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OnOne PhotoFrame Pro v4.5.2

OnOne PhotoFrame Pro v4.5.2

PhotoFrame Pro - плагин, позволяющий с легкостью накладывать рамки на фотографии. PhotoFrame Pro дает возможность создавать практически любые обрамления: объемные, со свечением, с использованием текстур, отбрасывающие тени и другие. Профессиональная версия PhotoFrame отличается от стандартной наличием большого количества дополнительных рамок, текстур, накладываемых эффектов и продвинутых настроек. Плагин удобен тем, что применяет конечный результат в новом слое Adobe Photoshop и также позволяет управлять слоями внутри своего интерфейса еще до применения результата.

Complete Library of Design Elements
Now, it is easier than ever to add authentic film and darkroom edge effects to your images. But PhotoFrame is about more than just edges and frames. It includes an extensive library of design elements including edges, frames, backgrounds, textures, adornments, even complete page layouts. The Library window gives you a fast way to find the perfect element and preview it with your image.

Design Elements Collections NEW
PhotoFrame 4.5 includes several new collections of design elements. First is the new whimsical collection featuring fresh and bright design elements that are perfect for children and family layouts. Second is the new family event collection that includes elements and layouts for the special events in our lives like birthdays, graduation and holidays, etc. Also included is the Bohemian collection for high school seniors with a distinct, vintage look. And finally we have added some great backgrounds from noted photographer Kersti Malvre. Add the perfect finishing touch to your images with a library of professionally created edge effects and design elements that really make your images stand out.

Create Full Page Layouts
You can create full page layouts inside of PhotoFrame 4.5. Just start with a blank canvas and your images. You can add a background to the page, then size and reposition your image and then add elements like frames and adornments. With the New abilities to resize your image layer, the ability to move elements, such as backgrounds, under the target layer and rulers and guides it has never been faster to create great looking albums. If you create a layout you love, save it as a preset so you can use it again like a template.

onOne Panel NEW
The new onOne Panel in Adobe Photoshop allows you to quickly launch PhotoFrame without having to navigate through Photoshop's menus. But it takes that power even farther by giving you access to your favorite presets right from the panel as well. This will save time by allowing you to apply your most frequently used effects right inside of Photoshop.

Output Your Way NEW
You have the option to add design elements to the current layer, or a new layer. You can also have each frame rendered to its own layer so you can make further adjustments or masking in Photoshop. You can even apply a frame as a layer mask so you can selectively blend multiple layers together. PhotoFrame 4.5 adds the ability to output design elements as a clipping mask to the several output methods already available. Clipping masks are a great way to vary the shape or edge of an image layer in an editable, non-destructive fashion. (note, output options are limited in Apple Aperture).

Размер: 26 Mb
ОС: 2000/XP/Vista/7
Интерфейс: English, русский
Таблэтка: присутствует

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