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MakeMusic Finale SongWriter 2012.0.4.3 R3 (2012) Eng

MakeMusic Finale SongWriter 2012.0.4.3 R3 (2012) Eng

MakeMusic Finale SongWriter — очередное обновление известного и достаточно популярного инструмента для написания и обработки музыки, превосходное решение для музыкальных групп, дирижеров, студентов и педагогов. С помощью этого нотного редактора можно легко записывать ноты как вручную, используя компьютерную или MIDI-клавиатуру, так и импортируя MIDI-файлы с внешних источников.

SongWriter позволит вам проигрывать музыку, печатать ноты на принтере, обмениваться нотами с помощью бесплатного приложения Finale Reader, сохранять написанную музыку в MP3-файлы для прослушивания на компьютере и внешних устройствах, а также добавлять к нотам тексты песен, изменять темп, расположение клавиш, задать имя аккорда и увидеть его гитарный аналог, создавать ударные, настраивать эффект реверберации и многое другое.
Возможности MakeMusic Finale SongWriter:
• Вбивание нот с помощью компьютерной и MIDI-клавиатуры
• Проигрывание музыки с помощью MIDI-клавиатуры и мгновенное прослушивание результата
• Импорт и экспорт MIDI и MusicXML файлов
• Добавление нескольких версий текстов песен
• Возможность исполнения музыки в любом темпе
• Перемещение на любую клавишу
• Задание названия аккорда для прослушивания его гитарного аналога
• Выбор автоматической барабанной нарезки для различных стилей
• Добавление автоматических гармоний
• Печать нот на принтере
• Сохранение написанной музыки в MP3-формат
• Прослушивание ваших песен с помощью профессионального программного синтезатора
• Прослушивание написанной музыки в исполнении 128 музыкальных инструментов
и многие другие возможности.
MakeMusic Finale SongWriter 2012.0.4.3 R3 (2012) Eng

MakeMusic Finale SongWriter lets you hear your music play back, print sheet music, share songs with the free downloadable Finale Reader and save MP3 files for your iPod. From the creators of Finale, the world’s leading music notation software, SongWriter is perfect for songwriters, band and choir directors, church musicians, students and other musicians.

Features MakeMusic Finale SongWriter:
• Click notes onto the staff and hear their pitches drag notes up and down to find the pitches you want
• Play a MIDI keyboard and see the music appear instantly
• Import and export MIDI and MusicXML files
• Add multiple lyric verses
• Try any tempo
• Transpose to any key
• Type a chord name to hear how it sounds and see its guitar fretboard
• Select automatic drum grooves for different styles
• Add automatic harmonies
• Print great-looking sheet music
• Save MP3 files to create audio CDs or to play on an iPod
• Hear your songs with a professional software synthesizer and over 128 sounds
• Use Human Playback™ to make songs sound like they’re performed like live musicians
• Share your music with others using the free, downloadable Finale Reader.
MakeMusic Finale SongWriter 2012.0.4.3 R3 (2012) Eng

What's New in MakeMusic Finale SongWriter 2012:
• ScoreManager™ takes care of the details – controlling how your staves look and sound – so you don’t have to. Easily change a flute staff to a clarinet staff. The ScoreManager knows how a clarinet staff transposes, looks, and sounds, so it makes all the necessary arrangements. The ScoreManager also handles playback and sound setup. See ScoreManager.
• Instruments in instrumental sections (Flute 1, Flute 2, etc.) are now numbered automatically when creating new files.
• Lyrics are more easily entered and instantly appear exactly as they’ll print out. Lyrics also space themselves and the notes they’re attached to automatically so that you can have engraver-level quality without manual editing. See Lyrics.
• Word extensions automatically draw to the next rest and also wrap to the next system. If the music expands or contracts, the extensions stretch or shrink to fit.
• Punctuation, at the beginning or end of a lyric, can now be ignored for better alignment and centering of different verses. See Lyrics menu.
• Finale can now automatically add verse numbers to your lyrics. Add a new verse? It’s numbered too! See To number lyrics.
• "Hard" spaces and hyphens are used to add spaces and hyphens within lyric syllables without separating them into multiple syllables. Add them easily using new menu options. See Lyrics menu.
• If you don't recall the associated keystroke for a needed umlaut, grave accent or other diacritical character, you can now simply select those items by sight. See Lyrics menu.
• It’s now incredibly easy to move staves, in individual systems, or throughout the score. Want to increase the distance between staves? Click and drag. Your music updates automatically as you drag and you receive on-screen feedback about the distance between the staves and what staves will be impacted. See To move staves.
• SongWriter now automatically fills pickup measures with the appropriate rest duration. See Pickup Measures.
• SongWriter's screen display has been improved with attractive score colors for layers, dynamics, and other colored score elements.
• To accommodate multiple users on the same machine and to prevent permissions issues, SongWriter 2012 now installs application-specific files to different locations on your hard drive. Refer to SongWriter Installation Details to identify the new locations for SongWriter's various components.
• SongWriter now identifies external MIDI devices as soon as you plug them in. No setup required! See MIDI Setup dialog box.
• SongWriter now recognizes and displays Unicode font characters. See Unicode.
• Easily add harmonic analysis and figured bass with stackable zero-width characters. See Finale Numerics font, Harmonic Analysis, and Figured Bass.
• Like Broadway Copyist, but lighter-weight and with lower-case characters, this font was inspired by the golden era of handwritten Broadway scores. See Finale Copyist Font.
• Repertoire and Manuscript Paper Ten titles of Classroom Repertoire are provided, including Bach Inventions, traditional and holiday titles, and more. See Repertoire and Manuscript Paper. Two Music Manuscript documents are included as well. Print either the grand staff or generic example to have music manuscript handy for note taking or inspiration even when you’re away from the computer.

MakeMusic Finale SongWriter 2012.0.4.3 R3 (2012) Eng

MakeMusic Finale SongWriter 2012.0.4.3 R3 (2012) Eng

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