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Memory Improv Master Converter 7.6 /PRO

Memory Improv Master Converter 7.6 /PRO

Memory Master Converter - софт, который поможет увеличить быстродействие вашего компьютера за счет освобождения (дефрагментации) оперативной памяти. Имеется возможность установки минимального количества свободной оперативной памяти, при превышении которого запустится модуль и попытается удалить из оперативной памяти лишние процессы. Кроме этого, есть возможность просмотра запущенных процессов, наблюдение за нагрузкой на ЦП и множество других полезных настроек.

Memory Improve Master is an intellectualized and easy-to-use application designed to optimize and monitor system memory. It frees up and compresses system memory to make processes run faster and crash less often. Powerful features include the ability to view and monitor data of RAM memory, paging file usage and CPU usage in real time, set parameters RAM optimization, display running processes on you PC, etc.
Generally, main causes of system slow down :

• Many programs are running but not using the memory efficiently
• Large and heavy sized applications are running simultaneously
• Memory resources is not enough
• Hard drive has been fragmented
• Computer is infected with virus

Memory Improve Master improves computer's performance by freeing memory. You will finally be able to truly appreciate your o2 cheap broadband, or other speedy connections you enjoy, to their full extent. Once your memory is under control, everything seems to be more quick and efficient! Try it today and feel the difference. The software helps you, when:

• Your Computer runs slowly
• You Want to Optimize Memory
• Computer crashes too frequently
• No available memory sources in your system disk space.

Key features of Memory Improve Master:

• Run in background and optimize memory periodically.
• An intelligent learning module added for improving PC's performance more strongly. (New feature added)
• Support updating online. (New feature added)
• Free up memory immediately.
• Compress memory to reclaim more available space.
• Tune up and speed up the system performance.
• Manage processes running on your computer.

Информация о программе
Название: Memory Improve Master Converter
Версия: 7.0136
Год выпуска: 2010
Платформа: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven
Язык интерфейса: English
Лекарство: не требуется






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