» » » MAMP Pro 1.9 (английский) (2010) for Mac OSX + Серийный Ключ

MAMP Pro 1.9 (английский) (2010) for Mac OSX + Серийный Ключ

MAMP Pro 1.9 (английский) (2010) for Mac OSX + Серийный Ключ

MAMP Pro позволяет создавать несколько виртуальных серверов, его графические конфигураторы впечатляют. Ближайший известный аналог для WindowsDenwer – не может похвастаться аналогичной конфигурационной утилитой. А по функционалу они весьма близки.

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2010
Сборка: 1.9
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: готовый серийник
Системные требования: Mac OS 10.5 - 10.6
Платформа: PPC/Intel universal
Размер файла: 163 Мб

Процедура лечения:
1. Перенесите программу на HDD в папку "Программы".
2. Запустить программу.
3. На вопрос «Что делать? Триал или ключ?» отвечаем уверенно «Registration».
4. Скопировать один из ключей в файле Serial.rtf
5. Нажать ОК и приступать к работе.

О MAMP PRO на английском
"MAMP PRO" is the commercial, professional grade version of the classic local server environment for Mac OS X: MAMP. Designed for professional web developers and programmers, MAMP PRO allows easy installation and administration of their development environment under Mac OS X.

As a professional web developer you have to test your programs in detail. In addition, you need a highly configurable developing environment with all the components also used by most ISPs: Apache, MySQL and PHP in the latest stable versions. No matter whether you want to test your latest Ajax creation, or realize a new page with a Content Management System (CMS): MAMP PRO supports you during the tests of your developments.

You can set up any number of servers to carry out tests without danger for your live system. Besides, the local name resolution is performed by MAMP PRO. To simulate a very authentic environment, the MAMP PRO also switches on the local mail server, so that dispatching mails by PHP scripts is possible.
Allowing external access
With MAMP PRO, you can easily connect your local server with an existing Dynamic DNS provider, as for example dyndns.com. Making it very simple to quickly make the results of your work accessible externally for superiors and prospective customers. And because you can set up many virtual hosts, you can easily offer alternative configurations or suggestions.
All functions of MAMP - and even more
The freely available standard design "MAMP" is automatically coinstalled with MAMP PRO. Thus all MAMP features are available to you immediately:

* Apache web server
* MySQL database server
* phpMyAdmin to access your MySQL databases
* PHP as a module for the web server
* Web server and database server can run on standard (well-known) or custom ports

Apache a la carte
With MAMP PRO, no complicated editing of configuration files is necessary to set up a working test environment. Cleanly separated, several projects can be developed at the same time. To be able to represent as great of a variety of ISPs as possible, PHP can be toggled at any time between Version 4 and 5 to guard against any possible incompatibilities. A Staging server on your Mac is set up with MAMP PRO with a few mouse clicks, so that you can keep your customers and superiors up-to-date about the state of your projects at any time. The user interface of MAMP PRO allows Apache modules to be systematically enabled or deactivated. Thus you can perfectly emulate the server environment on which your project will later run, and guarantee the highest possible quality of your project.
The MySQL database is a component of the MAMP, however it is much easier to configure with MAMP PRO. To increase the security of a Mac connected to the Internet, you can not only quite easily change the port where MySQL answers, but change of the Root password or limit the access to the database server to local users. Should errors occur for SQL inquiries: with MAMP PRO you can also define the location for your error-log to be saved, so that you will not have to search for it.
So what exactly is MAMP?
MAMP stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP and for years has offered the perfect solution for a local developing environment under Mac OS X. The MAMP is also available free of charge for smaller projects.

WHAT'S NEW Version 1.9
We have updated the following components:

* MySQL 5.1.44
* PHP 5.2.13 & 5.3.2
* APC 3.1.3
* eAccelerator 0.9.6
* XCache 1.2.2 & 1.3.0
* phpMyAdmin 3.2.5
* SQLiteManager 1.2.4
* curl 7.20.0
* jpeg 8
* libpng-1.2.42
* libxml 2.7.6
* libxslt 1.1.26
* mcrypt 2.6.8
* YAZ 4.0.1


MAMP Pro 1.9 (английский) (2010) for Mac OSX + Серийный Ключ MAMP Pro 1.9 (английский) (2010) for Mac OSX + Серийный Ключ MAMP Pro 1.9 (английский) (2010) for Mac OSX + Серийный Ключ

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