» » » Microsoft Windows 7 (Seven) to Mac OS X (2010)

Microsoft Windows 7 (Seven) to Mac OS X (2010)

Microsoft Windows 7 (Seven) to Mac OS X (2010)

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию пак который превратит ваш Windows 7 в полноценный Mac. Инструкция пока только на английском. Пак модифицирует системные файлы.

Год выпуска: 2009
Платформа: Windows
Совместимость с Vista: да
Системные требования:
Минимум: 600 mhz/256 mb
Рекомендуемые: 1 GHZ или больше/ 512 mb
Язык интерфейса: английский + русский
Размер: 255 Мб

Описание на английском:
I S T R U C T I O N S (32 BIT Version)

There are on this download, visual styles, there are forward and backwards buttons (ExplorerFrame.dll), imageres.dll, shell32.dll and explorer [=start button] for windows 7, 32 bit version and Themes and visual styles are used on all versions of windows 7.


so : First do a restore poin to your system. Then :

UNZIP all files, using freeware 7z [link]

1. To use the visual styles ( mstyle) , you must install a small application, download from [link] .
Credits goes to Rafael Rivera for this amazing work. Then restart your system.

ALSO INSTEAD OF this, an alternative solution is to buy AveStyler application [link] and very ease you can change your visual styles .

2. Copy the folder 'OS X Cursors' , to C:\Windows\Cursors .

Copy the 'Mac os X Wallpapers' of this pack to C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper.

Copy the 'Mac os X sounds' of this pack to C:\Windows\Media .

3. Copy all the folders included in the folder 'Macos X Themes by ZEUSosx' [after unzip all files, and copy them to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes ,provided C is your Windows drive).
It is better to use the updated themes AND wallpapers included to my new ZEUS and POSEIDON theme [link]

Open there ["C:\Windows\Resources\Themes"] and choose the theme name you like, select it, double clik tand thats it.

before replacing files go to Control pane [view by category] -->so Go to Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts and press the folder 'Change User Account Control Settings' set the slider to the next window Never Notify. restart. do all your changes in code that u want. then again go to Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts and press the folder 'Change User Account Control Settings' set the slider to the next window to Default or to whatever u like, then restart.

[link] use internet explorer compatible

a. Obtain Permisions and Ownership of ExplorerFrame.dll, imageres.dll, shell32.dll that located in C:\Windows\System32 and and do also the same for explorer that located in C:\Windows\ . (use the "Obtaining Permissions and ownership.txt" for help on installing, included in the downloading pack)

[ example of taking ownership to a random system file
[link] , internet explorer compatible]

b. Backup you original ExplorerFrame.dll, imageres.dll, shell32.dll and explorer by renaming them to ExplorerFrame.old, imageres.old, shell32.old and explorer.old

c. Copy ExplorerFrame.dll, imageres.dll, shell32.dll from this pack to C:\Windows\System32 and and explorer to C:\Windows .
[for the Alexandros and Dion Themes copy the ExplorerFrame.dll from the '1. buttons light blue HOVER ' folder, for the leopard copy the ExplorerFrame.dll from the '2. buttons gray HOVER' folder, of this pack.

d. Restart to see the changes.

4. Go to Desktop Personalize & apply the theme you preffer.

# if to your desktop the clock image to the far right part of taskbar is distorted please download these themes from [link] which solved this.
If your clock image to your taskbar looks ok do not download the additional themes. #



-1. For having to the left side the min, max, close buttons, use please leftsider. [link]

-2. For having close the min,max,close buttons an Ave's application needed CloseButtonchanger needed, (login to [link] ) , transparent and brushed styles will use number : 1.237 , leopard styles will use number : 1.45 .

-3. ADDING SHadows effect around your Window.
For having shadows and have better of the theme looking, please use YzShadow [link]
For the Gray (leopard) styles when using Yz shadow its better to follow the values i give you. [link] , for the rest themes [link] [link] [link] also with YzShadow you can have transparent menus ,to any of my themes following my values : [link]

-4. The windows 7 system behaviour to 22 pixel (small icon) taskbar is unbelieveable not applicable!
That means that everytime you log in to your system, taskbar becomes bigger[than 22pixels], and you have manually do this:
right clik to taskbar, select Properties, Uncheck Use small icons, Resize your taskbar as possible small, then check Use small icons and that s it.
To my system[32 bit win 7 rtm] I do this, i set first small icons taskbar size on top of desktop, after i set before shut down, or log off etc the taskbar to the bottom , when i log in i set the taskbar to the top and works ok.
[ if you select instead of shutdown, 'sleep' or 'hybernate', the taskbar remains as is, no need to set it down]


NEW METHOD FOR TASKBAR: [what you have to do is only 1 clik before shut down, or restart or log off your computer]


How it works

BEFORE shut down, or restart or log off SET aero theme.
[i will EXPLAIN after where you can set the aero style theme for ease access of it. instead of my solution you can set it everywhere you preffer or you right clik to desk top , personalize select aero. to my method i setted to a toolbar of your taskbar for fast access by you]

copy to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup your favour custom theme.

thats it.

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