to the significant changes in this plugin, the current version is not compatible with its initial release.

Системные требования
Microsoft Windows
• Windows XP, Vista, or 7.
• Both 32 as well as 64 bit plugin hosts are natively supported.
• Intel processor: Pentium 4, 1 GHz or higher (with SSE instruction support)
• AMD processor: AMD Athlon64, 1 GHz or higher (with SSE instruction support).

Разработчик: ToneBoosters
Версия: 2.8.6
Год/Дата Выпуска: 13.04.2013
Платформа: WiN32 / WiN64 - VST
Релиз-группа: R2R
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 70 MB
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