» » » WeGraphics - Light and textured web elements kit

WeGraphics - Light and textured web elements kit

WeGraphics - Light and textured web elements kit

WeGraphics - Light and textured web elements kit
We’re glad to release an awesome kit containing 60 web elements. All the layers of the .psd file are carefully organized in groups. You will have at your disposal pixel perfect buttons, ribbons and icons to enhance your next website and realize eye catching layouts just in few minutes. Buttons are provided in standard, hover and active versions. Play with layer styles to personalize the look of your web elements.
PSD | 3.88 Mb


In order to comfortably and with maximum speed to download my files, I recommend you get premium access to the file-sharing services such as Letitbit and Secureupload (listed below). When you use the premium access, download speed is limited only by your communication channel. We also strongly recommend to buy a premium-only access to the sites of file-sharing services, the only way you're guaranteed to not be deceived!

Download free WeGraphics - Light and textured web elements kit:
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