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Sidefx Houdini Master v11.0.469 (Win32/Win64/MacOSX)

Sidefx Houdini Master v11.0.469 (Win32/Win64/MacOSX)

SideFX Houdini Master является наиболее полным решением для создания визуальных эффектов и 3D-анимации, позволяет производить сложные кадры без необходимости использования дополнительных плагинов или армии программистов.

Кинопроизводство может рассчитывать на помощь Houdini Master в создании потрясающих видео-эффектов и анимации. Главное нововведение - новый движок для работы с флюидами, при помощи которого можно имитировать жидкости, газ и даже движение песка. Новый движок можно будет использовать вместе с движком для работы с твердыми телами и частицами.

Много внимания в новой версии уделено интерфейсу и удобству работы. Обещают, что пользователи смогут добиваться тех же результатов, выполняя меньшее количество действий. Еще одно нововведение - возможность использования языка программирования Python для создания скриптов и написания выражений. Эта возможность будет реализована посредством среды Houdini Object Model. Однако старые скрипты и выражения будут работать с новой версией программы.


Houdini Master is the most complete visual effects and animation solution available. This award-winning and production-proven product andles the most challenging shots without the need for additional plug-ins or an army of programmers. Film production facilities can rely on Houdini Master to help them create stunning feature film effects and character animation. Houdini Master is a full-featured 3D animation and visual effects software renowned for its particle and dynamics tools. Houdini Master is perfect for visual effects artists, technical directors and CG supervisors who want to experience total control over their pipeline.

- Per particle access using Houdini’s particle editing and rendering techniques provides you with total a
- Let Houdini store all your actions into networks of nodes that can be easily revised.
- Step back to edit the nodes or branch off to explore new ideas.
- Create prototypes then swap in high resolution geometry for final output.
- Organize your nodes hierarchically then encapsulate the results into Digital Assets that can be easily shared with colleagues.


- Work with a complete set of Polygon and NURBS modeling tools including a robust polygon to subdivision surface workflow.
- Easily model complex environments with tools such as l-systems and instancing.
- Create clean, production-ready, geometry with a wide variety of modeling utilities.

- Unwrap organic models with the UV pelt tool.
- Tweak the results using the UV brush tool in both UV and 3D space.
- Quickly mirror UV attributes across your geometry or transfer them to other models.

- Set keyframes on any parameter in Houdini.
- New Blend Pose tool gives you set driven key behaviour with one or more drivers.
- Edit keys in either the Channel Editor, Dope Sheet, Table View or directly in the Timeline.
- Use Houdini’s procedural motion editing system [chops] for advanced control.
- Default Cartoon rig lets animators quickly test out Houdini’s animation tools.

- Auto-rig tools let you rapidly build up biped, quadraped and mixed limb rigs with animator-friendly controls.
- Capture surfaces with bones or use metaballs for better localized deformation.
- Easily composite capture weights painted by different riggers on the same model.
- Quickly mirror capture weights across your geometry or transfer them to other models.
- Create realistic muscle deformations with skin sliding using metaball-based muscles.

- Easily set up and control spot, directional, point, area or environmental lights.
- New material palette ships with pre-built shaders that can be assigned then edited in Houdini’s shader building environment.
- Set up local material properties to define custom looks for objects that share the same material assignment.

- Choose from Mantra’s micropolygon, raytrace, or new physically based renderer.
- Render fluid-based smoke and cloud effects using the new Volumetric renderer with deep shadows maps and motion blur.
- Render Fur procedurally using guide hairs and painted grooming attributes.

- Work with third party renderers such as RenderMan directly inside Houdini.
- Interactively create RenderMan materials with Houdini’s shader building environment.
- Add support for new renderers by writing simple Python scripts.

- Lighters can test render passes then quickly prepare slap comps for review.
- Strong interaction with Houdini’s shading language to create custom masks.

- Animate and render files and Digital Assets created in Houdini Master.
- Collada support for the import of geometry, lights, cameras, transformations and keyframe animation.
- Support for standard file formats such as obj, dxf, iges, rib and more.

- Object-oriented Python API provides lowlevel access to Houdini.
- Easily integrate Houdini into your existing pipeline with full access to Python libraries.
- New Python-driven back-end for Houdini lets you see exactly what’s going on when Houdini generates an IFD or RIB file.

- Full control over every aspect of how your particles move and react to forces.
- Emit particles from any geometry type such as points, surfaces, volumes and metaballs.
- Birth particles from deforming geometry even if the topology differs from frame to frame.
- Full complement of dynamic forces such as gravity, wind, drag, rotational velocities with local controls for turbulence.
- Easily set up attraction, follow, flocking and orbitting to create complex particle motion.
- Particles can collide with static and deforming geometry then react by either bouncing, dying, sticking or sliding.
- Particle networks can be extended through the use of Houdini’s node-based vector expression environment.
- Surfaces and point clouds can both transfer and receive attributes from particles to help define behaviour.

- Point Rendering lets you efficiently render large numbers of particles with motion blur.
- Volumetric Rendering lets you define regions of density then render with deep shadows.
- Built-in support for texture-mapped sprites directly in the particle network.
- Instanced Geometry efficiently distributes geometry over a large number of particles.
- Copy stamping lets you set up variables to create unique models at each particle.

- Smoothed particle hydrodynamics solver that lets you easily create fluid effects with detailed splashing.
- Particles can be surfaced with special tools designed to take into account both the particle motion and the colliding geometry.

Changes and improvements in Houdini 11: www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini11.0/news/11

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2010
Разработчик: Side Effects Software
Платформа: Windows All
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 213.42 Mb/228.37 Mb/262.66 Mb

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