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PayWindow Payroll Systems 2010.v8.0.14

PayWindow Payroll Systems 2010.v8.0.14

PayWindow Payroll Systems 2010.v8.0.14. Выплачивайте деньги в любой платежный период: по часам, по установленной заработной плате, по комиссионным. Данная программа позволяет печатать чеки, 941, W2s, 1099-MISC формы и отчеты! Встроенные функции резервирования и восстановления данных поддерживают сжатие файлов. Вы может платить сотрудникам деньги, сделав всего несколько щелчков мышью! Имеется защита паролем. 20 лет опыта в данной сфере сделали программу дружественной пользователю и очень простой в использовании. Вам не потребуется никаких знаний в бухгалтерии для выдачи зарплаты всего за несколько минут. Просто следуйте онлайн-руководству, которое будет всегда под рукой, показывая точно, что вы должны делать. Данная программа предоставляется со встроенными таблицами федеральных и штатных законов США, вы можете с легкостью редактировать эти таблицы, чтобы локализовать их по вашей стране. Отчетный центр имеет большое количество шаблонов отчетов.
The PayWindow Payroll system can be downloaded for a FREE 30 day trial! So try our award winning payroll software for 30 days for FREE and purchase only after you've seen for yourself how easy payroll processing can be with PayWindow. You will be ready to start your payroll processing immediately with this easy to use payroll software. So stop doing payroll by hand or replace your expensive payroll solutions with our affordable payroll software! PayWindow Payroll software runs on Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Turn hours of payroll processing into minutes with this easy to use payroll software package!

- Портретные и Ландшафтные форматы отчетов.
- Итоговые отчеты по сотрудникам.
- Отчеты по затратам.
- Отчеты по печати чеков.
- Регистр чеков.
- Отчеты по зарплате за месяц.
- Отчет законности налогов.
- Отчеты истории выдачи зарплаты.
Также имеется экспорт для GL импорта и импорта в другие программы, такие как: QuickBooks.


PayWindow Payroll - Easy To Use Payroll Software!

Performing your own payroll is fast and easy with the PayWindow 2010 payroll software. With our FREE 30 day trial, you can download the PayWindow Payroll software and be doing it yourself today! PayWindow has to be the easiest there is to use with our simple to follow on-line tutorials that show you everything you need to know in less than an hour. Download and try the PayWindow Payroll software and use the tutorials to get started and see for yourself. Payroll processing does not get any easier!

Not only is the PayWindow payroll software easy to use, it is powerful and full featured where accountants are using it for performing payroll services for their clients. If you read below you will see many of the features found in PayWindow. But the best way to see these powerful features is to download the FREE 30 day trial and start today and find out how easy it is to perform a payroll in less time than you can imagine.

You can use PayWindow for FREE and then purchase it only when you decide to keep it.

Read below and click on the Products page menu selection above to see more information about PayWindow. But more importantly, download the PayWindow payroll software and take control of your payroll processing today!

Submit Payroll Federal Reports On-line!

Year-end reporting just got easier with ZPAY - WageFiler transforms how you do business...

PayWindow Payroll is now equipped with the tools and services to free up crucial time, allowing you to worry less about year-end reporting. WageFiler interfaces directly into your PayWindow Payroll program and provides you with electronic filing and automated print and mail fulfillment options. You can file all of your W-2, W-2c, and 941 forms to federal agencies and have copies sent directly to the recipient, all for one low price. All you have to do is enter your credit card number and select the filing and distribution options you want to use. This translates to no paper forms to stuff into envelopes and more time for you to focus on your business.

WageFiler is an Add-on Tool for PayWindow from ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc. If you have a need to edit W2 Forms or submit your W2 Forms or 941 Forms on-line, this is the tool you need.

The Easiest To Use Ever Payroll!

ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc, has spent over 25 years of creating easy to use great payroll software for small businesses and large businesses alike with the release of PayWindow 2010!

After reading about PayWindow, go to the download page and download and install this great program on your computer and try it out for FREE for 30 days. Or to learn more before downloading, read our product page and go through our tutorials.

PayWindow 2010 is a full featured easy to use payroll package for Windows NT 5.0 and newer, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Below is a screenshot of this great program.

Over 20 years of experience makes this the most user friendly and easiest to use payroll software ever. No accounting knowledge is required to be performing your own payroll in minutes. Easy to follow on-line tutors take you by the hand showing you exactly what to do.

It's so easy to use that we sell through the Try-Before-You-Buy method of marketing known as Shareware and we want you to download and see for yourself before you buy it. Use the download link on the menu above to go to our download page.

Runs under Windows NT 5.0 and newer, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7
Pay by any pay period, Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually and Daily or Miscellaneous
Includes updated Federal and State Withholding tax tables and forms
Multiple State Withholding Available
Post transactions to QuickBooks Pro or Premium 2002 - 2010
6 Additional Deduction fields - allows for a taxable or tax exempt, percentage, or dollar amount to be deducted from each paycheck
Prints 941, 944 and 940 Reports on plain paper
Prints 943 Form for Agricultural (Farm) workers
Supports multiple State and City Tax Tables
PayWindow tracks Vacation, Sick and Holiday pay in addition to Regular, Bonus, Commissions, Reported and Collected Tips
Supports withholding and reporting taxes for all US states and territories including District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Northern Marianas, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
User modifiable Tax Tables
Unlimited Payroll Employees
Accountants can have as many clients (company files) as your hard drive will hold.
Pays by Hourly, Salaried, Commissioned and non-employee contract workers
Portrait and Landscape employee reports
Employer's Totals Report
Cost Accounting Reports
Check Printing uses Plain Stub Multi Purpose Pre-Printed Laser Checks
Check Register
Wage reports for Month, Quarter and Year to Date
Tax Liability Report
Print on W2 Forms and 1099-MISC forms for non-employee workers
Payroll History Reports
Employee Mailing Labels, Lists and Pay Envelope Labels
Even exports for GL importing and other programs
Direct Deposit - Pay your employees automatically with ACH NACHA formatted files created by PayWindow
New Custom Report Builder, create your own reports
Vacation and sick pay accruals and tracking, no more slip ups on who has what accumulated
Multiple pay rates for hourly employees, your employees can have a different pay rate for working in different departments during the same pay period

Оф.сайт / WebSite: http://www.zpay.com/
ОС: Windows XP and Windows Vista/7
Язык / Language: Английский (English)
Размер / Size: 20.22 Mb

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Выплачивайте деньги в любой платежный период: по часам, по установленной заработной плате, по комиссионным. Данная программа позволяет печатать чеки,

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