My PC OK 2010

My PC OK 2010

The best system maintenance tools ! (All-in-one program)
Лучший набор инструментов по обслуживанию и тюнингу Вашей системы!

Вот особенности MY PC OK:
* Восстановление производительности и стабильности
* Ускорение времени запуска системы
* Восстановление на жестком диске потерянных
* Ваша частная жизнь защищена
* Полное улучшение и ускорение работы PC

Here are the benefits of a MY PC OK tuned PC:
* Restored Power and Stability
* Accelerated System Startup times
* Valuable hard drive space is recovered
* Your privacy is protected
* Improved overall PC performance

Unwanted and even dangerous clutter from daily use and Internet surfing builds up over time. This takes up drive space and tracks your Web-browsing habits, leaving a trail for anyone to see. With My PC OK Cleanup, you can safely remove junk files, internet clutter. And it includes one of the best Registry Problem Solver and Optimizer you can get. Save your money don't buy separate programs to do the dozen or more maintenance chores that MY PC OK will do for you automatically. You will notice quicker startups and faster surfing with the benefit of solid privacy protection all in one package that will save you time and money.

Modules are: eliminate pc errors, digital shredder, block spyware, disk stats and graphics, find duplicates, free several gigabytes, privacy protector, and much more..multilanguage 8 idioms. Now, go ahead and free download MYPCOK.

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Год выпуска / Release year: 2009
Сайт / Homepage:
Язык / Language: Английский (English)
Лекарство / Activation/Crack/Serial/etc: присутствует / present
Размер / Size: 1.4 Mb

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