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Engelmann Media Photomizer Retro

Photomizer Retro позволяет возродить особый шарм прошлых эпох в цифровой фотографии. Для этого программа была оборудована специальными ретро-фильтрами, с помощью которых можно воспроизвести особенности многих исторических камер и пленочных материалов, которые не были доступны в течение длительного времени.

Photomizer Retro turns the image editing upside down: If the predecessor polished up old photos it is now exactly the other way round. With the simulation of old cameras and black-and-white films, Photomizer Retro helps you revive the very special charm of past eras in your digital photos. For this purpose the program was equipped with special retro filters, with which you can reproduce the peculiarities of many historic cameras and film material that has not been available for a long time.

Together with the new frames and the surprisingly effective Lo-Fi alternative you guarantee a lot of surprising effects in your digital slide shows and photo books. By the way, Lo-Fi is the simulation of a nearly extinct type of photography with simple equipment like for instance a pinhole camera.

As intuitive as could be: A user interface sets the standard
Photomizer Retro like all the other Photomizer versions provides the most accessible and most easy-to-operate user interface among the known image editing applications. All the functions are extremely easy to access and to operate. Like with Photomizer Pro, Photomizer 2 and Photomizer Scan you work smoothly, target-oriented and undisturbed by any distractions. The optically attractive interface allows editing that is even a bit more intuitive and a bit better and it is almost a pity that the popular 1-click optimization relieves the user from most of the work. A new zoom function and full-screen preview for a better image analysis was also integrated. This makes it easier to reveal weak spots in your photos and to determine the required settings.

Profiles for a faster and more effective editing
The new editing profiles increase the user friendliness. These are sets of defaults that can be applied to complete groups of photos and which take care of their characteristic features. Included in delivery are profiles for creative optimization in retro look and insertion of frames. This time-saving and efficient collection can be completed by your own profiles for individual viewing habits.

Additional highlights
- In addition to the special retro effects, the capable profiles and the intuitive interface Photomizer Retro provides the following functions:
- New! Adding of noise/grain: Denoising is not always desired. In contrast, some fans of photography even add noise to their photos. Photomizer Pro can do this for you now, no matter which degree of noise or grain or even fractal noise.
- Batch conversion: Fully automatic batch mode for manipulation of complete photo collections. New: If requested, all original paths are kept during storage.
- Rotation: The photo is on its side? No problem; just let it rotate into the correct position!
- Supported output formats: memory-saving JPG for web applications, mobile devices and for playback on screens as well as BMP for permanent archiving in high definition.
- Statistics function: The statistics tell you at any time how many photos you have already optimized.
- Non destructive image editing: The original photo remains unchanged in all steps
- Manual optimization: Additional options for individual editing of single photos - also in full-screen mode.
- EXIF/GEO: Reading and display of EXIF- and GEO-data from digital camera shots.

Информация о программе
Название: Engelmann Media Photomizer Retro
Год выпуска: 2012
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: English, German, French
Лекарство: crack
Размер: 33.3 Mb

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