» » » 60 Vintage Flower Vectors - Creativemarket 199937

60 Vintage Flower Vectors - Creativemarket 199937

60 Vintage Flower Vectors - Creativemarket 199937

60 Vintage Flower Vectors - Creativemarket 199937
Those 60 vintage flower, bird & transport vectors let you taste the vintage vibe of a summer field. Useful for summer, wedding, logo and easter designs, use the items on your website, in your magazine, photo book, in your invitation, on your stationary, scrap books, christmas cards, invites - just wherever you like. The one and only Flower, Bird & Transport collection you will ever need: Colibri, Hands, Bike, Bike with flowers, Shamrock (clover leaf), Birds Nest, Rose, Butterfly, Viola, Pansies, Helicopter, Grapewine, Wine Branch, Automobile, Owl, Stag with Border, Raspberry, Plum, Aerial ships, Leafes, Flower Pots, Wedding Bell, Palms, Crow, Unicorn, Daisy, Toucan, Flies, Men riding a bike, Snail, Parrot, Bird with key and Daisy.
AI, EPS, PNG | Vectors are great for resizing, changing the color etc | Tileable and Layered | 153 Mb

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