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3herosoft iPod to Computer Transfer

3herosoft iPod to Computer Transfer

3herosoft iPod to Computer Transfer - прекрасный инструмент передачи среди iPod, iPhone и персональный компьютер для пользователей iPod. Эта передача iPod помогает Вам передать iPod/iPhone музыку, видео, фотографии, подкаст iPod и телевизионную программу на компьютер и наоборот. Поддержка всех форматов совместимых с iPod.

• Обмен аудио и видео файлами между компьютером и iPod
• передача аудио и видео файлов с компьютера в iPod или iPhone
• передача аудио или видео файлов с iPod или iPhone на компьютер
• поддержка iPod 1G, iPod 2G, iPod 3G, iPod 4G, iPod Classic, iPod mini, iPod nano 1, iPod nano 2, iPod nano 3, iPod nano 4, iPod shuffle 1, iPod shuffle 2, iPod shuffle 3, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2, iPod Video, iPhone, iPhone (3G)
• создание и редактирование плейлистов

3herosoft iPod to Computer Transfer

3herosoft iPod to Computer Transfer

3herosoft iPod to Computer Transfer is a perfect transfer tool among iPod, iPhone and personal computer for iPod users. This iPod transfer helps you transfer iPod/iPhone music, video, photos, iPod podcast and TV program to computer and vice versa. It supports file transfer from iPod/iPhone to iTunes. All formats compatible with iPod are supported. All types of iPod and iPhone are supported. It is the only iPod/iPhone/iPad transfer that supports iPod touch, iPod touch FW 3.0, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 3.1, iPad.

With other similar software, 3herosoft iPod to Computer Transfer has many additional features as follows:
• 3herosoft iPod to computer transfer can easily transfer music, video and photo from computer to iPod without using iTunes.
• Easily transfer music, videos from iPod/iPhone to iTunes library for backup.
• Transfer music and videos between different iPods and iPhone, for example iPod to iPod, iPod to iPhone.
• Take full advantage of your iPhone to manage its content, and import and export files between iPod and computer easier.
• Find what you want as quickly as iTunes with the help of Filter and browse your library by genre, artist and album.
• Showing all information about your iPod/iPhone/iPad on the main interface, such as iPod picture, type, capacity, version number, serial number and format.
• Support two modes for viewing music, movies and photos for you quickly deleting, checking and selecting.
• Significant time will be saved with its fast transfer speed, appreciate your music, movies, photo in a quicker way.
• While selecting or transferring, the files number will be exactly displayed in the bottom of interface. Accurate number, make sure the file is not missing!
• Just only one or two steps for you transferring files among the threes, your computer, iPod/iPhone and iTunes.

Supported iPod:
• Video iPod
• iPod nano
• iPod mini
• iPod 4G
• iPod nano 3
• iPod nano 5G
• iPod classic
• iPod touch
• iPod shuffle
• iPod shuffle2
• iPhone
• iPhone 3G
• iPhone 3GS
• iPad

Supported targets:
• MP3 (MPEG Audio File)
• M4A (AAC Audio File)
• M4V (MPEG-4 Video File)
• MP4 (MPEG-4 Video File)
• MOV (QuickTime Movie File)
• AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)
• AIF (Audio Interchange File Format)
• WAV (Windows Audio File Format)

Год выхода: 2010
Платформа: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/ 7
Язык Интерфейса: Английский
Таблетка: Присутствует
Размер: 6.56 mb

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