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GraphicRiver - 16 Resizable Web Surfaces

GraphicRiver - 16 Resizable Web Surfaces

GraphicRiver - 16 Resizable Web Surfaces
16 different surface styles for designers. Dark, Transparent, Matt, Diagonal, Paper textured, grunge textured. Perfect for web boxes, containers, buttons, dividers, headers and many more. These are all packed in a Photoshop style file (.ASL) and can be easily used via Layer Styles Panel. We guaranty thousands of variations generated by mixing these styles with each other so you’re not going to buy just a dummy item and you’re still creative BUT with a lot of time saved out there! (Mix & Magic). This item is fully re-sizable and can be fully customized to meet your needs. A visual quick guide is also attached for ease of use. “16 Resizable Web Surfaces” includes a free bonus: 7 web buttons and 3 web search fields. Made for you to get inspired on how to use this item more efficiently.
1 ASL & 2 PSD | JPEG Preview | instructions in PDF | 15 Mb

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