» » » VTC Software Training CD - Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web (2010г/ENG)

VTC Software Training CD - Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web (2010г/ENG)

VTC Software Training CD - Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web (2010г/ENG)

Название: VTC - Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web
Производитель: Virtual Training Company (VTC)
Дата выпуска: 25.02.2010
Язык: английский
Автор: Geoff Blake
Продолжительность: 7 часов
Файлы примеров: Присутствуют
Размер: 537 MB

Описание на ин.яз.
Photoshop, the de facto graphics application in the world of print design, turns its sights on web design! In this course, Geoff Blake will demonstrate many practical and useful techniques for working with Photoshop in a web design capacity. You'll learn the fundamentals of web design, including HTML and CSS basics, the challenges of web browsers, and how monitor resolution affects design. Geoff will also demonstrate how to coordinate Photoshop and Dreamweaver so that you can edit layout images in Photoshop. You'll master Photoshop selections, how to use layers to organize your layouts, and how color works in an online environment. Finally, you'll construct an entire layout from scratch in Photoshop and discover techniques for exporting it for online use.

Introduction & Setting Up
-Welcome & About this Course 01:58
-The Role of Photoshop in Web Design 01:30
-Working with Photoshop & Dreamweaver 03:38
Internet & Web Design Fundamentals
-How Web Delivery Works 02:59
-Web Browsers 04:20
-Understanding HTML & CSS 03:11
-Web Page Structure 04:30
-Monitor Resolution 02:54
Photoshop Basics
-Setting Photoshop Preferences pt. 1 03:25
-Setting Photoshop Preferences pt. 2 04:10
-Setting Photoshop Preferences pt. 3 02:48
-Exploring the Photoshop Toolbox 04:07
-Tool Settings on the Options Bar 02:22
-Photoshop Application Bar 02:26
-Exploring the Panels 04:28
-Touring the Document Window 04:11
-Working More Efficiently pt. 1 04:23
-Working More Efficiently pt. 2 03:02
Getting Around
-Navigating Through Images 05:26
-Creating New Images 03:03
-Using Grid/Guides/Rulers 06:06
-Saving Your Work 04:41
Understanding Web File Formats
-Raster vs. Vector 02:29
-Web Graphic File Formats 03:25
-Basic Image Optimization for GIF 05:01
-Saving a Transparent GIF 02:51
-Basic Image Optimization for JPEG 04:30
-Basic Image Optimization for PNG 03:18
Resizing Images for Web Output
-Understanding Resolution 04:44
-Touring the Image Size Dialog 02:34
-Resizing Fundamentals 05:14
Working with Selections
-Shape-Based Selections pt. 1 05:40
-Shape-Based Selections pt. 2 02:32
-Transforming Selections 04:36
-Color-Based Selections pt. 1 04:43
-Color-Based Selections pt. 2 03:49
-Using Quick Mask Mode pt. 1 02:47
-Using Quick Mask Mode pt. 2 02:34
-Using Quick Mask Mode pt. 3 03:43
-Saving & Reusing Selections 02:35
-Editing Alpha Channels 04:40
Organizing Web Projects with Layers
-Understanding How Layers Work 05:35
-Removing Objects from Backgrounds 04:13
-Combining Images Together 03:03
-Using Free Transform 02:31
-Organizing with Layers 03:22
-Opacity & Blending Modes 03:32
-Special Effects with Layer Styles 04:48
-Creating Web 2.0 Buttons pt. 1 04:19
-Creating Web 2.0 Buttons pt. 2 02:41
-Typesetting Fundamentals 04:52
-Type on the Web 04:47
-Understanding Styles 04:48
-Creating a Website Header pt. 1 04:41
-Creating a Website Header pt. 2 06:59
-Creating a Website Header pt. 3 06:24
Color on the Web
-Understanding Color Modes 05:27
-Mixing & Specifying Colors 05:11
-Using Web Safe Colors 05:35
-Using Color Between Applications 05:38
Optimizing Images
-Optimizing Images as GIFs 06:29
-Creating GIF Animation 04:35
-Optimizing Images as JPEGs 03:13
-PNGs with Alpha Transparency pt. 1 04:55
-PNGs with Alpha Transparency pt. 2 03:33
Creating Backgrounds & Textures
-Background Techniques 04:25
-Tiling Background Examples 05:36
-Creating Gradient Backgrounds 04:24
Building a Full Layout
-What We Will Build 02:22
-Laying Out the Guides 04:39
-Creating the Main Layout Blocks pt. 1 03:35
-Creating the Main Layout Blocks pt. 2 03:30
-Creating the Main Layout Blocks pt. 3 03:00
-Laying Out the Banner Ad Blocks 04:48
-Getting Organized in the Layers Panel 05:20
-Finishing Up the Layout 07:40
Adding Content to the Layout
-Formatting the Overall Layout 05:52
-Building the Lead Story Box 06:43
-Building the Story 1 Box 04:40
-Building the Story 2 Box 02:10
-Building the Story 3 & 4 Boxes 04:25
-Building the Feature Box 02:11
-Creating Title Text 06:56
-Inserting Placeholder Text 04:23
-Formatting the Footer 04:04
-Inserting the Header 02:04
Slicing a Photoshop Layout
-Creating Slices by Hand 07:02
-Guide-Based Slices 04:12
-Layer-Based Slices 03:44
-Dividing Slices 04:50
-Slicing Apart the Layout pt. 1 02:25
-Slicing Apart the Layout pt. 2 03:20
-Slicing Apart the Layout pt. 3 02:00
-Setting Slice Properties pt. 1 02:52
-Setting Slice Properties pt. 2 02:54
Exporting a Photoshop Layout
-Slice Export Settings 04:47
-Exporting a Table-Based Layout 02:05
-Viewing the Table Results 03:59
-Exporting a CSS-Based Layout 01:44
-Viewing The CSS Results 05:04
-Final Exporting & Results 02:42
-Replacing Text 03:12
-Formatting the Layout 03:52
-Wrap Up 01:16
-About the Author 00:36

VTC Software Training CD - Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web (2010г/ENG)VTC Software Training CD - Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web (2010г/ENG)VTC Software Training CD - Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the Web (2010г/ENG)

Формат: Quicktime (.mov)
Видео: AVC 800x600 4:3 7,5fps ~200Kbps
Аудио: AAC 32kHz 16bit 2ch 48Kbps

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