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Videocharge Studio (En/Ru)

Videocharge Studio (En/Ru)

Videocharge Studio - приложение, предназначенное для создания видео, оптимизированного для просмотра в Интернете. Videocharge Studio позволяет создавать видео-галереи, графические галереи, защищать видеофайлы с помощью "водяных знаков", редактировать видео. VideoCharge Studio представляет собой видеоредактор, который включает все необходимые функции редактирования: вырезка сцен, разбиение видео на части, создание эскизов к каждому клипу,применение фильтров для коррекции изображения и многое другое. VideoCharge Studio также генерирует HTML-код, необходимый для просмотра видео в Интернете, и позволяет выкладывать создаваемое видео на FTP-сервер.


· VideoCharge Studio allows splitting video editing into several steps: select video, select frames for Thumbnails, edit image.
· All operations are executed before the encoding process that speed up the application greatly.
· Actually if you want to split a video clip into one-minutes reels, you can select necessary and remove unused reels before encoding starts! You see that encoding process would be much faster than encoding of entire film!
· At the same time you can omit the mentioned step and do not create thumbnails. You can combine automatic frames selection with manual editing!

· VideoCharge Studio is the video editor that supports a wide range of video formats and creates high-quality video!

Image Correction:
· VideoCharge Studio includes a large amount of special video filters, which produce the video of best quality even from low quality source!
· VideoCharge Studio can automatically look for the best frame when creating Thumbnail for your video.

Video for Internet:
· VideoCharge Studio produced video optimized for Internet, creates HTML pages for video, graphic files output, as well as Flash video, like YouTube!
· At that generated clips could be uploaded to FTP server.

Easy in Use:
· VideoCharge Studio is pretty easy in use. The process of clips generation is split into several stages. A special friendly user interface provided on the each stage makes the work flow fast, easy and comprehensible.

Working with Command Line:
· VideoCharge Studio provides you with all necessary operations for editing video files, creating Thumbnails and HTML code generation via command line.

Creating ImageList:
· VideoCharge Studio includes the ImageList feature. The ImageList is a set of video frames extracted from a video file and saved in an image file. The image file includes meta data about video, like name, size, resolution, etc.
· You can select frames for ImageList manually or allow VideoCharge Studio to do it automatically.

For Newby Users:
· VideoCharge Studio is the editor which provides extended abilities and it may look too complex for inexperienced user. That's why recommend the new users start with Wizard.
· Using Wizard and following simple instructions you can learn and use the program abilities in full measure. You do not need any special knowledge, just try VideoCharge Studio 1.0 and you will like it.

For Professional customers:
· VideoCharge Studio provides a wide range of abilities for creating video, editing images, adding watermarks and organization of HTML code and video generation process.
· Regardless of complexity of the site structure VideoCharge Studio could be tuned in such way, so all operations with content you perform before site publishing are totally automated.
· You can create video of different formats which differ by bitrate or resolution simultaneously. Generated video files are copied to specific folders, necessary Thumbnails are also produced automatically.
· You can generate several Thumbnails for video which differ by resolution or video frame at the same time.
· You can specify the HTML pages generation logic, which are used for output video in Internet.
· You can protect your video files using wide range of watermarks.
· If you need to process a lot of files you can add the file folder to the process. All files, including files in subfolder are also processed.
· Finally you can upload all produced files to FTP server.

Homepage - http://www.videocharge.com/Index.php

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Приложение, предназначенное для создания видео, оптимизированного для просмотра в Интернете. Videocharge Studio позволяет создавать видео-галереи,
Videocharge Studio - программа для создания видео, оптимизированного для просмотра в Интернете. Позволяет создавать видео-галереи, графические

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