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CivilCAD 2014 1.0 Final

CivilCAD 2014 1.0 Final

СivilCAD - предлагает удобные средства планирования дорог как надземных, многоуровневых так и подземных, а также проектирования инфраструктуры, рациональных расчетов земляных работ, и кросс платформенную обработку данных. Полностью интегрированная система инструментов, высокоскоростной результат и непревзойденное удобство, СivilCAD 2014 - новое поколение в области гражданского строительства подносящее его на новый и беспрецедентный уровень компетентности и эффективности затрат.

Innovative Design Capabilities
CivilCAD 2014 software integrates unique and professional tools for easier, faster and more precise designing and surveying:
• NEW - Materials and thickness - sub layers associated with existing, structure and design layers are differentiated in the cross section and displayed according to the defined material and thickness
• NEW - Road segment changes - Changes made to a certain segment of the road’s alignment geometry are automatically reflected in the vertical alignment
• NEW - Visibility evaluation - Unique and advanced visibility evaluation mechanism with DWG export and reporting capabilities
• NEW - Overlapping adjustment - automatic alert and delete mechanism of an overlapping area between two topography surfaces
• NEW - Automatic road segments recognition – new ability automatically recognizes subsequent road segments that can be automatically joined and combined for simple centerline creation
• NEW - Ability to extend existing road design – unique feature able to obtain existing road information and automatically compute centerline extension parameters to any specified length for effortless future planning
• NEW - Separated layers in horizontal alignment – in order to meet increasing authorities demands, new feature has been added allowing the ability to separate complex layout information into particular layers. Such layers may contain slopes incline, left edges, right edges, left ditch, right ditch etc.
• NEW - Visual indication of cut/fill extents – clearly highlighting extreme points heights in road’s horizontal alignment
• Underground and upper ground utilities display in cross sections – including detailed information of diameter, depth, and positioning of pipes and cables
• 3D driving simulation - Simulate actual driving in 3D – highly credible and accurate 3D simulation can be created in a single mouse click using Civil Simulate. Widely used throughout the design process, from visualizing conceptual plans even in preliminary design stage, via performing accurate measurements, to trailing objects for visibility and line of sight checks in detailed designed roads, Civil Simulate is a must have tool to achieve better results through better visualization
• Vertical alignment design in a complete AutoCAD environment – combining data tables and advanced design tools
• The most advanced retaining walls design tool in the world – complete design capabilities of wall elements including horizontal alignment, profile, and dimensions, attachment of a wall to a road and their integration (presentation of the road's precise distances on the wall's profile, presentation of the walls in exact dimensions on the road's cross-sections), automatic profile design via definition of the wall's minimum height for cut and fill, definition of walls dimensions as a function of its height (or fixed dimensions), and more
• Complex urban roads design – design and extraction of the cross-sections directly from the layout (by defining the initial side-slopes), projection of 3D/2D lines onto the cross-sections, a special mechanism for underground infrastructures adjustment, and presentation of existing asphalt borders
• Wide range of capabilities in automatic cross-sections design – side ditches definition for cut/fill and in-between situations, berms design, various side-slopes definition by the height (cut/fill), automatic projection of beside roads land-development on the cross sections and many more
• Drainage, Sewage and Water – supply detailed design including pipelines alignment and layout (for both manholes and pipes). Profile design with a special interface that enables definition of the pipe's depth, IL, manholes size, automatic reception of the existing and the road's designed level, crossings infrastructure presentation in the sections, quantity report production, manholes and detailed report production
• Additional features include quantities calculations in various methods, including separation into several layers, quick and easy creation and calculation of setting out points, communication with all available measuring tools, a special mechanism for editing and adjustment of RAW (Observation) files, and so on.

CivilCAD 2014 1.0 Final CivilCAD 2014 1.0 Final CivilCAD 2014 1.0 Final CivilCAD 2014 1.0 Final

Год выпуска : 2014
Операционная система : Windows® XP|Vista|7 & 8
Страница программы : sivandesign.com
Язык интерфейса : английский
Лекарство : patch-MPT
Размер : 157 Mb

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