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WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET v7.0.3.5

WebSupergoo ABCpdf DotNET v7.0.3.5

ABCpdf мощный программный продукт который может динамически создать PDF документы на лету без особых усилии. Насколько продукт прост в использования, настолько и мощный этот инструмент для профессионалов. Продукт является полностью многопоточным, Вы можете использовать в ASPX, ASP, VB, C# COM+, MTS или .NET. Вы можете использовать ABCpdf в Visual Basic или любой язык , который поддерживает Tехнологию ActiveX Microsoft, Задающую сценарием интерфейсы.

ABCpdf совместим с Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003 и Windows 2000.

ABCpdf .NET is a .NET Native product encapsulated in an easy-to-deploy set of DLLs. It also offers a virtualized COM interface designed for backwards compatibility with ABCpdf ASP and Classic ASP/COM.

Direct to PDF™
- ABCpdf gets up close and personal! Because it doesn't use any print drivers and goes Direct to PDF™ it's incredibly fast.
- It incorporates virtually every feature you're ever likely to need. However we're careful not to overload our objects to keep them simple, elegant and easy to use. More...
- ABCpdf is simple yet powerful. It's designed so you can get up to speed and productive within ten minutes. Yet if you want fine low-level control you can have that too with ABCpdf. More...
- Because it's fully multi-threaded you can use it flexibly from within ASPX, ASP, VB, C# and under COM+, MTS or .NET Enterprise Services. More about .NET and interoperability...

In other products you should look out for external libraries. Component threading models make no difference at all if further down the line a third-party piece of software pipelines every request. Because ABCpdf doesn't rely on any other software it can be completely multithreaded without any unpleasant bottlenecks.

ABCpdf is normally priced at $329. However as a special offer we'll give you a free license key - all you have to do is link back to our web site. For full details check out our link guidelines...

Размер: 30.7 Mb
ОС: 2000/XP/Vista/7
Интерфейс: English
Таблэтка: присутствует

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