» » » TapSpace Virtual DrumLine v2.5 (2010) Kontakt

TapSpace Virtual DrumLine v2.5 (2010) Kontakt

TapSpace Virtual DrumLine v2.5 (2010) Kontakt

Название: TapSpace Virtual DrumLine
Дата выхода: 2010г
Версия: v2.5
Разработчик: Tapspace
Таблетка: не требуется
Размер: 4.16 Gb

TapSpace Virtual DrumLine – Виртуальная драм-машина, пользуется большим спросом у композиторов, перкуссионистов, студийных музыкантов и у всех кто когда либо работал с музыкой или создавал музыкальные проекты. Пакет имеет огромную коллекцию различных инструментов.

Описание на Анг.яз.
The world’s most powerful marching and concert percussion software instrument is here from group BX8.

Virtual Drumline has made its mark as the industry standard for marching and concert percussion sounds. Composers, percussionists, studio musicians, and educators alike will discover a sonic onslaught of variety in Virtual Drumline, featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard. Its huge collection of orchestral, world, effect, drumset, rhythm section, and drumline instruments are programmed with virtually any articulations and playing techniques imaginable.

TapSpace Virtual DrumLine v2.5 (2010) Kontakt

- Now integrated into Native Instruments’ powerful Kontakt Player 2 engine
- Universal application for Mac-Intel speed and compatibility
- Load up to 64 channels in stand-alone mode
- Save multi’s for easy loading of projects
- Host VDL instruments alongside other Kontakt Player 2 formatted libraries in the same player
- New instruments – steel drum orchestra (lead pan, double seconds, triple guitar, 6-piece bass pan set), rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass guitar), waterphone, showband single tenors, swish knockers, typewriter
- Instrument Bank support
- Enhanced velocity control for more natural accent/tap sensitivity
- More specialized controls for enhanced customization on each instrument (EQ control, attack/release control, Auxilliary send levels)
- Monitor Mod-Wheel or Keyswitch settings onscreen
- Much improved DFD (direct from disc) streaming functionality
- Unlimited polyphony
- Rack view and minimized view
- Integrated effects
- Searchable electronic documentation
- New NI Service Center application to manage activations and updates

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