» » » Leon for M4 (Poser & Daz Studio)

Leon for M4 (Poser & Daz Studio)

Leon for M4 (Poser & Daz Studio)

Leon for M4 (Poser & Daz Studio)
Leon for M4 (Poser & Daz Studio) | 141.2 Mb
Leon is the professional character created on the basis of Michael 4 from Daz3D.

The main advantages and features of a package:
- 11 INJ-bundles of new original morphs and the convenient menu in a bookmark "Body".
- 7 ready human feelings and emotions, 4 auxiliary modifications.
- Own hair.
- Own pistol. Three modifications. (Compatible with M4base character).
- Own glasses. (Compatible with M4base character).
- 86 qualitative maps and textures (including genitals). Full displacement for all body parts. Realistic venous system.
- MAT-poses and MAT-collections are executed taking into account a difference in posibilities of versions of program Poser.
- Own HDR-illumination. Two variants.
- The new effective multilevel method of a configuration of materials for visualization of a human skin. Is developed specially for this model.

Product Requirements: PC or MAC, Poser 6 or higher, (Poser Pro 2010 recommended), product "Michael 4 Base" (by Daz3D) - Release M4base 09.29.2008 RECOMMENDED, DazStudio - the product is compatible
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