» » » SharedPlan Pro v6.0.14.391 [Windows & MacOSX]

SharedPlan Pro v6.0.14.391 [Windows & MacOSX]

SharedPlan Pro v6.0.14.391 [Windows & MacOSX]

Windows - SharedPlan предлагает широкие функциональные возможности для управления проектом, которые Вам необходимы. Фактически, выпуск Профессионал SharedPlan стоит немного больше чем хороший справочник для многих других приложений для руководства проектом. Знакомый, интуитивный интерфейс уменьшает время на обучение для Вас и Вашего штата. Повышается производительность, улучшается качество планов и уменьшается время, на их реализацию. Качество Ваших планов определено качеством оценок, обеспеченных Вашей проектной группой. SharedPlan оценен и структурирован так, чтобы каждый член Вашей группы мог гораздо лучше выполнить свою работу.


Windows - SharedPlan offers the project management functionality you need for a fraction of the cost. In fact, SharedPlan Professional Edition costs little more than a good reference book for many other project management applications.Familiar, intuitive interface reduces training time for you and your staff. Become productive faster, improve the quality of your plans and decrease your time to market.The quality of your plans is determined by the quality of the estimates provided by your project team. SharedPlan is priced and structured so that every member of you team can produce better estimates.

Key Features:-
• Editable Gantt charts, providing an alternative means to input and manipulate data
• Subproject support to enable planning very large, multifaceted projects
• SharedPlan subproject import and export support, so different team members can 'own' their portion of the project
• Enhanced reporting and analysis, for even greater visibility into status, risks, and opportunities for efficiency
• Microsoft Project - file import to make use of legacy data files (MS Project 98 or later)
• Publish to RSS for team collaboration
• Publish to Calendar (iCalendar format: readable by iCal, Outlook,...) for team collaboration

MacOSX - SharedPlan's suite of project planning and management tools includes desktop software for OS X, Windows, and even the web and mobile devices for when you're on the go.

SharedPlan Pro Project Management is:-
• Simple - quickly plan your first project.
• Elegant - easy to understand features.
• Collaborative - effortless communication for all involved.
• Ubiquitous - tools for Mac OS X, Windows, and the web.
• Robust - grows with you, handles large projects.
• Effective - invest your time doing, not planning.

A premium project management application:-
• Editable PERT and Gantt charts (with automatic critical path visualization).
• Support for very large, multilevel projects.
• Robust reporting and analysis for monitoring status, risks, and opportunities for efficiency.
• Microsoft Project file import.
• Publishing to RSS or iCalendar (readable by Outlook, iCal etc) for team collaboration.
• See the detailed feature list below for more specific information.
• Also, check out what's new in Pro 4.

Key Features:-
• Project sketching tool (network diagram) - Provides most intuitive view of project flow, improving team communication
• Additional views (Gantt, resources) - Inspect several aspects of your projects, identify risks
• Reports and analysis tools - Management reporting, simplified information aggregation
• Multiplatform operation (Windows, Mac OS X) - Tools may be deployed to all team members, improving collaboration
• Editable Gantt - Alternative means to input and manipulate data
• Subproject support - Plan large, multifaceted projects
• Subproject import and export - Team members can 'own' their portion of the project, improving team collaboration
• Enhanced reporting and analysis - Even greater visibility into status, risks, and opportunities for improvements
• Microsoft Project file import - Make use of legacy files
• Publish to RSS - Improve team collaboration, efficient reporting
• Publish to Calendar (iCal, Outlook, ...) - Improve team collaboration, efficient reporting
• Access to public project server - Benefit from the community created plans.
• Access to private project server - Share plans with those you choose within a secure, private environment

Homepage - http://www.sharedplan.com/

Год выпуска: 2010
Версия программы: 6,0,14,391
ОС: Windows & MacOSX
Язык: английский
Лекарство: есть
Размер: 57,55 МБ

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