C-Organizer Lite 4.0

C-Organizer Lite 4.0

Program's exquisite, well thought-out interface makes using this application an easy, even gratifying process. C-Organizer supports various interface types and color chemes.

A built-in planner allows users to create a list of daily chores and appointments, which significantly eases tracking daily tasks and distributing workload evenly. Program's flexible repeating event settings make planning recurring tasks a snap. C-Organizer's built-in notification system will remind you about upcoming deadlines and birthdays.

All data, stored with C-Organizer, can be protected by a password and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

Program's Address Book comes with an option to store the attached photographs and features easily configurable database structure. You can add a new parameter (field) to the database structure on your own.

Importantly, C-Organizer notes support rich text formatting, images, tables, hyperlinks to the Internet or local files, as well as any records in the database. Use C-Organizer notes to create MS Word-like documents.
C-Organizer supports the print templates feature, all reports can be printed using pre-installed print templates that come with C-Organizer installation package. In addition, the program allows EDITING reports before printing, and save them as RTF or HTML files.

Moreover, C-Organizer has a flexible sorting system, as well as records import and export options, automatic integration with the default e-mail client and web browser installed on your computer.

The program can be launched automatically upon Windows startup and minimized to the system tray (near the system clock). Program's icon displays current date.

Program's Major Advantages:

• Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
• C-Organizer supports various interface types and color schemes.
• Fully customizable view.
• Multilanguage support.
• Flexible tree-like database structure.
• Password protection.
• Database encryption.
• Printing with templates. Ability to export the print reports into RTF or HTML file.
• Capability of creating new databases; simultaneous work with multiple databases.
• On-the-fly database swapping.
• Simultaneous multiple records processing (adding and editing).
• Hyperlink support (between documents, Internet and local/network files).
• Notification system with a capability to automatically open documents, restart or shut down computer at any set time.
• Powerful database search engine.
• Ability to show any entries as electronic sticky notes on computers monitor.
• Import and export features (csv, txt, xml, cdb, html).
• Minimization to the system tray.
• The Advanced Diary support. You can open this program using C-Organizer's main menu commands.
• Installation and uninstallation.
Размер: 14.09 Мб
Язык Интерфейса: Русский, Английский
Лекарство: в архиве
Платформа: Windows All
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