» » » Audiojungle - Summertime In A Bottle 7625835

Audiojungle - Summertime In A Bottle 7625835

Audiojungle - Summertime In A Bottle 7625835

Audiojungle - Summertime In A Bottle 7625835
MP3, WAV | 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz | 320 kbps | Main Track Length - 2:45 | Tempo (BPM) - 196 | 32.7 Mb

"Summertime In A Bottle" is an upbeat happy and joyful track featuring all the right instruments to bring that warm and positive summertime sunshine to your project. I basically packaged sunshine in a bottle for you on this one!
The tune has two parts, one that is straight forward and the other where the drums get a bit bouncy. Both work in tandem to give some great dynamics in the rhythm and lead in and out of each other in a way that adds movement and energy.

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