» » » Perfect Photo Suite [ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, V.5.5, x86 + x64, ENG ] ( 2010 )

Perfect Photo Suite [ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, V.5.5, x86 + x64, ENG ] ( 2010 )

Perfect Photo Suite [ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, V.5.5, x86 + x64, ENG ] ( 2010 )

Perfect Photo Suite – является решения конкретных проблем в рабочие предпочтения фотографа, Perfect Photo Suite 5,5 предлагает простые, но мощные решения для коррекции цвета, изменение размеров изображения, маскирование, профессиональные фотографические эффекты, а теперь слоев для Photoshop Lightroom и Apple Aperture, в одном доступным .

Название: Perfect Photo Suite
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2010
Версия: 5.5
Разработчик: onOne Software
Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная

onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Tackling specific problems within a photographer's preferred workflow, the Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 offers simple yet powerful solutions for color correction, image resizing, masking, professional photographic effects, and now layers for Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture, in one affordable package. With support for Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3 and CS2, the Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 includes FocalPoint 2, PhotoTune 3, PhotoFrame 4.6, PhotoTools 2.6, MaskPro 4.1, Perfect Resize 7 (the next generation of Genuine Fractals) and the completely new Perfect Layers.
With this new version of the Perfect Photo Suite 5.5, photographers now have more options for where they use many of the onOne products. Photographers will now have the ability to create layered files that are fully compatible with Photoshop for later editing from within Lightroom and Aperture with the new Perfect Layers. In addition, for the first time, FocalPoint 2, PhotoTune 3, PhotoFrame 4.6 and Perfect Resize 7 can now be used directly within Lightroom and Aperture without the need for a separate host application.
Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 continues to include full support for Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3 and CS2. Mask Pro 4.1 which allows photographers to replace backgrounds and make selections and PhotoTools 2.6, which allows photographers to leverage the power of Photoshop to enhance and stylize their images, continue to function directly within Photoshop and do not run as stand-alone applications.

Доп. информация:
Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 includes full versions of the following products:
Perfect Resize 7 – the next generation of Genuine Fractals – Based on the same patented algorithms of Genuine Fractals, the newest version of the industry standard for image resizing introduces new Smoothness and Sharpening controls to achieve the highest quality results when enlarging images. In addition, Perfect Resize adds features that make printing easier and faster including the new Loupe Tool for an instant 1:1 magnified preview. The upgrade also adds the ability to save custom Presets, a new Gallery Wrap preview with Auto Corner Fill, and Image Tiling improvements. Perfect Resize 7 now enables those who prefer a Lightroom or Aperture only workflow to resize a single or batch of images directly within those applications.
PhotoTools 2.6 – PhotoTools 2.6 adds a dozen new effects to the highly acclaimed Photoshop plug-in that allows photographers of all skill levels to maximize the full power of Photoshop with its ability to preview and combine Photoshop Actions in a single, intuitive interface. Designed by photographers for photographers, PhotoTools 2.6 now includes the Masking Bug control, based on the Focus Bug control from the award-winning FocalPoint plug-in, to selectively apply effects to images. PhotoTools 2.6 now has a total library of close to 300 effects that photographers can easily browse, preview and combine to create images that truly stand out.
PhotoFrame 4.6 – With PhotoFrame 4.6, you can add the perfect finishing touch to your images and layouts with new backgrounds, layouts and adornments. With over one thousand design elements like film edges, borders, textures, backgrounds and adornments, PhotoFrame 4.6 even has complete layouts where users can simply drop an image in and they are done. It is the easiest and fastest way to add an authentic darkroom touch with a film edge or to create beautiful albums or scrapbook pages. Photographers can now use PhotoFrame 4.6 directly within Lightroom and Aperture.
FocalPoint 2 – Like bringing the camera lens inside Photoshop, FocalPoint 2 gives photographers the best way to add the most realistic depth of field and selective focus control to any image after it is photographed. Photographers now have an incredible amount of flexibility and control over the look of the blur with FocalPoint 2's new blur algorithm, FocusBrush, Lens Presets and multiple FocusBug features. Photographers can now use FocalPoint 2 directly within Lightroom and Aperture.
PhotoTune 3 – Getting great color doesn't have to be so hard. PhotoTune 3 uses a patented technology to optimize the dynamic range, color and sharpness of images so that they look more true-to-life. The improved Wizard offers fast color and tone correction in as little as two steps while giving pro users direct access to advanced and innovative controls. SkinTune, which represents two years of research and analysis of thousands of skin tones, now offers one-click color correction of portraits and the option to correct just the skin in an image. Photographers can now use PhotoTune 3 directly within Lightroom and Aperture.
MaskPro 4.1.9b – For those times when you need to extract a subject from a photo, Mask Pro 4 uses a color-based method that allows users to easily remove unwanted backgrounds from your photos. Mask Pro's unique Color Decontamination technology allows users to get realistic results by maintaining transparency in hard to mask objects like hair, smoke and glass in a fraction of the time using traditional tools.

Процедура лечения:
Скопировать файл onOneSuite5Check.dll (из папки Fix) в папку с установленной программой (C:\Program Files\onOne Software\Perfect Photo Suite 5.5)
и в папку с Фотошопом (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5) — директория установки у Вас естевственно может быть другая.
Я устанавливал поверх OnOne Plug-in Suite 5.1.2. Поэтому серийные номера PhotoTools, PhotoFrame, FocalPoint, PhotoTune, MaskPro — у меня остались прежние. Perfect Resize 7 — был тоже уже установлен. А вообще, если у кого не были установлены плагины onOne Software, то в окнах About будет отображаться demo-весия. При этом все плагины будут активированы и полностью работоспособны. Windows 7 x 32.

Системные требования:
Windows XP, Vista or 7 current maintenance releases
1.8 GHz or faster Intel or better
OpenGL 2.0 capable video card with 256MB dedicated VRAM. Display with 1200x800 resolution at millions of colors.
2 GB RAM (4 GB+ recommended)
200 MB for installation, up 100 GB available during use
Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, Elements 8, 9
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2, 3
Apple Aperture 2.1, 3
Adobe Flash player 10
Internet connection for activation, update checking and tutorial movies
Administrative privileges for installation

Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 1.94 Gb

Perfect Photo Suite [ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, V.5.5, x86 + x64, ENG ] ( 2010 ) Perfect Photo Suite [ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, V.5.5, x86 + x64, ENG ] ( 2010 )

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http://www.filesonic.com/file/43626207/Photo Suite.part5.rar
http://www.filesonic.com/file/43626423/Photo Suite.part6.rar
http://www.filesonic.com/file/43626331/Photo Suite.part7.rar
http://www.filesonic.com/file/43626429/Photo Suite.part8.rar

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