Sibelius Multilingual

Sibelius Multilingual

Sibelius - это пожалуй лучший нотный редактор, к этому трудно что-то добавить. Sibelius 6 это гигантский скачок вперед в области программного обеспечения для композиторов, преподавателей, студентов, аранжировщиков, музыкантов и копиистов всех видов. Возможность создавать красивую профессиональную партитуру. Возможность синхронизации с секвенсорами и DAW благодаря поддержке ReWire. Красивые окна фортепианной клавиатуры и гитарного грифа сделают работу еще удобнее. Простая аккордовая символика и отображение аккордов для гитары.


Sibelius 6 is a giant leap forward in notation software – with amazing new features and improvements for educators, students, composers, arrangers, copyists and musicians of all kinds. Magnetic Layout takes care of almost every detail of score layout for you - so effortlessly, you’ll hardly notice. As you write, it gives everything just the right amount of space and avoids collisions – producing beautiful results. This one feature saves you up to half your writing time. Have you ever written something better the first time around? Versions keeps track of revisions to your score, lets you look back at earlier versions of it, and see what changes were made since. Collaboration becomes a joy, and you can even add sticky Comments to leave notes for yourself, or others.

Improvements in Sibelius 6.2
Sibelius 6.2 contains a number of improvements and fixes, including:
Sibelius is now a multi-lingual application, with all six supported languages inside the same installer. Sibelius will automatically run in the language of your existing serial number, or in the language of your operating system. To change the language that Sibelius runs in, use the new Language page of Preferences. New option Truncate notes at end of bars when using Edit Repeat on the Note Input page of Preferences, switched off by default. When switched on, this option restores the behavior of Edit Repeat from Sibelius 5, whereby repeating a note when not in note input mode (i.e. no caret is visible) that is longer than the remainder of the bar truncates the value of the new note to the length of the bar, rather than tying it into the next bar. A number of new chord symbol types have been added to the default library of chord symbols, including: major 7 chords with sharp 9ths, sharp 4ths and sharp 5ths major 7/9/11/13 chords with two alterations add11 chords 7 b5 and 7b9 chords and more besides.

New Hyphens allowed to disappear when syllables are too close together option on the Text page of House Style Engraving Rules, switched on in both new scores and existing scores. Sibelius 6 now correctly recognizes Kontakt 4 as a Kontakt-type device, allowing it to load sounds automatically, provided a
suitable sound set is available. Sibelius now offers to change the staff and/or page size when you add or remove instruments from your score. It also now intelligently determines a suitable combination of page and staff size when importing MIDI and PhotoScore/AudioScore files, to try and ensure a good vertical layout at all times.

Sibelius for Mac is now supplied with OpenType versions of the Opus, Inkpen2, Reprise and Helsinki font families. These fonts provide improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Sibelius now supports the embedding of OpenType fonts in exported EPS files.

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