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Sleek Filetype Icons - MediaLoot

Sleek Filetype Icons - MediaLoot

Sleek Filetype Icons - MediaLoot
This free, exclusive to MediaLoot set of icons covers 50 of the most commonly used file formats and would be great for websites that offer downloads or uploads in multiple filetypes, desktop or mobile applications and much more.
As a bonus all MediaLoot subscribers will also get the original source files allowing you to easily edit the icons and also resize the whole set in just 3 easy steps using Adobe Fireworks:
Make sure the “Master Page” is selected (Window > Pages)
Click “Image Size…” in the properties window (Window > Properties)
Enter your new dimensions and hit enter, all 50 icons will be resized without losing any quality.
PNG | 64px by 64px | 6.2 Mb

Download free Sleek Filetype Icons - MediaLoot:
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