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Sun River Systems Heatseek Gold v1.4.2.1

Sun River Systems Heatseek Gold v1.4.2.1

Heatseek - новая версия специального конфиденциального приватного web-браузера, который как показала практика, широко используется не только для полностью скрытного посещения взрослых ресурсов, но и для любых вэб-серферов которые не желают оставлять каких либо следов своего Интернет пребывания на компьютере.

Never get caught with your pants down.
• Protects your adult content and activity from others who use your computer.
• No spyware. Heatseek never sends any information about you over the internet.
• Password-required access to everything.
• Automatically encrypts your adult files so they are unreadable outside of Heatseek.
• Automatically encrypts and hides your browsing history and website cookies.
• Industry standard 128-bit encryption for everything.
• Stops sites from spawning dangerous and annoying popup windows.
• Panic mode instantly closes the program.
• Password-protection on minimize and laptop hibernate.
• Secure protection even in the event of a power failure!

The easiest way to get your stuff.
• Download all images & movies from your favorite sites with just one click!
• Move the mouse over any image or movie on a webpage, save it with one click.
• Save favorite websites just like a regular browser, except totally secure and with screen captures.
• Automatic popup blocking against evil websites.
• View and manage downloaded files. See progress and status of all your downloads.
• Surf to any of your favorite sites, no restrictions.
• Automatically encrypts and imports all your downloads.

Control your entire library.
• Organize your files into playable collections any way you want.
• View images, movies, even web pages, as thumbnail previews, or power-user list view.
• Drag-n-drop rearrange and sort within a collection.
• Drag-n-drop between different collections.
• Import/Export from/to local hard drive.
• Supports multiple copies of the same item in a collection.

Enhance your viewing pleasure!
• Video Bookmarks: Mark your favorite places in a movie, instantly jump to them at any time.
• Thumbnail playlist lets you rearrange the playback order the way you want.
• View collections containing both images and movies.
• Slideshow mode automatically plays your entire collection.
• Save your rearranged playlist as a new permanent collection.
• Fullscreen image and video for maximum entertainment.
• Keyboard navigation for easy viewing.

Операционная система: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 9,55 мб
Лекарство: присутствует
Домашняя страница: heatseek.com

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