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Alchemy Mindworks Ultimate Screen Clock v2.0a43

Alchemy Mindworks Ultimate Screen Clock v2.0a43

Программа The Ultimate Screen Clock объединит ваш рабочий с различными на выбор симпатичными функциональными часами. The Ultimate Screen Clock соединяет в себе не только различные на любой вкус аналоговые и цифровые часы с гибкой системой настройки и оповещения, но и синхронизацию с атомными часами времени.

Впрочем, вы можете и сами спроектировать свою модель часов или сделать свой скринсейвер с плавающими часами по экрану. Есть также секундомер с десятыми долями секунды, таймер обратного отсчета и отображение времени другого выбранного часового пояса.

The Ultimate Screen Clock will manage time on your system as few applications have managed it before or since. While this software has been certified as being incapable of actually violating any physical laws – or at the very worst, just fracturing a few of the complex ones only physicists understand – it will do things with time that would have been the stuff of myth a few short centuries ago.

Admittedly, a few short centuries ago there weren\'t a lot of computers around to run clock software.

The Ultimate Screen Clock will integrate an attractive graphic clock with your Windows desktop. You can configure the appearance of your clock, selecting from a library of digital and analog clock styles – or you can design your own.

One of the most powerful features of The Ultimate Screen Clock is its Net Time option. It can be configured to set your system clock to the accuracy of an atomic time standard by accessing one of its Internet-based time servers.

The Ultimate Screen Clock also includes a sophisticated reminder feature to notify you of important events.

You can use as many or as few of the features of The Ultimate Screen Clock as you wish. The software is easy to configure, and exceedingly flexible.

The Ultimate Screen Clock requires a Pentium or better processor. A display adapter and Windows screen driver capable of displaying more than 256 colours are recommended.

This software is available for electronic delivery and on CD-ROM.
Integrate your choice of attractive digital and analog screen clocks with your desktop.
Be reminded of important events for up to a century in advance – alert your descendants.
Set your system clock over the internet with the accuracy of an atomic time standard – breathtaking precision, no messy radiation burns.
Schedule other Windows documents and applications with unsurpassed ease.
Keep your screen unpredictable – The Ultimate Screen Clock can be configured to change its appearance periodically.
Be a local time server for your intranet, peer-to-peer network or personal network.
Optionally display its clocks in a Windows screen saver.

ОС: WinAll
Язык: англ
Размер:12 МВ

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