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» » » Audials One 9.1.29900 Portable by Maverick

Audials One 9.1.29900 Portable by Maverick

11 сентябрь 2012, Вторник
Audials One 9.1.29900 Portable by Maverick

Audials One 9 - великолепный мощный комбайн для работы с видеосервисами и интернет-радио. AudialsOne позволяет записывать фильмы которые вы смотрели по сети Интернет. Программа предоставляет вам возможность смотреть лучшие фильмы и Вам больше не придется беспокоиться о исчезновении их из интернет-магазинов видео.
Audials One также может записывать клипы, захватывать простое и потоковое видео HD фильмов с видео-порталов и видео по запросу с веб-сайтов. Миллионы видео и аудио файлов теперь находятся в пределах вашей досягаемости.
Модуль Radiotracker: прослушивание и запись интернет-радиостанций, поиск музыки, а так же работа с подкастами.
»»» Удобный интерфейс
»»» Огромная база радиостанций с возможностью добавить свои
»»» Автоматический подбор обложек и тэгов к записанным трекам
»»» MusicFinder, позволяющий искать музыку в ротации интернет-радио по заданным критериям
»»» Средство для работы с подкастами с внушительной базой оных
»»» Создание рингтонов
»»» Синхронизация с плеером
»»» Запись на диск

Модуль Videoraptor: закачка и работа с видеосервисами типа YouTube
»»» Закачка видео "налету" (качает то, что вы смотрите)
»»» Работа с сервисами пикантного содержания
»»» Удобная функция поиска
»»» Множество форматов для записи видео
»»» Поиск и закачка музыки с Last.fm и подобных сервисов

Модуль Tunebite: Конвертер медиафайлов
»»» Автоподбор тэгов и обложек из базы данных
»»» Снятие защиты DRM с аудио
»»» Поддержка множества форматов для преобразования
»»» Профили для переносных устройств IPod и IPhone

Модуль TagRunner: работает с тэгами аудиофайлов.
Модуль Audials TV: позволяет просматривать интернет-телевидение.
Audials One 9 application will search, with the help of the Radiotracker network , on over 14.000 web radios for specific hits that you wish to have and records them as MP3 files. Furthermore, using AudialsOne you can also listen to web radio stations or download from the internet, with full bandwidth, thousands of music tracks.

AudialsOne = 6 Tools:
AudialsOne provides you around the clock with free MP3 wish music from internet radio stations, allows you to play copy-protected music tracks and video clips on your mobile player, populates the ID3 tags, album cover artwork and lyrics you need to create a complete music collection and entertains you with podcasting and your own, free customized cell phone ring tones.

MP3 music for free -wish, record - all done!
AudialsOne searches with the help of the Radiotracker network on over 14.000 web radios for specific hits that you wish to have and records them as mp3 files. You can also listen to web radio stations or download from the internet, with full bandwidth, thousands of music tracks.

Legally remove copy protection from purchased music and video:
AudialsOne legally removes copy protection from DRM protected WMA and M4P music files, M4B / AA / AAC audio books and WMV / M4V video files with the approved Tunebite technology by recording them while they are being played and then saving the new audio files as MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV and the video files as WMV, MP4 or for mobile devices in MPEG-4 format with the help of the integrated 3ivx encoder.

Here are some key features of "AudialsOne":
»»» Audials hooks you up with music around the clock. Just enter the preferred genre, artist, album or song title, and Audials will provide you with your desired music – either by recording from one of the 60,000 Internet radio stations or via direct download from a website.
»»» Whenever you can listen to music on a website or via a stream player, Audials can record that music for you and then automatically save it for you as an MP3 file. No matter if it is a streaming service like Simfy or a music portal such as Last.fm, Grooveshark or Spotify.
»»» Audials magically displays a button next to videos and films in any browser or stream player that lets you make recordings. Just click the button with your mouse and Audials automatically saves the video. Audials records movies from online videotheques, mediatheques or even from video streaming services and then automatically saves the subsequent files in the desired file format for all of your playback devices.
»»» Audials records protected and unprotected videos and movies from any website in their original size and without sacrificing quality. Millions of videos are waiting for you.
»»» Audials lets you locate, download and immediately convert the best music videos from numerous portals into the right format for your PC, smartphone, tablet, console or portable playback device.
»»» Audials provides you with round-the-clock entertainment in your own player with many of the best music TV stations. Audials Music TV gives you the chance to just chill.
»»» It’s not all just about music! Audials provides you with further free entertainment with the integrated podcast client and the self-updating podcast database for audio and video podcasts.
»»» Whenever purchased movies and videos cannot be saved due to the file format, Audials can give you a hand and resolves any such problem. Thanks to legal re-recordings with the PerfectVideo quality guarantee Audials resolves all problems for everything from short video clips to feature length movies, and provides you in the process with limitless entertainment on any playback device.
»»» Audials is also a universal converter for all audio and video file formats for PCs, smartphones, tablets, such as the iPad, netbooks & notebooks, video game consoles and other portable devices. Music, videos, movies and audiobooks are quickly converted in the highest quality.
»»» Unprotected DVDs are copied in the blink of an eye. Audials’ legal re-recording function enables copies of protected DVDs, and thus protects them from the ravages of time. If you have a playback device without a DVD drive, e.g. smartphones, netbooks or iPads, you can use Audials to convert DVD files on your PC for these playback devices. DVD-Ripper
»»» Since 2004, Audials has been providing free solutions for problems stemming from protected music files, and quickly and reliably preparing protected music files from subscription services, flat rates or online shops via a re-recording process for any playback device.
»»» Audials is the solution for problems relating to converting audiobooks for mobile devices. Convert Audiobooks
»»» There are thousands of software tools that you would need to acquire for your entertainment online to match the spectrum of features and functions that Audials One provides. Simply put, it is the best integrated bundle of features for any possible situation that presents itself preventing you from enjoying you free entertainment with music, audiobooks, videos, feature-length movies for your smartphone and digital living room on your PC, notebook, netbook, tablet or video game console.
»»» Download the demo without registering and get acquainted with a portion of the available features with no strings attached. The demo will quickly hook you up with an overview of its functions.
Audials not only has the best features for acquiring the best free entertainment, but doubles down and gives you more! Read on to get the scoop on the additional features:
»»» Audials automatically tops off your music collection with ID3 tags, album artwork, song lyrics and helps you organize your collection. Finish Off & Organize
»»» Experience your music, videos, podcasts and films directly in the built-in Audials Media Player—which of course supports playlists that enable you to design the right music program for every mood. More about the Audials Media Player
»»» Wherever you are, whichever device you use, Audials gives you the best entertainment. With your smartphone or any other device with Internet access, you can enjoy your media anywhere, straight from the clouds thanks to Audials. Clouds from Amazon, TelekomCloud and Strato, among others, have already been preconfigured. Complete Entertainment

»»» Audials One provides you with perfect entertainment, with everything from music albums on CD or via your iPhone docked in your stereo, videos on USB sticks on your netbook, movies with WLAN on your game console and cellphone ringtones for your cell, up to a complete music collection via Internet clouds.

Дата выпуска: 07.2012
Платформа: Windows® XP/Vista/ 7
Язык Интерфейса: Английский/Немецкий/Французский
Таблетка: Hе требуется
Размер: 104 mb

Audials One 9.1.29900 Portable by Maverick

Audials One 9.1.29900 Portable by Maverick

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