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Dark Mysterious Web Elements - MediaLoot

Dark Mysterious Web Elements - MediaLoot

Dark Mysterious Web Elements - MediaLoot
This set of web design elements was created for specifically for dark and heavily-styled websites. Each of these elements will fit beautifully with your heavily textured background, making your site rich with design elements and beauty.
With over 50 individual parts, all of the most commonly used design elements are accounted for in this set. In addition, we’ve included 8 different styles and colors so that you can mix, match, and customize the look of everything.
Included elements are: 30+ Essential Icons | 6 Page Seperaters | 3 Search Bars with Buttons | 3 Radio Buttons and 3 Checkboxes | Media Player and Controls | 3 Button Styles | 4+ Box Styles | 8 Colorful and Transparent Styles
How to Apply New Styles
If you’re new to Photoshop, here are brief instructions for applying the alternate styles to any element:
Select the style you like in the layers palette
Right click and choose “Copy Layer Style”
Find the new element where you want to apply the style
Right click on the new element and select “Paste Layer Style”
Tada! Your chosen element should now have the style you selected.
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