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3D Calligraphic Text Styles - GraphicRiver

3D Calligraphic Text Styles - GraphicRiver

3D Calligraphic Text Styles - GraphicRiver
This is a great pack of calligraphic text styles with 3D aspect and a little vintage feel who comes in 10 color combinations. You can use all these styles in web design but i made them in 3 different sizes, so you can use them even on print materials. With this Text Styles pack you can design a logo, a title or any text in web or print materials.
10 color combinations of 3D Text Style | 20 layer styles for every size. So you have 60 professional layer styles | 3 text sizes (200pt, 400pt, 600pt) with 3 different sizes for layer styles.
3 PSD + 3 ASL files with 60 layer styles | manual in HTML | 36 Mb

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