MinRec v9.4.0.43

MinRec v9.4.0.43

minREC представляет собой программное обеспечение для быстрого и удобного нахождения, (записи в журнал) проблем в Вашем доме и их решения. minREC - это идеальное решение для сбора исследовательских данных и документации внутри и вокруг дома.

minREC is a software for fast and easy inhouse inspection. So minREC is the ideal solution for Data Collection and Documentation. Videos, Damagepictures and catalogs were created with a minimum of user input!

minREC a program for the optical InHouse inspection. It combines

* monitor
* digital video recording with pause function
* still picture and video saving in catalog form
* marking function in the video
* text generator
* video management
* print functions
* viewer for minREC databack up and restore function
* for Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32Bit)

Although minREC is a software program you still need some hardware to get started:

1. You need a powerfull PC or Notebook with Windows 2000, XP or Vista (32Bit).
2. You need a grabber card. A grabber is a device that converts the analogue video signal, coming from the camera system, to a digital video signal which can be displayed on your Note. If you are one of the lucky guys who have a Note with a analogue video in, forget about the grabber.
3. The grabber has to produce a "raw video stream", that is uncompressed video. Right now we recommend a USB2.0 device from Terratec called Grabster AV250 MKII or MX (only supports XP and Vista). Even better is a Grabber from The Imaging Sources. This one will provide full PAL resolution (768x576 pixel).
If you prefer FireWire video transfer, there are excellent products which produce a "raw video stream" too.

The program can be used by keyboard as well as with mouse. The management of the videos is handled by a 2-step hierarchy. Videos are recorded in mpeg4 avi format, pictures are stored in jpeg format. Filter functions and searching functions allow a easy finding.

Additional functions:
- Database maintenance function
- Backup and restore function
- Different languages

ОС: Windows All
Язык интефейса: ML(русского нет)
Лекарство: Keygen
Размер: 8.1 Mb

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