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Anti Tracks v7.0.1.73

16 январь 2010, Суббота
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Anti Tracks v7.0.1.73

Anti Tracks - программа используется для удаления всех следов работы за компьютером. Одним кликом мыши Anti Tracks удаляет все следы пребывания в Интернете, файлы Histoty и другие данные, которые могут раскрыть недоброжелателю, что вы делали за компьютером. Anti Tracks поддерживает браузеры Internet explorer, AOL, Netscape, Mozilla и Opera. Есть возможность также дополнять основные возможности программы при помощи подключаемых модулей, которые добавляют поддрежку программ Acrobat Reader, Kazaa, PowerDVD, iMesh и т.д. Всего таких плагинов около ста штук.

Дополнительные плагины можно скачать на сайте производителя!

Anti Tracks is simply the ultimate solution to protect your privacy and enhancing your PC's performance. Just about every program you use on your PC leaves tracks behind that can be easily viewed by pirating eyes. With Anti Tracks, those tracks are gone forever literally


Browser Cleaning
No matter which Internet browser you use...Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, AOL, Netscape, Mozilla, or Opera...your worries about Internet surfing "trails" are over: Anti Tracks' Browser Cleaning feature will safely and securely erase your browser tracks, leaving no traces behind

Windows Cleaning
You do a lot of things every day with Windows: open documents, make spreadsheets, download songs, watch movies, and more, and Windows keeps track of all those activities. Anti Tracks' Windows Cleaning feature securely erases all your Windows usage tracks...histories of your recent documents, your network cache, Windows registry streams, searches, and much more. They're gone forever, leaving no trail behind you of your Windows usage habits

File Shredding
Shredding isn't just for hard copy anymore! With Anti Tracks' File Shredding, you can permanently overwrite and securely erase any file or folder on your computer, making them unrecoverable by even sophisticated file recovery tools. Anti Tracks users know permanent file shredding means that material is out of sight for good

File and Folder Locking
Have some documents, spreedsheets, images that you worry about being seen by the wrong eyes? Anti Tracks' File and Folder locking feature allows you to securly lock your files and folders using 10+ of the best, strongest and most sophisticated encryption algorithms. Seal your folders, lock them, and make them almost impossible to break into by even the most advanced hackers

File and Folder Hiding
Hide important files, documents and spreedsheets in any picture or audio file steganographically. Pictures and audio files used to hide your important files and folders will appear as regular pictures and audio files so that no one will ever suspect that there is anything hidden inside them.

"Incognito" IP Hiding
For all the good websites you can visit, there are always a few bad ones in there as well, malicious websites that capture your machine's IP and can use it against you. Anti Tracks' IP Hider feature helps keep your real IP address from those pirates and prying eyes! You could be in the U.S., with a masked IP that places you in Japan, Europe, or any other place in the world. Safely and securely surf the Net, without worrying about malicious pirates, with Anti Tracks' IP Hider

E-Mail and News Management
You read and delete a lot of e-mail; some of it's important, some of it's not. But chances are if an e-mail is important, you've backed it up or printed it, then deleted it; you do the same thing with very old e-mail you don't need anymore, just to keep your inbox in good shape. Delete it, and it's gone, right?

Not necessarily. Sending an email to trash, even "permanently deleting" it, doesn't get rid of it forever. It's still recoverable. But with Anti Tracks' E-Mail and News Management, you have a solution. Whether you use MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Eudora mail, Anti Tracks' E-Mail and News feature will securely erase those unwanted e-mails and render them unrecoverable, keeping sensitive information and private correspondence away from those who have no business seeing it

Junk and Obsolete Files Cleaner
While your system needs certain files in order to operate correctly, over time, a system can accumulate lots of "junk" files. These are not only unnecessary; they can waste hard drive space and cause impaired system performance. Anti Tracks' Junk and Obsolete File cleaner safely scans your system for all occurrences of junk and obsolete files and helps you safely and securely erase them, thus removing all the clutter that gets in the way of peak system performance...leaving your PC healthier, faster, and with more space available to you!

Removing Duplicate Files
More than one copy of the same file can be useful on a temporary basis; keeping multiple copies of the same files can clutter your hard drive and actually make file management more difficult. Anti Tracks' Duplicate Fles Cleaner scans your computer for duplicate files and pinpoints their location for you. Then, you choose which copies to keep and let Anti Tracks safely dispose of the rest. Uncertain about which files to save and which to toss? Anti Tracks gives you the option of backing up deleted files in a "compressed" archive. Should you need to reverse the deletion, it's easy to do so without compromising disk space and performance, since the backup takes up far less space

Disk Wiping
You can manually delete files and folders by sending them to the recycling bin, then emptying the bin...but that doesn't mean they're gone! They're still on your hard disk, just waiting to be recovered by file recovery tools. Anti Tracks' Disk Wiper scans your hard drive(s) for previously deleted files and folders, then securely erases them. With Anti Tracks' Disk Wiping, your deleted files and folders are unrecoverable, with no chance of restoration even by users with the most sophisticated file recovery tools!

Secure Erasing
Erase your "tracks" unwanted folders, and unnecessary files safely, to U.S. DOD (Department of Defense) DOD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, and NSA clearing and sanitizing standards. These protocols means your erased files stay erased; even with the most cutting-edge file recovery software, when it's gone it's gone!

Third-Party Application
Usage tracks from programs like WinZip, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, bitTorrent, and others, can reveal your usage habits and other valuable information to anyone. Anti Tracks' Third-Party application thwarts that by enabling you to erase your third-party applications usage "tracks." With 100+ FREE preconfigured plug-ins, you can rest assured that your third-party applications usage tracks are erased securely and permanently. What's more, if you'd like to create your own plug-in, Anti Tracks' Plugins Wizard will help you do that in a matter of a few clicks

Fixing Broken Shortcuts
Shortcuts...they're great, when they work. But they only do their job when the files to which they link stay in the same place on your computer. If you move those files, the shortcut link can get corrupted, rendering the shortcut useless. Anti Tracks' Broken Shortcuts Cleaner help you fix that problem by scanning your system and safely removing all those broken shortcuts from wherever they happen your Start menu, recent documents, and Desktop

Automatic Erasing
Manually loading Anti Tracks to erase your Windows tracks, browser history, or third-party applications usage history every day or every time you finish browsing, turn off your Windows can be a hassle. Fortunately, it's one you won't have to worry about with Anti Tracks' Automatic Erasing! With varied choice settings, Anti Tracks' Automatic Erasing allows you to schedule the erasing to be done automatically at your convenience...in connection with key events such as Windows startup or shutdown, or on specific days, dates, and times when you want the process to occur

Managing Cookies
Cookies can be great conveniences for day-to-day business: your bank account cookies, your social network (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) cookies, cookies that enable that quick weather forecast on your desktop--some of them are fine. Others are not so fine, and you don't want them hanging around. Anti Tracks allows you to make those choices easily and quickly. With Anti Tracks' Cookies Manager, you can easily keep the cookies you want, erase the ones you don't

Home Page Protection
Malicious websites can't get at your Internet Explorer home page with Anti Tracks. With Anti Tracks' IE Home Page Protector, your browser settings and home page address are protected from modification or tampering by malicious websites or phishing pirates that try to get control of your browser without your knowledge or permission

Managing Windows Startup
Too many applications opening up automatically whenever you start your Windows? Use Anti Tracks' Startup Manager to remove that extra clutter. Works easily with your Start menu to streamline startup and get you working faster!

Password Protection
It goes without saying that software that protects you from unauthorized users, pirates, hackers, and prying eyes will, of course, use the best password protection. With this extra level of safety, no one can ever access or change any of your settings or information; your Anti Tracks settings are secure

Detailed Reporting
Anti Tracks users know they don't have to rely on their memory to recall which files were deleted or changed during a cleaning process...or worry that something important was inadvertently erased from their computers. Anti Tracks' Detailed Reporting feature enables you to optionally log track-erasing operations. You'll be able to see, quickly and easily, which files were erased when erasing your browsers, Windows usage tracks, or third-party applications tracks

Why Anti Tracks

Most of us are careful enough to try to protect ourselves from pirates: we'll delete files, our browser history, and a substantial amount of our Windows and third-party applications usage history. But the truth is that merely deleting anything isn't enough. You have file recovery tools on hand that can help you rectify a mistake...a file accidentally deleted, something accidentally "cleared" from your computer. The trouble is, hackers have the same tools available

So that means that anything you can recover, other people can. They can harvest your personal information for their own purposes...or, worse, compromise your system. Are you ready to take the chance of letting just anyone into your personal information or system?

That's where Anti Tracks can help. With few simple clicks, Anti Tracks will securely erase your browsers, Windows, and third-party applications tracks, removing the hidden files on your computer that reveal your browsing habits, Windows usage, and third-party applications usage history

Not only does Anti Tracks do all this; it also helps protect your online identity, important files, and folders by hiding your real IP address, securely locking your files and folders, and offering you a secure files and folders shredder to safely delete those files that you don't want anymore. It's no one's business but yours where you go and what you do on your computer. Anti Tracks keeps it that way

Eliminate all your browser's history securely and quickly and prevent prying eyes from tracking your surfing habits!
Erase your Windows usage history and tracks...and keep your Windows usage history away from prying eyes
Give your system an energy boost and enjoy your computer's performing like new just like the day you bought it with just a few simple mouse clicks!
Lock your important files, photos, videos, financial information, passwords, personal files and folders using the world's most sophisticated encryption algorithms!
Lock important files, financial information, passwords, personal files and folders inside photos and audio files. Photos and audio files used to hide your important data will appear as regular photos and audio files to any user
Schedule erasing your tracks when your browser shuts down, on Windows startup or shutdown, and/or at specific time intervals!
Eliminate all previously erased data from your hard drive easily and securely, so it can't be recovered even with the best present-day technology on the market!
Clean your email app of junk, spam and obsolete emails!
Safeguard your computer IP address and surf the web in total stealth mode!
Decide what applications to run each time your Windows starts and stop unwanted applications from running at startup, slowing down your computer startup, and impairing overall system performance!
Securely erase sensitive files, using the world's most advanced file shredding algorithms that meet and exceed government file shredding standards!
Adobe Photoshop, Windows media player, WinZip...you name it and Anti Tracks will erase your usage history and keep it private!
Protect your browser's home page from being tampered with by malicious websites!
Scan and clean your computer from junk and obsolete files that hinder system performance and waste valuable hard disk space!
Scan and clean your computer from "dead end" and broken shortcuts with Shortcut Repair!
Scan your computer for unwanted duplicate files, photos, music, and videos and instantly free up that wasted disk space!
Password Protection keeps your settings from being viewed or tampered with by anyone...anytime!

Год выпуска / Release year: 2010
Сайт / Homepage: http://www.giantmatrix.com/products/anti-tracks/
ОС / OS: Windows (All)
Язык / Language: English
Лекарство / Activation/Crack/Serial/etc: присутствует / present
Размер / Size: 5.74 Mb

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